Chapter 9 : My First Visit to the Adventurer Guild


Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to the carpenters.

The beautiful church of Tiaret City has finally been completed.
Majestic roof. Durable walls. Luxurious stained glass. Everything is so perfect.
And thinking that I was involved in building this church, I feel proud of myself.

「Sensei, I’ll still say you should continue carpentry. Adventurers are just a bunch of people who act like they are the boss. And I’m sure no matter how high your Blunt Weapon Level is, those people who use swords and magic will definitely make fun of you」

I bowed to the carpenters who seemed they still didn’t want me to go and saidー

「I’m sorry. I know, but still. I decided to become an adventurer」

「B, But… sensei…」
「Don’t try to stop her, you morons! How miserable of you!」
「Let’s send her off with a smile, will ya? Besides, I wanna see how missy will changes this city as an adventurer with a blunt weapon」

After saying that, Boss snapped his finger.
With that as a signal, the carpenters left and then returned carrying something that was covered with cloth; it looked so heavy.

「It’s a parting gift from us. Take it」

I removed the cloth. What was under the cloth was two hammers, big and small.

The small one was a so-called nail hammer or claw hammer.
The face was flat and there was a claw on the back.
It can be held with one hand and useful for driving in and pulling out nails.

The big one was a giant sledgehammer.
The metal part was bigger than an adult’s body.
It seems I can crush a dragon’s head easily with a single blow with it.

But… isn’t it too big for me who has a small body? I’m sure I will look weird when I carry it on my back.

「This… I know whose work this is」

「Yup. This is my wife’s custom-made product. I’m sure it can help you in your adventure」


Master didn’t come to say goodbye today, but she gave me such a wonderful present! I’m so happy.

While holding my tears from flowing, I declared to everyoneー

「Everyone, thank you for everything! I’m going! To the adventurer’s world! I’ll make them understand how great blunt weapons are!」

「Atabou yoー!」
「I’m sure sensei can do it!」
「Sensei who masters the blunt weapons is indeed the man among men!」

I heard a rude yell, but… oh well…

With the giant sledgehammer on my back and the nail hammer on my waist, I left the church.

The goal is, yes… The Adventurer Guild I longed for!





Kararanー *the bell on the door rang*

After I entered the guild, a party of adventurers at the table near the door stared at me.

Inside, there were four six-people-tables and six four-people-tables. There were also five long-legged tables without chairs for people to stand chatting.
And that party of adventurers were surrounding one of the long-legged tables near the door.

「U, Umm….」

I was walking from the church full of excitement earlier, but now… I felt so nervous.

A heavy warrior wearing thick iron armor. An elf magician with an oak wand. An axe wielder dwarf who has a black beard. And the one who was peeling an apple with the knife must be a thief.

They must be veterans who had gone through countless battles. They looked so cool.

I said, “I’ll show them the greatness of hammer!”, but now that I carried a hammer, I felt out of place now.
Well, obviously. Because every adventurer normally wants to use a sword or magic, or maybe a spear or bow as the secondary choice.

「Hey guys, look」
「Hm?… Uwa!? Hammer? How lameー」

Kaaaa! I’m triggered! My cheeks were getting hot!

But, that’s right. I had been soaked in craftsman culture for a year, so I completely forgot.

Yes, I completely forgot that for the other people, hammers are lame regardless of the myth.
This is the fact that can’t be overturned.

「Welcome. I’ve never seen you before. Are you new here?」

The one who called me, who was stiffened at the entrance, was the receptionist onee-san who was sitting at the back of the counter.

Drooping eyes with purple colored makeup on the eyebrows. She was a charming adult woman.

「I, I’m Hanna Falsett. I came he, here to become an adventurer」

I made a stiff self-introduction.

The senior adventurers seemed to be holding laughter.

Haahh…. Why do I always become a subject of laughter?

「I see. Well then, please write down the necessary information on this paper」

Saying that, the receptionist onee-san handed me a pen and a registration form, and then I approached the receptionist desk.

I didn’t want to stand out, so I tried to write it out while bending down a little, but when I pressed my hands against the deskー


This counter desk wobbled a little.

It may not bother you if you get used to it, but it seemed that the joints were loose due to aging.

The sense of instability made it difficult for me to write….

I pulled out the small hammer from my waist belt and gently hit the counter desk.

「Eh!? What are you doing? You will scratch the desk!」

The corners of receptionist onee-san’s drooping eyes rose sharply.

「Ah. I’m sorry to surprise you, but don’t worry. This desk was wobbling, so I fixed it」

「Huh? Indeed that this desk was wobbling, but it won’t be fixed by hitting it like that!…….eh?」

The receptionist onee-san put her weight on the desk and pushed it down several times. She looked really confused.

「…….It’s fixed… But how you…」

「The god of desk had become lazy and was only sleeping all the time, so I woke him up」


「Like I said, the god of desk was sleeping so I hit him with a hammer to wake him up and asked him to tighten the joints」


The confused face of the receptionist onee-san was distorted even more.

……She must be thinking that I’m a weird girl…..



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