Chapter 87 : Our Victory (part 1)


「Fa… Father…?」(Cecil)

Cecil, who was shouldered by Rozelia, looked very shocked.

I knew it.

She never thought that his father was on the Evil God’s side.

「I could feel your sadness and sorrow when you lost Cecilia-chin, but the one who you should hate is the Evil God, right? But why the hell are you on his side now!?」(Slad)

Slad-san looked so frustrated, but the chairman replied to him with a straight face.

「”Why”, you asked…? Of course, it’s because I want to resurrect my wife, Cecilia, and my real daughter.」(Bazel)

Eh? His real daughter…?

With that question in my head, I looked at Cecil.

「Resurrect… your real… daughter…? Fa, Father, what are you talking about…? I’m… your only daughter, right…?」(Cecil)

Cecil was shaking.

Looks like she had no idea about the ‘real daughter’ the chairman mentioned.

「…..My real daughter is not a useless fake like you.」(Bazel)

「Fake…? I’m a fake…? No… No way… Father, you must be joking, right…?」(Cecil)

Slad-san turned his face away from Cecil, who distorted her face, looking really confused.

Looks like Slad-san knows that Cecil is not the chairman’s real daughter.

「Do you think I ever joke? Looks like you never realized it, huh? Or, you have realized it but are pretending not to. Either way, that won’t change the fact that you are fake.」(Bazel)

「N, No! I’m your real daughter! I’ve been doing my very best for your saー」(Cecil)

「ーYou’re nothing but a fool who will do anything to get my recognition! If only you managed to kill Slad and Doubt, this situation wouldn’t have happened!」(Bazel)

Huh? He’s blaming Cecil?

In the first place, if he didn’t work together with Doubt to kill Marian-chan, this situation wouldn’t have happened!

I would have been enjoying this party, eating food and dancing with Mira-san, if only he wasn’t planning to kill the princess!

It’s not Cecil’s fault, it’s HIS fault!

However, Cecil lost her mind and couldn’t think calmly.

「F, Father, I promise I won’t fail again! Please don’t abandon me! If you do, I will… I will…!」(Cecil)

「Why should I care? I decided to raise you because I thought you might be of use to me, but I was wrong. I don’t need a useless fool like you anymore.」(Bazel)

「Oi, old man! That’s enough!」(Slad)

Slad-san, who looked so angry, tried to run toward the chairman, but then he fell on his knee.

His legs were shaking.

Perhaps because Doubt had been controlling his body for quite a long time, he still couldn’t move his body as he wanted.

「Uuu… uukhh….. uuUUWAAAAAAAーー! HAAaaAAaAAAaaaAAaAー!!!」(Cecil)

Cecil’s sorrowful cry made everyone who was listening squeezed their chests.

Somehow, she reminds me of myself when I was expelled from school.

She was the reason why I was expelled, but I don’t feel like hating her right now.

I should say “serves you right!” and feel refreshed now… But I can’t…

It’s because my anger and hatred is now focused on the chairman.

Certainly, Cecil is a narrow-minded woman and as rotten as the chairman.

She never tried to understand other people, especially the ones who she labeled as “evil”. She never listened to other people and only believed in her wild imaginations.

However, the one who made her into such a person is no one but him!

Cecil always listened to the chairman and did whatever he said, but that man trampled on her heart, which was too pure in a sense.

Aahh! I can’t hold my anger anymore!

I ran toward the chairman, grabbed my hammer that was lying on the floor on my way, and jumped.

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill :【Heavy Smash】! 」(Hanna)

He’s unarmed right now, but I don’t care.

I raised my hammer and swung it down toward the chairman’s head.

However, I didn’t feel like hitting anything.

My hammer hit the floor before I knew it.

I thought he dodged my hammer very quickly, but I was wrong.

The chairman didn’t move at all. He is still standing right in front of me.

I was wondering what happened, but when I looked at him closely, his body looked slightly transparent, and his legs looked like they were buried in the head of my giant hammer.

「This is…! An illusion!?」(Hanna)

So he made an illusion of himself with magic and left this place without anyone noticing?

No, wait. There’s the possibility that this illusion was created even before the party started.

So he was just an illusion all along?

That’s maybe why he ordered Cecil to kill Doubt instead of doing it himself. An illusion won’t be able to land an attack after all.

But either way, what a clever man. He planned his escape route so perfectly like typical villains in adventurer storybooks.

「…Hanna Falsett, I’ll settle the match with you someday. Until then, a flea like you should live your life like a flea. 」(Bazel)

After saying that, the chairman’s illusion disappeared into thin air without even looking at Cecil, who was lying down on the floor, crying sorrowfully.



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  1. You know I was wondering about the premise of the chairman but is pretty stupid.

    Lest put bluntly”He manage to revive his wife and supposed daughter. They gonna dispice him, hate and feel very disappointed on him, and possibly the wife gonna try to kill him for everything he did”

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