Chapter 89 : My First Time Being So Popular (part 2)


I’m happy that these people are fighting over me, but it’s about time for me to stop them.

Actually, I have no intention of joining any party. After all, It’s more comfortable for me to fight by myself rather than with other people.

Besides, I feel like it’s easier to rank up if I do it solo because sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the MVP of the battle if I fight in a party, and sometimes the achievements will be dispersed to each party member.

But… I feel bad if I refuse them with that kind of excuse. I will sound like “I don’t need people who will only burden me”.

Uhh, I have to pick my words carefully…

「Hanna-sanー No, Hanna-sensei! Please join our party!」(male adventurer)

「No! A cute girl like Hanna-san should join our girls’ party!」(adventurer girl B)

「Oi! How dare you hold Hanna-sensei’s arm!」(male adventurer)

「Look who’s talking! You can’t grab Hanna-san’s beautiful arm like that! It’s sexual harassment!」(adventurer girl B)

When I was trying to find a way to refuse them without hurting their feelings, they grabbed my arms and started pulling them.

「Guys, guys! Calm down! Ouch, ouch…! Let’s calm down and talk! And please let go of my arms!」(Hanna)

They didn’t hear me even though I shouted like that.

Moreover, the other male adventurer and the priest of the girls’ party started pulling my legs!

「Aww! Awwwー!」(Hanna)

I felt like my body was about to tear apart from four sides!

This is a torture!

「Let go of Hanna-san, you perverted men!」(adventurer girl B)

「You let go of Hanna-sensei!」(adventurer man)

Should I just choose one of them? But I feel like both sides won’t give up on me no matter what… Uhh…

Before they tore my arms and legs apart, suddenly, a big fireball appeared above us.

「Aw, it’s hot!」(adventurer girl B)

「What the hell is that!?」(adventurer man)

As soon as they saw the fireball, they instinctively let go of my arms and legs, and quickly stepped back.


I fell on the ground with my buttcheeks hitting the floor first, but I felt freedom instead of pain.

「Yada yada~☆ Can’t you people see that Hanna is troubled?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia appeared with her usual flirtatious smile.

Apparently, the fireball just before was her doing. As soon as she appeared before us, it disappeared into thin air.

「Leave us alone! We have an important matter to settle!」(adventurer man)

「An outsider like you should back off!」(adventurer girl B)

The party members of male adventurers’ party and girls’ party shouted at Rozelia, telling her to go away, but Rozelia didn’t seem to care at all.

She approached me, helped me up, and pushed her cheek against mine.

「How dare you call me an outsider! Hanna is my bestie and she will join my party~☆」(Rozelia)


Why can she talk about something that will definitely not happen like that?

Even though heaven falls on earth, I don’t think that will happen.

But surprisingly, Rozelia’s words could calm these people down.

「I, I see… Well, you’re Hanna-sensei’s classmate after all.」(adventurer man)

「Can’t be helped. There’s nothing we can do if Hanna-san wants to join Rozelia’s party…」(adventurer girl B)

Hooー I thought there was something wrong with Rozelia’s head at first, but I see now. So this is what she is aiming for, huh?

She lied to make them give up on me without hurting their feelings.

I hate her, but nice assist, Rozelia!

「Haahh… You saved me. Thank you. I’ve never thought that sometimes your lies could be useful.」(Hanna)

When I thanked her while stroking my chest out of relief, Rozelia tilted her head.

「Hm? It wasn’t a lie. We’re going to form a party together.」(Rozelia)

…..”Going to form a party”, she said…?

Did I misheard?

Why did she make it sound like it was already decided?

「I have no idea what you’re talking about…」(Hanna)

「This is what so-called “truth comes out of falsehood”. It’s something intended as a lie which ends up being a reality☆」(Rozelia)

「”Reality”, my ass! Like I said before, I will never form a party with you!」(Hanna)

Saying that, I tried to push her away, but she didn’t give up. She hugged my arms even stronger.

「Hyaan~☆ Why are you so cold toward me? It hurts my feelings, so please take responsibility and form a party with me~」(Rozelia)

「Aww, sorry~ but I will not take responsibility for that!」(Hanna)

「Umm… How about you try it once. If it doesn’t go well, you can leave the party whenever you want. This is what people called “hit it and quit it”!」(Rozelia)

*/ the act of being with a person for sexual pleasure or intercourse with all intentions of no commitment or relationship following the act.

「H, Huh!? Don’t make it sound vulgar!」(Hanna)

「Hanna~ No other women that are as convenient as me, you know~?」(Rozelia)

「What the hell are you talking about!? Anyway, I will never ever form a party with you!」(Hanna)

「Puuー puuー!」(Rozelia)

Rozelia pouted her lips.

Hey, I should be the one who makes that kind of expression!

「What about Cecil? How can you ask me to form a party with you when she’s not around? You don’t wanna betray her, do you?」(Hanna)

「Cecil? Cecil has been here from the beginning though.」(Rozelia)

「Hm? Uwaa!」(Hanna)

When I looked over Rozelia’s shoulder, I saw Cecil standing right next to us.

Cecil was a person who had a lot of presence, but let alone her presence, I couldn’t even feel her usual dignified aura at all.

Moreover, she had an extremely dark expression and looked very depressed.

I could see mild swelling under her eyes.

「What…? Are you going to make a fool of me? Hmph…」(Cecil)

Cecil muttered and looked away from me.

Normally, she would talk to me with a loud and intimidating voice.

「…What’s wrong with her?」(Hanna)

It was kinda awkward for me to ask the person directly, so I asked Rozelia instead.

「After the incident, all the Sortlarc Family’s private properties were confiscated by the kingdom. The mansion and all the servants were gone. Therefore, Cecil is alone now.」(Rozelia)

「I see… How about the school?」(Hanna)

「Because the chairman has confessed that he worked with the Evil God, the name of the school has been changed from Sortlarc Adventurer School to Gran Royal Adventurer Academy. They took all Sortlarc Family’s properties including the school, but thankfully, they didn’t imprison Cecil.」(Rozelia)

I kinda feel sorry for Cecil, but I also feel relieved because bad rumors about me and our store will never spread anymore.

「Uu…. UuUuu… hiks…」(Cecil)

Listening to our conversation, Cecil started crying.

Rozelia finally let go of my arm and approached Cecil.

「Don’t cry, Cecil. It’s not that you have lost everything. You still have me, right?」(Rozelia)

「Ro… Rozheee… uuUuUuuu… What should I do from now on…?」(Cecil)

「Dear, dear. You don’t need to worry about anything. You can leave everything to me~☆」(Rozelia)


Cecil buried her face into Rozelia’s breasts while sobbing like a little girl.

I wonder where the arrogant Cecil was gone.

Is being abandoned by her father really that shocking?

「Look how poor Cecil is now! She said she wanted to form a party with you! You won’t refuse this poor girl’s request, will you!?」(Rozelia)

Wow, what an opportunist girl.

She began to talk like an overprotective parent, but I’m pretty sure Cecil would never say something like that.

「It’s all for your own convenience, isn’t it!? In the first place, why me?」(Hanna)

She knows that Cecil and I are always fighting, but why did she ask me to form a party with them?

Is it because she likes me?

No… I don’t know what it is but I feel like she is planning something…



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