Chapter 89 : My First Time Being So Popular (part 1)


When I opened the door of the Adventurer Guild, I felt a strange atmosphere between the people here.

Even an insensitive person like me could feel the intense air flowing in the entire guild.

「Uhh… What’s happening here…?」(Hanna)

People were murmuring and whispering to each other with somewhat serious faces.

I couldn’t hear their voices clearly so I had no idea what they were talking about.

Actually it’s been three weeks since the last time I visited the guild because I had been very busy managing the store since Mira-san and I returned from the royal capital, so I have no idea what’s going on here.

Perhaps a strong monster has appeared in this area so everyone is getting ready for battle?

Or maybe there’s a big quest with favorable rewards?

If that’s the case, I should get ready too!

「Ara, Hanna-chan, welcome! You did a really great job saving the country a while ago!」(March)

When I approached the reception desk, March-san called out to me.

Ah, I can just ask her what’s happening.

「Hello, March-san, it’s been a while. Umm… do you know what’s going on here? Everyone looks very intense.」(Hanna)

「Ah, don’t worry. It’s not like we have a problem or anything. They were doing the same as usual until you came, you know?」(March)

「Eh? So this intense atmosphere was my fault?」(Hanna)

「Maybe… Hanna-chan, you’re the ‘girl of the hour’ after all.」(March)

The girl of the hour…?

What is she talking about?

Did the rumor about what happened in the royal capital spread in the guild too?

Well, our store got busy because of it, so it’s not strange at all, but I think calling me ‘the girl of the hour’ is exaggerating.

I just did what I was supposed to do as an adventurer after all.

「Look. It’s Blunt Weapon Princess…」(adventurer)

When I sat down on a chair, I could hear what the adventurers near me were talking about.

「She got promoted to C-rank in less than three months since her debut.」
「I heard it’s called ‘special rank up’.」
「Hah! Who cares about rank? You can’t judge someone’s capability from their rank.」(adventurer)

Ahh, I see…

Cecil must have spread bad rumors about me again, huh?

A bullshit rumor saying that I was a sly woman who tried to win the Princess’ heart so I could get promoted.

Hahh… March-san, looks like you’re wrong. I’m not the girl of the hour…

「Yeah, you’re right. Rank is nothing but a status.」
「She beat Slad Arkman, right? So she is more powerful than special A rank adventurers!」
「But Slad was manipulated at that time, wasn’t he?」
「Yeah, but still, she’s quite amazing to be able to fight him.」
「Right. She defeated a demon and saved Slad Arkman after all.」
「Hee, that’s impressive.」(adventurers)

Hm? Hmm?

Why is the flow of their conversation different from what I imagined…?

「Then she is the strongest adventurer in Tiaret now?」
「Yeah, I think she deserves that title.」(adventurers)


This is weird…

People are talking good about me today.

Is it because the one who usually manipulates information and spreads bad rumors about me is no longer in this city?

「H, Hello there!」(adventurer)


When I was wondering, there was a group of three adventurer girls approaching me.

They seemed to be the same age as me.

Are they graduates from the adventurer school?…. No, I don’t think so.

I have never seen them before, so maybe they came from another town.

The equipment they are wearing is really nice, by the way.

As a blacksmith, I knew that their equipment was not cheap at a glance.

Judging by their ages, perhaps their rank is D.

They look like promising rookie adventurers who are trying to build up their track record as soon as possible.

「Ha, Hanna-san… A, Are you single?」(adventurer girl A)

The girl in a magician costume, who might be the leader of the party, asked me with a blushed face.

Eh? What is this? Don’t tell me… is this a love confession…?

The magician girl clenched her fist tightly on her chest and looked straight into my eyes.

「S, Single, huh… Actually… I’m…」(Hanna)

「Awawa! I’m sorry! I mean, solo, not single!… If you haven’t joined any party, would you like to join us…?」(adventurer girl A)

「Eh? Party?」(Hanna)

Ah, I see. She wants to invite me to join her party, huh?

But… I’ve never thought that someone would invite a slow, dull, and lame girl like me to join their party. Moreover, I’m a blunt instrument user…

Does she seriously want me to join her stylish and cool party?

「Oi, oi! Beginners like you should know your place!」
「Yeah. Hanna-san will join our party! You girls should back off!」(adventurer men)

Suddenly, a group of male adventurers approached us and complained to the girls while looking at them intimidatingly.

Hold on! I don’t remember ever agreeing to join this men’s party!

「Screw you! You think we’re afraid, huh!? We’ll do anything to get Hanna-san to join our party!」(adventurer girl B)

「That’s right! Don’t think you have won just because you invited Hanna-san before us!」(adventurer girl C)

The swordfighter and the priest of the girls’ party glared back at the adventurer men. Looked like they didn’t want to lose.

「G, Guys, please calm down…!」(Hanna)

I tried to calm them down, but I couldn’t stop grinning for some reason.

Maybe I’m enjoying this.

I’ve been living for more than fifteen years, but I’ve never been this popular after all!

「Please stop fighting over me!」(Hanna)

I said it!

I’ve always wanted to say something like that!

When I was at the school, no one invited me to join their group, but finally my dream came true!

People are fighting over me now!

Well, Galle-chan and Mira-san are always fighting over me, but this is different!

Ahh~ being popular feels so good~



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