Chapter 63 : Meeting The Princess


「Funfufuーn♪ Master, you’re a genius!」(Galle)

Right now, Galle-chan and I are walking side by side, heading for the guild.

By the way, Galle-chan is inFenrir-mode now.
I also put a collar on her neck to make her look more like a dog.

「Fufufu. If you transform into a dog, you can meet Princess Marian without getting caught, right?」(Hanna)

I have decided to bring Galle-chan along.

Even though she is small, she has Fenrir cells, so she might be useful in battle.
Besides, she has a good nose that can detect traps and monsters around.

When I told her about my plan last night, Galle-chan was overjoyed and said, “I’ll be useful to Marian-chan and Master!”

「But remember, don’t talk in front of everyone. We don’t know how they will react.」(Hanna)

Galle-chan was the culprit who destroyed Ludley Bridge after all.
No matter how close the Princess was to Galle-chan, she probably won’t listen to our excuses.

「Umm… But I think Marian-chan will be happy to see me, though…」(Galle)

Hmm… It looks like I have to tell her firmly.

「No, don’t!…….If you keep silent, I’ll consider making an opportunity for you to reveal your identity to the Princess secretly. But of course, I have to make sure that I can trust her first.」(Hanna)

「Really!? I’ll be quiet, then!」(Galle)

“Then”, huh…?

If I didn’t make such a promise, she would definitely have talked to the Princess at some point later…

Uhh… I’m getting more and more worried… Maybe I shouldn’t have brought Galle-chan along…

「By the way, what kind of person is the Princess?」(Hanna)

「Hmm… The last time I played with her, she was fourteen, but now she’s probably sixteen years old, meaning she’s one year older than you. She’s graceful, polite, and she’s like an older sister to me. Every time I played with her, she allowed me to sleep on her lap!」(Galle)

「Heeー Princess’ lap pillow, huh? You must be really close to her. Otherwise, I don’t think she would allow you to sleep on her lap.」(Hanna)

「Actually, she is kind to everyone, you know?」(Galle)

「I see… Well, if I saw a cute girl like you approaching me, I would definitely do what she did.」(Hanna)

Anyway, she seems to be a kind person, so I think she may understand if we tell her our circumstances.
Un. It might be okay if Galle-chan reveals her identity to her.

No matter how kind she is, she is still the Princess of this country, so there’s a possibility that she would say, “You have to pay for the crime of destroying the bridge”.
So yeah, I still have to make sure if I can trust her first.


After a while of walking, we finally arrived at the guild.

「Galle-chan, remember… Don’t talk… Also, behave like a smart dog so that Slad-san gives me permission to bring you along. Got it?」(Hanna)

「Yes!……I mean, woof!」(Galle)

……The way she answered makes me feel even more worried…

Anyway, let’s enter the guild.

「Oi, look! Hammer-Hanna is here!」
「Uwooh, the Blunt Weapon Princess!」
「Do your best on clearing the difficulty A quest!」(adventurers)

「Thank you, everyone!」(Hanna)

As soon as I entered the guild, the adventurers welcomed me warmly.
It seems that my reputation has risen after winning the contest against Cecil.

Cecil and Rozelia are…..
Looks like they’re not here today.

「Yo, Hanna-chin! And… that dog is…」(Slad)

As I walked to Slad-san’s table, he asked me about Galle-chan right away.

It’s natural that he’s curious since we’re going to go to the underground labyrinth, not to walk a dog at a park or something.

「This is my dog, ‘Gallu’-chan. She has a very good sense of smell, so I think she will be useful to us.」(Hanna)


Slad-san crouched down and stared at Galle-chan.

He then stretched his arm in front of her.




「Hoo, she’s smart… Go around in circles three times then bark once!」(Slad)

「*round round round* Woof!」(Galle)

「If you think I’m cool, bark twice!」(Slad)

「Woof! Woof!」(Galle)

「…You’re not a demon in disguise, right…?」(Slad)

「*shaking head*」(Galle)

「Eat this! Fire Arrow!」(Slad)

「Kyu… Kyuun….. *pretending to be dead*」(Galle)


「Y, Yes?」(Hanna)

「……..Isn’t she too smart for a dog?」(Slad)

Slad-san stared at me suspiciously.

「I, I taught her many tricks! S, So that’s why she has become so smart… hehe, he….」(Hanna)

「Tricks, huh…? But I’ve never seen a dog that can do this.」(Slad)

Th, This is bad…
Indeed, I was the one who told you to behave like a smart dog, but Galle-chan, you’re going too far!


However, Galle-chan didn’t stop there.
While showing her belly in a dead pretending pose, she stared at Slad-san with cute puppy eyes.

「Gu, haー♡ !!!」(Slad)

Slad-san held his chest and made a pose as if he was suffering.

Looks like even a special A-rank adventurer can’t resist Galle-chan’s cuteness…

「My bad! There’s no way such a cute dog is a demon! Alright, you may go with us! But remember to always protect your master, okay!?」(Slad)


Slad-san then pet Galle-chan’s head with a big smile on his face.

「Hanna-chin, too. If your dog is in danger, you have to save her immediately.」(Slad)

「Of course!」(Hanna)

「Well then, let’s go upstairs. Our party members are waiting for us there.」(Slad)

He only said “party members” so that the adventurers around us wouldn’t realize that the Princess was in the party.

We went upstairs and opened the door of one of the private rooms on the second floor.

There were four people sitting at the table inside.
Three of them should be B-rank adventurers, and the other one should be the Princess.

The nearest person to the door was a blonde woman in thief-style armor.
She rested both of her legs on the table.
Since she doesn’t seem to be well behaved, she definitely is not the Princess.

There were two men on both of her sides.
One was a warrior with a large sword on his back, and the other one was an archer carrying a bow and a quiver.

The farthest person was a silver-haired woman in priest clothes.
Her mouth was covered with a cloth but I could see her gentle eyes.
Also, I could feel a noble-like aura oozed from her entire body.
This person must be the Princess.

As soon as we entered the room, Galle-chan wagged her tail.

「Sorry to make you guys wait. This girl is the one who defeated Doubt, Hanna-chin. She will be coming with us.」(Slad)

Apparently, Slad-san has told them about the contest between me and Cecil.


The warrior leaned forward and stared at me.

「You’re insanely strong, aren’t you? Would you like to have a duel with me?」(warrior)

「A, Ahaha….. After we finish this quest, maybe…?」(Hanna)

「Really!? Nice! I’m looking forward to it! Fighting strong opponents is my hobby! Gahaha!」(warrior)

「Oi… Instead of your stupid hobby, be more serious about your work, will you?」(archer)

The archer sighed.

「I think it’s a good thing. If you have something to look forward to, you will do your best to survive.」(priest)

The voice of the woman in priest clothes was gentle and warm.

Ahh~ There’s no doubt that she is the Princess!

「Oi, Slad. Are you serious you want to bring this little girl along?」(thief)

The moment I fell in love with the voice of the Princess, the thief-like woman asked Slad-san a question that made me feel a little annoyed.

She put down her legs from the table and glared at me.

「Look at her weapon. It’s a hammer. Is she an evil god believer? Moreover, she brings a dog… I don’t think she will take this job seriously.」(thief)

Uwaa….. Looks like she’s the type of person who is prejudiced against blunt weapons…

I never thought there would be this kind of person in Slad-san’s party…

「I’m not an evil god believer, and I’ll take this job seriously! Also, Gallu-chan will surely be useful!」(Hanna)

「This dog? Will be useful, you say? Hah! I doubt it.」(thief)

「At least she will be more useful than you. With your eyes full of prejudice, I don’t think you’ll be able to spot any traps!」(Hanna)

「Say it again, you bit*h!」(thief)

The heck’s wrong with this woman!?

Look! The Princess feels uncomfortable now!

The woman in priest clothes stood up and flusteredly.

「Ha, Hanna-san, you’re talking with the Princess, so don’t take that kind of attitude!」(priest)


What is this Princess talking about?

「Wait, wait….. You’re the Princess, right?」(Hanna)

「N, No, I’m not. The Princess is this person…」(priest)

The thief woman clicked her tongue. “Tsk”

「This priest woman is a decoy, you fool. Demons are aiming for my life. There’s no way I’m dressing too obviously.」(thief)


She has a point, but…….

N, No no no no no no…… No way……

「S, Slad-san… This person said something strange… There’s no way she’s the Princess, right…?」(Hanna)

Slad-san shook his head while grinning.

「Hanna-chin, this bad-mannered woman is Marian Granfred. The first princess of the Kingdom of Gran and the right to succeed to the first throne. She’s the real thing.」(Slad)


Looking at me screaming like that, the thief….No… The Princess glared at me.

「What!? Do you have a complaint, huh!? I’ll kill you if you do!」(princess)

………..No… You have already killed…….

……You have already killed the image of a gentle and kind Princess in my head….



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