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Chapter 88 : The Best Reward (part 2)


「Yeah. I’ve been banned from entering this kingdom.」(Slad)


I looked at Marian-chan.

She smiled bitterly with an expression of resignation.

「I’m going to take Slad to the Demon Land, and after that, Slad will never be able to set foot in the Kingdom of Gran. I’m sorry, but this is the most I can do to free him.」(Marian)

「Don’t mind it, Princess. I’m grateful to you. The Demon Land has been my home for a long time after all.」(Slad)

Slad-san shrugged his shoulders, showing that this punishment is nothing to him.

Well, for a man of freedom like Slad-san, it’s far better than being imprisoned for years.

Perhaps the people in the palace also thought that it would be more beneficial for the kingdom if they let Slad-san fight in the Demon Land rather than keep him in prison.

Therefore, they agreed with Marian-chan’s idea.

「I see… But, I’m going to miss you…」(Hanna)

I haven’t known him for long, but I can’t forget the days I spent with him…

The card collection contest with Cecil, the adventure in the underground labyrinth, the intense dancing practice with him…

I even remember he always face-palmed every time I fell during the dancing practice sesion.

I feel like I will never be able to forget those days even if I want to.

「Hahaha! That makes me happy. But, Hanna-chin, remember, Laney-chin and I will always be waiting for you in the Demon Land. When you manage to get B-rank, you can come to see us.」(Slad)

…Ah! He’s right! I almost forgot my goal to go to the Demon Land!

My original goal is to see Laney in the Demon Land, but I saved the kingdom before I knew it.

What a journey.

When I thought that I could see Slad-san and Laney in the Demon Mountain, my chest got hot. I felt so excited.

「Yes! I will make an exceptionally good spear for you as a gift when I go visit!」(Hanna)

「Ou! I’ll definitely use your signature weapon! But, wait a minute. If I include your spear into my spear collection, then my nickname will be “The Eight Spears”. Hmm… I feel like “The Seven Spears” sounds cooler though.」(Slad)


「Gaahahaha! I’m just kidding! My name has been stained because of this incident, but I can endorse your product and increase your store’s reputation better than Cecil does.」(Slad)

「Absolutely! I’ll be very happy if you use the weapon I make!」(Hanna)

Actually… I’ve already used Slad-san’s name to sell my products…

I shouted, “These are the spears that have been recognized by the Seven Spears, Slad Arkman! Go get them here!”, in front of the store this morning. Thanks to that, I was able to sell not only spears, but all the weapons and armor I made.

Well, I’m not lying that Slad-san recognized my weapon since I saved him with the shoe-shaped blunt weapons I made.

Eh? I can’t do that, you say?
That’s bait advertising, you say!?
I should ask for Slad-san’s permission first, you say!?

W-Well… Yeah… I should have asked for his permission, but look, Slad-san has become an exile, so I can’t ask for his permission now, right?

So we can just assume that I have Slad-san’s permission because I saved him, right? Right?

Un. Let’s go with that.

When I was thinking like that, Slad-san stared at my eyes.

「Wh-What? I didn’t do anything bad, okay?」(Hanna)

「Huh? What are you talking about?」(Slad)

「N, Nothing…」(Hanna)

I thought he was staring at me because he knew, but it looks like he has no idea that I used his name to sell my products.

Phew… I almost accidentally confessed it myself…

「Say, Hanna-chin. After I go, would you like to take care of Cecil-chin for me?」(Slad)

「Eh? Cecil?」(Hanna)

「Yeah. Our relationship has been like monkey and dog, but still, she was once my disciple. I’m worried about her now that her beloved father has betrayed and abandoned her.」(Slad)

「Surely, Cecil will go crazy without her father, but… why me? You know that I’m on bad terms with her, right?」(Hanna)

「Well, yeah. But I think you two can get along with each other, becauseーー…..」(Slad)

Suddenly, Slad-san made a face like “Woops!”, and quickly covered his mouth.


「…No, never mind. I was just thinking if the Princess and the Prince who had a bad relationship can get along with each other, why can’t you two.」(Slad)


Uwah… He’s obviously trying to hide something.

Was he about to say something that related to Cecil’s weakness or something?

No. I feel like he tried to say something else. I wonder what it was…

「By the way, how is Prince Elion doing?」(Mira)

When I was doubting Slad-san, suddenly Mira-san asked Marian-chan about the Prince.

I want to interrogate Slad-san, but I’m also curious about Prince Elion.

「Thanks to you, he’s doing well now. And… we became very close after that. Looks like he really cares about me…」(Marian)

While saying that, Marian-chan played with her hair and smiled bashfully.

「Now that Bazel has gone, we talked about politics and found that we had the same thoughts. We thought that it might be possible if we both take over the throne and rule the kingdom together.」(Marian)

「Eh? So there will be two kings?」(Hanna)

「Yeah. This is unusual, but since we have the same idea, I think it will work.」(Marian)

Marian-chan and Prince Elion are twins, and I found out that they are very similar to each other after the incident, so yeah, I think that will work too.

「I think that’s a good idea.」(Mira)

「If you’re not the only king, you can take days off sometimes, right? Then I can play with you when you’re off!」(Galle)

「Haha! You’re right.」(Marian)

Mira-san and Galle-chan also agreed with the idea.

From “The Sacred Twin Star”, they will become “The Twin Kings”, huh?

I can’t wait to see these two beautiful people sitting side by side on the throne.

「I’m sure the future of this kingdom will be bright if you two work together as kings! Evil people like the chairmanー No. Bazel Sortlarc, will never be able to disturb the peace of this kingdom!」(Hanna)

「Thanks to you guys I have more courage to move forward…. Well then, it’s about time for us to go.」(Marian)

Saying that Marian-chan tapped Slad-san’s shoulder.

Slad-san smiled and then bowed to us.

「Thank you. You guys really helped me a lot. Especially Hanna-chin, thank you for saving me. I hope we’ll meet again in the Demon Land soon.」(Slad)

「Un! I’ll do my best to get promoted to B rank as soon as possible and go to the Demon Land! Of course, you’re just an addition. My main objective is to see Laney after all!」(Hanna)

「That’s kinda mean… But, well… as long as you don’t forget about me, I’m fine with that.」(Slad)

「Ahaha!…… See you again, Slad-san…」(Hanna)


Marian-chan snapped her finger, and then a black hole appeared.

Slad-san entered the black hole while waving his hand.

Marian-chan tried to follow him, but suddenly stopped and looked back at me.

「Ah, I almost forgot. Hanna, I have something for you.」(Marian)


Marian-chan grinned at me and threw something like a card.


I tried to catch it, but I was too slow.

However, before it fell to the ground, Galle-chan nimbly catched it and gave it to me.

I kinda don’t want to see cards because they remind me of Doubt, but when I saw the contents written on the card, my anxious feeling was blown away.

「Marian-chan, this is…!」(Hanna)

「It’s from the Adventurer Guild. You deserve that. If they didn’t give you that, the name of this kingdom would be tarnished.」(Marian)

After saying that, Marian-chan went into the black hole.

I looked back at the card in my hand.

It was a C-rank adventurer card with my name on it.



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  1. I guess beating an A-Rank alone and saving the Kingdom is only worth a C-Rank. Author is just dragging out the story for another arc now.

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