Chapter 74 : Rooftop Beer Garden


「Rooftop, huh…?」(Camilla)

Camilla and Gill oji-san opened their mouths at the same time and looked at each other.

Camilla then sat on a nearby sofa, lifted me up, put me on her lap, and hugged me from behind.

And then she started thinking while resting her chin on my head.

I might look like a doll or a pillow right now, but her good smell, her soft body…

What is this?
Did I do something worthy of this kind of heaven-like reward?

I don’t know, butー Thank you very much!

While still resting her chin on my head, Camilla muttered.

「I need to think about the safety of the customers… the menu… the hostess… the hospitality… umm…」(Camilla)

By the way, when I was still alive in my previous world, my senior once told me about the history of the rooftop beer garden.

He said that the rooftop beer garden trend started because there was a wealthy customer renting a certain bar in Japan, so the other customers had no choice but to enjoy their drink on the rooftop.
However, they found that drinking sake on the rooftop while enjoying the night scenery was so enjoyable.

This store’s case is not so different from that, but this is not an ordinary bar.
This is a hostess bar.
So I don’t know what will happen.

Well, this is just an idea from me, an 8-year-old child, so I’m not really sure if Camilla will take it seriously.


「Mark-chan, thank you for the idea. After I think about it carefully, it’s not a bad idea. Gill-san, would you like to check the rooftop with me?」(Camilla)

Saying that, Camilla lifted me up, moved me away from her lap, and made me stand next to Gill oji-san.

Ahh, the reward is over, huh? That’s too bad.

After that, Camilla guided us to the back of the store.

When she opened the door at the back, I saw a garden that was not so large.

Feeling dazzled by the sudden changes from the dimly lit store area to the bright garden, I put my hand over my eyes as I looked around the garden.

There were walls on the left and right sides of the garden, and there was a small room that might be a storeroom on the right side’s wall.

At the back of the garden, there was a small flower bed and a house.

I wonder if Camilla lives in that house.

As I looked around the garden for a while, Camilla and Gill oji-san started climbing the stone stairs next to the store door, and then I hurriedly followed them.

When we were climbing, I looked at Gill oji-san’s face.

He is looking at Camilla’s ass.

His eyes were serious, but he couldn’t hide his grin.

I see… so Gill oji-san likes booty, huh?

I wonder what is the relationship between these two…

Are they really just a bar owner and a customer?

Or maybe…

Well, whatever.
It has nothing to do with me after all.

While I was thinking like that, we arrived at the rooftop.

There was nothing on the front store side facing the main street, but there was a clothesline and a laundry pole on the garden side.

This store was a one-story building that wasn’t so high, but because it faced the main street, we could see the scenery of people passing by and other buildings from here.

I think this is not bad.

Fortunately, the surrounding buildings were not that high either.
If they were two-story or three-story buildings, they would have blocked the view.

Gill oji-san walked around the rooftop while crossing his arms.

「Hmm, the scenery is not bad in my opinion, but the height of the fences surrounding this place makes me a little worried.」(Gill)

Originally, Camilla only used this place to dry laundry, so she didn’t think about the safety too much.

The height of the fences surrounding the rooftop was less than a meter.

「The fences are too low…」(Gill)

Saying that, Gill oji-san stared at me.

「If they are this low, people may fall off… Ahh, this might endanger people’s lives…」(Gill)

Gill oji-san kept staring at me while saying that.

Well, I know what he’s trying to say.

But let’s pretend like I have no idea what he meant.

I put my index finger on my mouth and tilted my head cutely.

「Mark-boy, please!」(Gill)

Gill oji-san put his hands together in front of me as if he was worshiping me.

Honestly, I was planning to do it because I really want to try various things with magic, but it was rare to see Gill oji-san asking for my help so I made fun of him a little.


After I replied to Gill oji-san, I turned to Camilla.

「Camilla onee-san, do you mind if I use magic to renovate this place?」(Mark)



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