Chapter 86 : Uncover The Identity Of The Mastermind


By looking at my face, perhaps Slad-san knows that I’m thinking about Prince Elion’s safety right now.

He talked to me with an apologetic face.

「Hanna-chin, unfortunately, no one can save the Prince…」(Slad)


「As Doubt said, no medicine nor magic works on my Brimstone’s poison… No matter how good Mira-chin is as a pharmacist, it’s impossible for her to save the Prince…」(Slad)

「If you have such a dangerous spear, you should have the antidote, right?」(Hanna)

「Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to use it. But… it’s been over five minutes since the Prince got hit. It’s too late now…」(Slad)

「No way…」(Hanna)

I had a bad impression of Prince Elion when I heard about him from Marian-chan, but after I talked with him and saw him protecting his sister, I thought that he wasn’t a bad person at all.

He’s just a kind little brother who really cares about his big sister.

I really want to help him but Tiaret is far away. There’s no way I can deliver the antidote in time.

If only I had a teleportation ability like Marian-chan, it wouldn’t take a second to get there, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

Even if I went with a fast horse, it would take 4 – 5 days to get to Tiaret.

If only Marian-chan came back here, we canーー No. Slad-san said it was too late.

Even if I manage to deliver the antidote, it will most likely not work.

Then, I can only hope that Mira-san will save him.

She said she would do as best as she could. I should trust her!

She’s my number one pharmacist after all!

「Don’t worry, Slad-san, Mira-san will definitely save the Prince. I believe she will make a miracle happen!」(Hanna)

「ーーNonsense. A flea shouldn’t talk about miracles.」(Bazel)

Suddenly, the chairman interrupted me.

「Slad, you have done it. Even though you were manipulated, you killed a royal family member. You have committed a serious crime.」(Bazel)

The chairman looked down at Slad-san with contemptuous eyes.

That ridiculously overbearing attitude of him made me really sick.

「Look who’s talking!? You didn’t even do anything when I was fighting desperately against Doubt, you useless old man!」(Hanna)

Well, I know the reason why he couldn’t attack Doubt.

It was because he didn’t want to make Doubt turn against him and tell the truth that they were working together.

However, even if I interrogated him, he could just say that it was a false accusation.

I’m just a low ranked adventurer after all. People will believe the chairman more than me.

「Actually, I was wondering about that too.」(Gran)

But suddenly, the king expressed his suspicions.

「Bazel, you’re a former special A-rank adventurer, so you should be able to compete with Slad, right? But why didn’t you participate in the battle?」(Gran)

Oh, this is good! The king is starting to suspect the chairman!

Marian-chan’s wish is to expel the chairman from the royal palace.

However, there’s no good reason for the king to expel him.

But if the king found out that he was connected to the Evil God, not only would he be expelled from the royal capital, he would also be thrown into prison forever.

King Gran, it’s time to punish that evil man!

That old man is the culprit. He is the one who caused your son to get hurt!

「…Your Majesty, pardon me, but are you suspecting me to be connected with demons? Me, who fought on the front lines against the Evil God’s army in the Demon Land, of all people?」(Bazel)


Eh? Your Majesty? Please don’t tell me you get scared now!

You’re the king, right!?

He wants to kill your children! You should stand against him for their sake!

「It’s been a very long time since I retired from adventuring. My arms are too weak to swing a sword now. However, my desire to defeat the Evil God has never changed. That’s why I built an adventurer school and focus on training younger generations to become great adventurers.」(Bazel)


Aa-ahh! This is bad!

I hate to admit it but not only is he good at fighting with a sword, but he is also good at manipulating people with his words.

There’s no way the king, who has been fighting against illness for years and has become weak both physically and mentally, can talk back to a person with an intimidating aura like the chairman.

「If you are still doubting my loyalty, I will go to prison myself.」(Bazel)

Saying that, the chairman turned back and started walking.

Of course, he was just acting.

“Doubting my loyalty”, he said? Huh! As if he has one.

「…..Wait. You don’t have to. It’s just my misunderstanding.」(Gran)

The chairman finally won the king’s heart with his words.

This is the worst.

I’m disappointed but I kinda understand why the king can’t just throw the man who was once the hero of the kingdom to prison without any evidence.

「…Oi, old man. You sure are really good at manipulating people, even the king.」(Slad)

「……Slad… Know your place!」(Bazel)

「No, know YOUR place, villain! Looks like you don’t know how Doubt’s abilities work, huh.」(Slad)

Slad-san slowly stood up and grabbed a spear that was lying nearby.

「When Doubt borrowed my memories, our consciousnesses were linked together, so… I know everything about your plan and your role in this incident!」(Slad)

「…What in the world are you talking about?」(Bazel)

Listening to what Slad-san said, the chairman moved his eyebrows a little.

He was trying to look calm, but apparently he was a little panicked.

「You have been on the Evil God’s side all along. You are trying to make Prince Elion king so that you can manipulate him and rule this kingdom. After that, you will ‘sell’ this kingdom to the Evil God.」(Slad)

After Slad-san revealed the truth, the guards in the hall began to make a fuss.

For most people in this kingdom, The Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc, is a hero. They hardly believe that he betrayed the kingdom.

However, the one who was telling that fact was another hero, The Seven Spear, Slad Arkman.

Therefore, the people are really confused now.

「’Sell’ this kingdom, huh? Can you even prove that your words aren’t just bullshit?」(Bazel)

「Unfortunately, I can’t. But suspicion is more than enough to get you out of the royal palace. Am I right?」(Slad)

「Now you want to blame me for your crime, huh? How foolish.」(Bazel)

Bazel smirked. He must be thinking that Slad-san was stupid for accusing him without any evidence, but Slad-san managed to change the atmosphere of this place with his words.

Even though Slad-san had been an enemy because he was controlled by Doubt until a while ago, he was originally a reliable and trustworthy man.

No, thanks to Doubt controlling his body, his words became more credible because he shared memories with Doubt even for just a second.

「Bazel-sama is the mastermind…?」
「I can’t believe it…」
「But the one who was targeted by the demon was the Princess, right?」
「Yeah, so there’s the possibility that Bazel-sama, the leader of Prince Faction, will…」(guards)

There’s no evidence, but with so many people suspecting the chairman, I thought it might be possible to get him out of the royal palace as Slad-san said.

「Too bad for you, chairman. Now that your plan has been ruined, why don’t you just spit out everything, including your crime!」(Hanna)

I pointed my index finger as I said that to the chairman.

I was hoping that he would give up, but I knew that he wasn’t a person who gives up easily. He would definitely think of a way to escape from this situation.

Looking at me pointing my index finger at him, the chairman sighed.

He didn’t sigh because he gave up. It was a sigh that was unpleasant to hear, as if he looked down on everyone but himself.

「…….Doubt… what a useless guy… He can’t even do anything useful until the end.」(Bazel)

What a surprise.

After I thought that he would do anything to prove his innocence, the chairman made a statement as if he admitted that he was working with Doubt.

「Old man… You really have changed since Cecilia-chin died…」(Slad)

Slad-san, who seemed to know the chairman’s circumstances, looked at him with a sad face.

The Blue Saint, Cecilia.

She was the chairman’s wife and Cecli’s mother who died shortly after giving birth to her.

I wonder what happened to the chairman after she died…



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