Chapter 85 : The Strongest Spear User VS The Strongest Blunt Weapon User (part 2)


There are too many spears.

Even if I made earth walls quickly with my steel shoes, it wouldn’t be enough to block all of them.

Also, I don’t think I can kick all those spears one by one with my steel shoes.

If only I had my sledgehammer now, perhaps I could have done something.

However, it will take several seconds for the ice to melt, and those spears will most likely kill me in less than three seconds…

「Kaahaha! Let’s see if you can dodge all of these spears, Hanna Falsett!」(Doubt)

This demon…! He thinks he won already… so irritating…!

In the first place, that’s not your ability! That’s Slad-san’s!

Let’s see if I can dodge all those spears, he said?

Bring it on! Hit me if you can!


Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ー!!!

I stomped my feet to the floor many times like an angry person.

An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
A spear for a spear!

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Line Of Spears】! 」(Hanna)

Many slender triangular things that look like spears emerged and launched from the ground, shooting down the incoming spears one after another.

「Tsk. I can’t defeat her even with all these spears, huh? What a persistent bitch. Then, I myself willーー」(Doubt)

Doubt, who was looking up at the aerial battle between his steel spears and my earthen spears, grabbed the【Griffin】on his back and looked at the front.

However, he couldn’t find me.

「ーーWhere did she go!?… Above!?」(Doubt)

He’s right. I’m now flying in the air above him.

I didn’t use【Line of Spears】only to shoot down the enemy’s spears.

I rode one of my earthen spears into the air when Doubt took his eyes off me.

「Haha! it won’t be a surprise attack if I noticed you! If you’re coming at me from above, I can just skewer your body with this spear!」(Doubt)

Doubt pointed the【Griffin】upward and tried to jump straight at me.

However, I already predicted that he would do that.

The moment he put his strength in his legs, trying to jump, the ground beneath him collapsed all of a sudden like a pitfall.

「What theー!?」(Doubt)

When I was stomping the ground to create earthen spears, I actually used the concrete in the ground beneath Doubt as the material to make the spears.

Therefore, the ground beneath him became hollow and it collapsed the moment he put force into it.

I don’t want to miss this chance.

When Doubt lost his balance, I launched a vertical kick toward him from above.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Paralyzing Smash】! 」(Hanna)


Doubt quickly blocked my kick with the【Griffin】, the last spear he had, but then he let go of it because his hands went numb.

Immediately, I kicked that spear away from him.

【Paralyzing Smash】is the blunt weapon skill that makes my opponents’ hands numb from the vibrations when their weapons collide with my blunt weapon.

The results of this battle had been decided the moment Doubt chose to block my attack instead of dodging it.

I landed in front of Doubt and glared at him in the eyes.


Doubt stretched his arm to his back, trying to find another spear, but then he realized that there was no spear left on his back.

「I managed to stop all of your spears. All of them. Now you have no chance to win!」(Hanna)


Doubt’s face turned pale.

Looks like he finally understands that he’s in trouble right now.

「Come to me!【Dear Myー」(Doubt)

「ーAs if I’ll let you do that! Haaaー!」(Hanna)

Doubt was trying to use Slad-san’s unique skill to get his spears back, but I immediately kicked his stomach before he could activate the skill.


Finally, my blunt weapon reached his body!

「Unique Skill :【Scrap & Build】ーー!」(Hanna)

I put more power into my kick, and felt like the ‘evil thing’ inside Slad-san’s body was slowly coming out.


Something like a black shadow began to come out from Slad-san’s back.

The shadow has a mark similar to the one on Slad-san’s face right now.

Yes, that shadow is Doubt himself.

「H, How… How the hell did you force me to get off this body…!?」(Doubt)

「Hah! This is the true potential of blunt weapons!」(Hanna)

「Impossible… Impossible impossible impoooossibleー!」(Doubt)

「Just shut up and get the hell out of Slad-san’s body already!」(Hanna)


After I kicked his face and pushed him away from Slad-san’s body, Doubt scattered and disappeared into thin air.

「Fiuh…. I hope he’s gone forever.」(Hanna)

If Doubt knew about my unique skill, he would have been more careful and made it harder for me to get close to him.

But even so, I would definitely win no matter what!

「Blunt Weapon Princess defeated the demon!」
「Hammer Hanna, banzaaaiiiー!」(guards)

While the guards were cheering at me, I knelt on the ground, feeling tired.

Ahh… I worked very hard for the sake of this kingdom…

I should ask the king something in return later… But before that…

「Hanna-chin… Looks like you did it, huh?… You’re amazing.」(Slad)

Slad-san, who was lying on his back, raised his upper body and shook his head.

I kicked his stomach really hard, but because I used my unique skill,【Scrap & Build】, the one who took damage was Doubt, not Slad-san’s body.

When I looked at his face, the eerie ivy-like mark was no longer on his face, meaning that Doubt had disappeared for good.

「Ahh, I’m glad I managed to save you, Slad-san…」(Hanna)

「Thank you, Hanna-chin. I’m sorry I let my guard down and gave that demon a chance to take control of my body…」(Slad)

「Yeah, how can a special A-rank adventurer like you be defeated by a small fry like him? Please be more careful next time!」(Hanna)

「Hahaha! A small fry, huh?」(Slad)

「Just kidding. He might be a coward, but he was a tough opponent… really…」(Hanna)

I wanted to enjoy this feeling of accomplishment while hearing the applause of the people in the hall for a while, but there’s still something in my mind.

Yes, it’s about Prince Elion’s safety…

I think he will be fine because the one who treats him is Mira-san, the most reliable pharmacist in this kingdom.

However, I can’t be relieved yet until I confirm that Prince Elion is fine…



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