Chapter 4-11 : Griffons (part 2)


「Master, are griffons strong?」(Mylia)

When Mylia asked that, Titania smirked at her.

「Yeah, they’re strong. They’re one of the strongest magical beasts after all. Moreover, they are very smart.」(Titania)

「I see…」(Mylia)

「But, even though they’re strong, they rarely hunt animals or other monsters because they like sweet food. Their staple food is honey.」(Titania)

「Hee~ I never thought strong monsters could have a cute side too.」(Mylia)

「Mylia, do you remember the reward that will be given to students of the dormitory with the most number of star badges?」(Chloe)

「Of course, I remember! They will be given super delicious sweets made by chefs with the “Griffon Seal”, right? (chapter 2-9)」(Mylia)

「Fufu. You’re right. But, do you know why the seal of approval that is given to top-class magician pastry chefs is called the “Griffon Seal”?」(Chloe)

「Hmm… Aa, is it because griffons love sweets?」(Mylia)

「That’s right!」(Chloe)

「Hee, I see… I wonder how delicious their sweets are…」(Mylia)

Imagining the super delicious sweets, Mylia drooled a bit. She then continued eating the cookies in front of her.

Seeing Mylia’s cute behavior, Chloe smiled and then she moved her gaze to Titania.

「Titania-sama, do you have any other information about griffons?」(Chloe)

「Hmm… Oh, right. I remember there was an elf in the elven village who got along with a griffon after they saved it from other monsters. I think griffons know how to express gratitude even though they are monsters.」(Titania)

「I see… If that’s the case, then it’s possible to coexist with them after we present something that benefits them.」(Chloe)

「That may be true, but honestly, I’m not really sure about that. I think the most certain and the safest way is to train Griffons from hatchlings as you grow them.」(Titania)

「But, how do we get griffons’ hatchlings…?」(Chloe)

「Steal them from their nest, I guess? I’m sure Mylia can do it.」(Titania)

Saying that, Titania sipped her tea and glanced at Mylia.

「Uuhh… Knowing that griffons are monsters that can express gratitude, I’d feel bad if I had to steal their children from them…」(Mylia)

(Just like humans, they would be sad and worried if their children suddenly disappeared…)

Even though Mylia had never seen griffons before, she felt like she had a connection with them since they like sweets just like herself.

Thinking that Mylia didn’t seem to be able to steal their children, Titania shrugged.

「If you don’t want to do that, then you have to find another way.」(Titania)

「Titania-sama, I mentioned about breeding and training them, but I think it would be better if humans can coexist with them just like us and horses. It would be wonderful if we could make it happen.」(Chloe)

While saying that, Chloe stroked Mylia’s head and smiled.

(I knew Onee-chan wouldn’t agree with stealing their children. She’s very kind after all.)

「I see. I still think it will be difficult, but it may be possible. Anyway, why don’t you see them for yourself? You can decide what to do after that.」(Titania)

Titania erased the griffon picture floating in the air that she made with magic and took out a map from her magic bag.

「If I’m not mistaken, there’s a herd of griffons southeast of here. I think it’s around this area.」(Titania)

Chloe looked at where Titania was pointing at on the map.

「Hmm, it’s pretty close to Hamanulle…」(Chloe)

While holding a cookie in her hand, Mylia looked at the map too. She then realized something.

(Hm? It’s indeed pretty close to Hamanulle, but if I’m not mistaken, this area is…)

Mylia put the cookie she was holding into her mouth and took out her own map from her magic bag.

It was the map she got from the civil officials when she was ennobled. It was more detailed than Titania’s map and it had lines indicating the boundaries between territories.

「Onee-chan, look. Even though it’s close to Hamanulle, this area will be inside our territory.」(Mylia)

Chloe pulled up her black hair with her fingers over her ear and looked closely at Mylia’s map.

「Ah, you’re right.」(Chloe)

There was a road that connected the Southern City of Hamanulle with the village in the Atwood Territory where the Atwood’s mansion was located.

The habitat of the Griffons was in the forest on the east side of the road close to the gate to Hamanulle.

That area is not included in the current Atwood Territory, but when Mylia becomes the feudal lord, the range of the Atwood Territory will be expanded, and that area will be included.

The queen said that the Atwood Territory will be thirty times larger than Baron Hansen’s territory when Mylia becomes its feudal lord.

Looking at the map once again, Mylia swallowed her saliva.

(So… I’ll be governing a territory this large, huh…? Well, most of it is forests and monster habitats though…)

「Mylia, where did you get this map?」(Titania)

「Oh, right. I haven’t told you about it. Actuallyーー」(Mylia)

Mylia explained to Titania who was looking curiously at the map. She then told her that she would become the next lord of the Atwood Territory.

「So you’re going to steal the position of the lord from your useless father? Ahahaha! You’re amazing!」(Titania)

「Haha… Honestly, I’m a bit worried to see those people’s reactions…」(Mylia)

「Why? You should be happy! You should tell them that you’re the boss now! Anyway, I’m sure that this territory will be prosperous and the population will increase after you become the feudal lord.」(Titania)

「You think so?」(Mylia)

「Of course! You’re my proud disciple after all. But, if the human population keeps increasing, then there’ll be no reason for me to stay here.」(Titania)

Titania was staying to fulfill her promise to Galaxia Atwood, the ancestor of the Atwood Family, to protect the forest from monster invasion.

If the human population kept increasing, monsters would stay away from there, meaning that Titania was no longer needed.

「Eh? You will leave…?」(Mylia)

「Well, I can’t stay near humans, so…」(Titania)

「I… see…」(Mylia)

Seeing Mylia’s sad face, Titania stroked her head and smiled.

「Don’t be sad, Mylia. No longer having to stay here means that I can go wherever I want. I might leave this place but we can still meet somewhere else. We can even travel around the kingdom together!」(Titania)

「Ah… You’re right. Yes, you’re right! That would be wonderful!」(Mylia)

(Master’s right! If she no longer has to stay here, we can go somewhere together! We can visit my school in the royal capital or Leaf’s house at the World Tree! That would be fun!)

Mylia found another reason for her to do as best as she could governing the Atwood Territory in the future.




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