Hello, guys! Welcome to our new site! This is your translator, Fantazma.
As you know, our old website was down and has been inactive for more than a month now. The reason is there’s a problem with the website owner’s credit card, so he can’t pay for the domain.
He has contacted Google to fix his credit card and received some replies, but haven’t got any solutions until now.
I had been updating my translations on Discord while the old site was down, but after a couple weeks I decided to told the web owner to just make a new site, and here we go.
The tough part about this is I have to post the 570-ish chapters that I’ve posted on the old site, so you might find several titles that I haven’t posted yet.
I designed this site as close as possible to the old one. I hope you like it.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience and please enjoy the new site! /’o’)/

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