Chapter 87 : Our Victory (part 1)


「…Hanna Falsett, I’ll settle the match with you someday. Until then, a flea like you should live your life like a flea. 」(Bazel)

After saying that, the chairman’s illusion disappeared into thin air without even looking at Cecil, who was lying down on the floor, crying sorrowfully.

Even though the chairman has been my sworn enemy, I have never had a chance to fight him until now, but I feel like we will fight with our lives on the line the next time we meet.

I would be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to fighting him, but now there’s something more important than fighting the chairman.

I’m worried about the Prince, but I also kinda worried about Cecil who was still crying, looking so depressed.

However, I’m not her friend and I’m sure she doesn’t think of me as her friend either, so there’s nothing I can do for her.

I should just leave her to her best friend.

「Cecil, cheer up. Your father has abandoned you, but you still have me, your best friend, by your side. Don’t worry, unlike the chairman, I will never leave you alone.」(Rozelia)

「Ughh…! Hiks… hiks…! Ro, Roze…」(Cecil)

「Don’t worry, don’t worry~ Everything’s gonna be alright~」(Rozelia)

Rozelia hugged Cecil and stroked her head.

Un. I think Cecil will be fine with Rozelia. But…

Is it just me or… I don’t know why but I feel like Rozelia looks kinda happy…?

No, maybe it’s just my imagination.

When I was wondering like that, suddenlyー

「Uwa!? What the heck!?」(guard)

ーa surprised voice of a guard was heard.

I looked in the direction of the guard and saw Mira-san and Marian-chan appear from the distorted space.

Hm? Where’s Prince Elion…? Is he sleeping in our store, or…..

「Eh? Is it all over?」(Mira)

I approached Mira-san, who tilted his head, and answered her.

「Yeah. Doubt was controlling Slad-san’s body.」(Hanna)

「Eh? That demon is still alive? I see, so it wasn’t Slad-san… That’s great to hear.」(Mira)

「I killed that demon, but I failed to defeat the chairman… More importantly… is Prince Elion alright…?」(Hanna)

Even if I didn’t ask, I already knew the answer by looking at Marian-chan’s face.

She is crying…

「Elion…. Hiks… Elion…. Khh… He is….」(Marian)

Marian-chan’s cheeks were swollen red.

She must have been crying a lot from a while ago.

「No way…. Prince Elion is….」(Hanna)

「Yes, he’s healed.」(Mira)

「I thought he was a jerk at first, but actually he’s just a kind little brother who cares a lot about his sister… I wish I could get along with him, but it’s a shame that he…. is………. Hm?」(Hanna)

Hold on.

I feel like Mira-san said something.

「What did you say?」(Hanna)

「He’s healed.」(Mira)

「Eh? Really!?」(Hanna)

Mira-san nodded, without expression as usual.

「He’s now sleeping in our store.」(Mira)

「If he’s healed, then why’s Marian-chan crying!?」(Hanna)

「Uuu… Hiks…」(Marian)

「Those are tears of joy.」(Mira)

「It’s hard to tell!」(Hanna)

Geez! It’s so confusing! I thought he was dead!

But… I’m really, really glad that he’s fine.

「W, Well, actually, I knew that he’s gonna be alright. I believe that you can save him after all! Un!」(Hanna)

「Hee… Really…? But you just thought that he was dead.」(Mira)

「B, By the way, how did you heal him? Neither potions nor spells work against the poison from the Brimstone, right?」(Hanna)

「That’s right! Mira-chin, how in the world did you deal with the poison!?」(Slad)

Slad-san was the most shocked to hear that Mira-san managed to save Prince Elion’s life.

「Un. Neither my best detoxification drug nor Marian-chan’s detoxification magic worked.」(Mira)

「Right!? Then how did youー」(Slad)

「Indeed we can’t remove the poison directly with potions or magic, that’s why I used an indirect method. First, I removed the ‘anti-magic’ element contained in the poison with my potion, and after it was no longer resistant to magic, Marian-chan could remove the poison easily with her detoxification magic.」(Mira)

Whoa…! She’s talking like a pro.

So she came up with such a great idea in a short amount of time?

That’s amazing!

Not only is she good at making potions, but she’s also very smart!

「As expected from Mira-san! You are truly a genius among geniuses!」(Hanna)

「I know.」(Mira)

Saying that, Mira-san made a thumbs-up pose without expression, and then she lowered her head.

Looking at her lowering her head, I immediately knew what she wanted.

I extended my hand and began stroking her head gently.

「Mira-san, you did really great. I’m proud of you!」(Hanna)

「Ahh, I’ve been looking forward to this.」(Mira)

「Fufu. You’re like Galle-chan now.」(Hanna)

Slad-san looked at Mira-san with an amazed face, but then he smiled.

「…Ahahaha! I see. I never thought that the spears I’m proud of could be stopped by two girls in one night! You two are really amazing!」(Slad)

After saying that, Slad-san laid down on the ground with a relieved expression on his face.

「By the power of these two awesome ladies, the demon has been defeated and my son has been saved! The victory is ours!」(Gran)

After the King shouted like that, the hall was filled with joyful cheers and applause.



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