Chapter 73 : Hostess Bar


The inside of the store was a little dim because they we’re not open yet, but it was wider than I expected.

The seats at the counter and and the seats in the store area were neatly arranged at equal intervals.

There were large shelves on the back of the counter where many alcoholic beverages were lined up neatly.

And there was a wooden tag that said, “Entrance Fee : 2 Silver Coins”, hanging on the wall of the store area.

Entrance fee?
Is it something like ‘service fee’ in hostess bars in my previous life?

By the way, I’ve been to this kind of store several times in my previous life when my boss and seniors invited me to drink.

From the back of the store, an onee-san with blue hair and a sexy dress approached us.

I didn’t know her age but she looked young and beautiful.

However, from the atmosphere of the store and her black dress, I could tell somehow that she was actually older than she looked.

When I was observing her, Gill oji-san started talking.

「The feudal lord will come to this town soon, right? Here. I brought you a lot of things that you may need.」(Gill)

「Ara! Thank you, but… you’re not carrying anything… Are you giving me a riddle or something?」(onee-san)

The onee-san tilted her head and crossed her arms.
Her chest was pushed by her arms, and her boobs were changing shape.

Hoo… I see she has good stuff there.

I bet Nicola would love them.

「Oh, right! I’m sorry. Mark-boy, please.」(Gill)

I nodded to Gill oji-san and put out the basket containing the vegetables we harvested in the vacant lot from my item box.

The onee-san stared at the basket on the floor with her eyes rounded.

「Wow… It’s rare to see an item box… Is this boy an apprentice at your shop?」(onee-san)

「Nope. He may be a child and I’m an old man, but we’re friends.」(Gill)

Saying that, Gill oji-san put his hand on my shoulder.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Mark.」(Mark)

「Ara, ara~ You’re such a polite little boy. I’m Camilla, this store’s owner.」(Camilla)

When Camilla-san crouched down as she said that, I could smell the scent of soft and sweet perfume.

「But you shouldn’t show your item box to people too much because bad people might kidnap you.」(Camilla)

Saying that, Camilla stroked my head.

And then, Gill oji-san laughed.

「Gaahaha! Don’t worry about him. He’s still a child, but he’s a talented magician! He even defeated a group of bandits who were wandering around the town a few days ago.」(Gill)

Eh? How did he know about that?

When I looked at Gill oji-san with a surprised face, he grinned at me.

I didn’t tell him because I thought it wasn’t an important thing to say, but it seems that Gill oji-san knew that the one who defeated the bandits was me.

Well, he has a lot of connections after all, so it’s not that weird.

「Ara, is that so? You’re still small, but you can defeat bandits? I’m really impressed!」(Camilla)

Camilla stroked my head and cheeks at the same time with a curious look on her face.

Her chest was wide open because she was crouching and leaning toward me.

When I looked down at her chest, I could almost see what I shouldn’t see.

This is bad!

I desperately tried not to grin to keep my innocent look.

「Ahem! So? How’s your store going?」(Gill)

Seeing Camilla didn’t stop touching me, Gill oji-san cleared his throat and asked a question.

「Umm, we are well prepared, but…」(Camilla)

「Hm? What’s wrong?」(Gill)

「The last time the feudal lord visited this town, I was glad that my store was prosperous, but there were so many customers coming and my store couldn’t accommodate all of them…」(Camilla)

By the way, the last time the feudal lord visited this town was five years ago.

The feudal lord seemed to visit all the towns in this territory once every five years.

He came to the town, talked with the mayor, stayed overnight, and then returned the next day.

I was still 3 years old at that time, and I spent most of my time inside the house, so I didn’t know that the feudal lord came to visit.
I only thought that the town was noisier than usual at that time.

「I’m worried that my store may not be able to accommodate all the customers like last time…」(Camilla)

「Hmm… Why don’t you try to limit the number of the customers this time?」(Gill)

「The feudal lord’s soldiers come in a large group at once, so I can’t cut the group. It would be rude if I decline half of them while allowing the other half to enter, right?」(Camilla)

Camilla put her hand on her cheek and sighed.

Suddenly, I came up with an idea.

「Then, why not use the rooftop?」(Mark)


Still crouching in front of me, Camilla turned her face and looked at me with a curious face.

「If you decorate the rooftop and put some tables and chairs there, I think you can use it as another eating and drinking area.」(Mark)

「But, will there be anyone who want to drink there…?」(Camilla)

「I’m sure there will be some. Don’t you think drinking sake while looking up at the night sky would be fun?」(Mark)

In my previous life, I used to drink sake in the beer garden while feeling the night breeze on my skin, and it felt really good.

Well, I can’t tell them about that experience since I’m a child now.



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