Chapter 88 : The Best Reward (part 1)


-Two weeks after the Moon Viewing Party-

The fact that the Princess was about to be killed in the court was a shame for the Kingdom of Gran, so the King tried to hide it from the other countries.

However, the story of Prince Elion who jumped to protect his sister with his body, the connection between Bazel Sortlarc and the Evil God, the battle between me and the demon who manipulated the Seven Spears, and Mira-san who saved the Prince’s life, couldn’t be prevented from leaking to public because the party participants couldn’t just keep silent after watching those sensational happenings.

As a result, rumors about me and Mira-san saving the kingdom spread throughout Tiaret, and because of that, our store was overflowing with customers everyday.

There were even customers who ordered the potion that saved the Prince’s life.

Talking about sales, our sales keep increasing ever since we returned from the royal capital.

We even had to make a stall in front of our store because our store was too small to hold all the customers.

Not only did we get a lot of money from our business, but also from the King as a reward.

Ahh~ I wonder if I will use that money to make our store bigger.

No, maybe building a second store is better?

We can relax a bit if we have another store, but do we have someone we can trust to manage it? Hmm…

Anyway, our business is going well here in Tiaret.

However, there’s one thing I’m worried about…

「I wonder if Slad-san is gonna be okay…」(Hanna)

At night, I sighed and thought like that while closing the store.

Even though he was manipulated by a demon, the fact that he stabbed the Prince didn’t change.

He was imprisoned before Mira-san and I left the royal capital.

「Don’t worry, Master! Marian-chan will do something! She will be the next king after all!」(Galle)

Galle-chan said that with a proud expression.

She’s right. I should trust Marian-chan.

By the way, the Prince Faction has been disbanded because their leader, Bazel Sortlarc, has disappeared.

Therefore, the Princess Faction was now taking control of the country, and because of that, Marian-chan was guaranteed to be the next king.

I don’t know if it’s good or not because Marian-chan never wanted to be the king. She only wanted to get rid of the chairman and let Prince Elion take over the throne.

「Marian-chan will never let Slad-san be punished by death. Perhaps Slad-san will only end up in prison for a few years.」(Mira)

That makes sense. Living in prison for a few years is better than being punished by death.

It’s hard to tell because Mira-san is expressionless as usual, but I’m sure she’s also worried about Slad-san.

「Master, cheer up! Look, you can hug me when you feel anxious!」(Galle)

Saying that, Galle-chan leaned her body against me.

I immediately hugged her tightly.

「Ahh~…. You’re right. I feel much better now… You’re so warm and soft~… I’m healed~」(Hanna)

「I want to be healed too.」(Mira)

Mira-san approached us as she spread her arms, but Galle-chan dexterously made a ‘shoo shoo!’ gesture with her tail.

「I’m sorry but I’m now Master’s exclusive pillow, so there’s no space for you! You can go hug the store’s pillar!」(Galle)

「Mumu… I didn’t say I wanted to hug you though.」(Mira)

Mira-san walked around and hugged me from the back.

So I’m now hugging Galle-chan while being hugged by Mira-san!

As you can tell, this is the best position ever!

Being sandwiched by two cute girls like this made me feel like the fatigue from working all day and all my worries disappeared.

Ahh~ Galle-chan and Mira-san’s bodies feel so comfortable~


Hmm~ should I close the store for tomorrow~?

It feels so comfortable that I don’t care about anything else.



「Umm… I’m sorry for disturbing your time with the girls, butー」(?)


When I realized that I was being called by someone I knew, I immediately slipped out of Galle-chan and Mira-san’s “healing sandwich” and flusteredly turned to that person.

The one who was standing before me in the store that was supposed to be locked was Marian-chan.

「Wh, Why are you here!?」(Hanna)

I knew that Marian-chan could use teleportation magic, but it still surprised me.

Uhh, I feel like Marian-chan enjoys surprising me…

Being a bad mannered woman might just be an act, but I’m sure her root personality is that of a bratty kid!

「Well, you see, this guy wants to say goodbye to you.」(Marian)


After saying that, Marian-chan snapped her finger, and then a black hole appeared next to her.

It was the “Black Gate” that I saw in the Underground Labyrinth when Marian-chan couldn’t control her magical power.

So she’s finally able to master such a super difficult magic, huh?

She should be a magician instead of the king.

But, hmm… The king who can use magic is cool too!

Alright, let’s see who will come out of the gate.

I was thinking if it would be Prince Elion, but I was wrong.

Who came out of the Black Gate was a man with a familiar face carrying several spears on his back.

「Slad-san! Did they release you!?」(Hanna)

If he is not imprisoned anymore, the King must have decided to release him, right?

I was thinking that it should be the case, but Slad-san made an awkward expression.

「Well… Hmm… How should I put this… I’ve been released, but I still have to serve my punishment. It was my fault for letting my guard down and giving that demon a chance to take control of my body after all.」(Slad)

「A punishment…?」(Hanna)

「Yeah. I’ve been banned from entering this kingdom.」(Slad)




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