Chapter 8 : This Is The Way I Will Live !


「You only hit an iron lump randomly with a hammer and I have to pay you 2,000 pels!?….. As expected from cultists! Your greed makes me wanna puke! But.. very well, I’ll give you what you wantー!」

The seemingly strong adventurer picked some coins from his leather bag and threw them on the ground.

「…! W, What are you doing!?」

Spontaneously, I shouted at the adventurer.

「Hah? Who the heck is this brat?」

「Did your mother never teach you!? You shouldn’t throw away money like that!」

「Hanna, it’s okay. Don’t bother with him. It’s normal that we, the craftsman who uses hammers, are in the weaker position」

After saying that, Master bent down and started collecting the coins that scattered on the ground.

「Hmph! This is because you have a big attitude even though you can’t even make a good sword. Yes, yes. Bowing like that and striving for life is really suits a cultist like you」

While grinning, the adventurer put his feet on top of Master’s head and pushed it down to the ground.


This man really pissed me off!
I pushed the adventurer away from Master and took a hammer from my waist.

「Hanna! Don’t!」

Master stopped me, but I didn’t wanna stop.
I won’t stop until I kick this man in the butt!

「Hah? What’s with this brat? Don’t screw with me! You wanna fight me with that little hammer, huh!?」

「Atabou desu! (of course)」

I imitated Boss’s habit.

Then the adventurer pulled out the sword that he thought he had bought from Master.
From the cutting edge to the brim at the hilt, the blade looked so sharp and shiny.
As expected from Master’s work.

「…. You can’t even thank her for making you such a splendid sword?……. You really have no heart…. What a pitiful person」

「Hah!? What’s so great about this filthy sword? It’s not even fit in my hand!」

While shouting, the adventurer started to swing the sword. Not with the back of the sword, he really swung the blade side toward a girl!

He is the worst man.
This man is not worthy of Master’s beautiful sword!

I dodge the swing and thenー

「What did you say? Not fit in your hand? But how about your armor!?」


Immediately, I hit his armor with the hammer.

「Hah!? What’s with that weak attack!? You underestimate my armor, huh!? It doesn’t hurt or itchy at all!」

In fact, just like he said. I just hit his armor gently because I wasn’t trying to do any damage attacks.

「…..Blunt Weapon Skill【Custom Made】! 」

「Hahh?….. G, Guwaaaaaー!」

The adventurer was screaming.

Yes. Of course he was screaming.
The armor he was wearing shrank thightly and began to squeeze his body.

「How’s the armor, sir? I make it fit to your body so you don’t have to take it off for the rest of your life~」

「You little bitch! What did you do!?」

「What did I do? I was just adjusting your armor. Ah! By the way, if you don’t take it off quickly, you might become minced meat soon」

「Are you kidding me!?」

In panic, the adventurer tried his best to take the armor off, but there’s no way he could move his hands freely while being squeezed by the armor that became smaller and smaller.

「Aa-ahh, it looks like you can’t it take off anymore, huh? Ohh, what a poor man… What if I help you become minced meat faster? Like this?」

I crouched down and hit the ground with the hammer.


The stone pavement cracked and started to collapse, making one and a half meters wide pitfall on the ground.

It’s not a skill. It’s purely my own strength.


The seemingly strong adventurer threw away the sword and ran away with a pitiful scream.

I was thinking of restoring his armor to its original size if he honestly apologized, but… oh well, serve you right!

Suddenly, a fist fell on my head.


「Hanna! What are you thinking destroying the road in front of the store!」

「Ah! I, I’m sorry, Master….」

I got carried away to tease that man and didn’t realize it.

Come to think of it, if there’s a pitfall in front of the store, customers would be like, “The heck is this hole!? Isn’t it a blacksmith store??” and didn’t wanna enter the store.

But, after she hit my head, Master loosened her angry expression and gently stroked my head.

「Well, after a long time, I finally feel so refreshed. Thank you, Hanna」


「And of course. You have to fix this hole」

「…hehe.. he….. U, Understood…」

Uhh… Master is scary.
Is this what so-called “carrot and stick”?
I feel like there’s two sticks and only one carrot though…
*/ carrot and stick is a metaphor for the use of a combination of reward and punishment to induce a desired behavior.
Carrot is the reward as for the stick is the punishment.

「But… I wonder if the adventurers are a bunch of people like him…..」

Aside from the feelings of “serve you right!” to that adventurer, I also had a little complicated feelings.

「After living with Laney for so long, I thought the adventurers were the people who help the weak and the oppressed. But, that man was completely opposite with the adventurer I thought」

It’s not just that adventurer, the Sword Fighting King, Bazel, the chairman who kicked me out of school, his daughter Cecil, and also my former classmates who will become adventurers in the future.

Aaalll of them. Let alone helping those who are being oppressed, they’re all a bunch of people who oppress the weak (me for example).

If that’s the case, things like earlier will surely continue to happen.

「Uwaa!? What’s with that hole!? What just happened here!?」

While I was thinking about adventurers, Master’s husband, Boss, returned home from the church.
Good timing. I wanted to tell him that I’ve finally made up my mind about my future.

「Boss, Master… I have to tell you that I’ve made up my mind… I wanna be an adventurer after all!」

After declaring that, Boss squinted.

「…To meet your elf mother you once told me?」

「….Yes. But not only that」

I made a fist and held it in front of my chest.

「I can’t stand to see great craftsmen like Boss, Master, and the other carpenters being oppressed by people. That’s why, I’ll become an adventurer who uses a hammer which is the symbol of the oppressed. And I’ll show those people the splendor of blunt instruments. I’ll also make them feel how miserable it is to be the oppressed and how foolish they are to oppress the weak!」

That was my genuine intention of becoming an adventurer.

There’s no one other than me who can do that.
And after that, I can meet Laney with pride.

「Hanna… I see… It’s sudden, but I always have a feeling that this day would come…」

While saying that, Master made a lonely look on her face.

Boss just sighed, turned his back and saidー

「If you go, go after we complete the church. The confidence that you have completed one big thing will surely become your confidence in the future」


「Two weeks until it is completed, huh….. It will be quiet without you, missy」

I bowed deeply toward Boss who was looking up at the sky.
If Boss didn’t help me back then, I would have been dead from hunger and never encountered the hammer and never found out about my hidden talent.
I can’t return the favor even if I spend my whole life.

But still, I already decided.

I’ve decided the path I’m going to take.
Become an adventurer!



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