Chapter 83 : Even Though He Is Fake, His Strength Is Real! (part 2)


「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Thousand Nails】!」(Hanna)

I hit the air with my hammer and sent thousands of transparent magical nails flying toward the demon.


However, Doubt was just hitting the floor with one of his spears with a relaxed expression.

A shock wave spread from the spear and blew off my【Thousand Nails】like they were nothing.

Immediately after that, he grabbed another spear from his back and threw it at me.

I’ve never seen Slad-san use that spear before so I don’t know what kind of spear it is.

I’ve read a book about Slad-san’s adventure, but I don’t have time to recall all of his spears’ abilities now.

I blocked the spear with the head of my hammer, but then ice wedges extended from the spear and covered my hammer and my arms, restraining my movements.

「This is…! Absolute zero,【Javelin】!?」(Hanna)

It was an ice-based spear that is opposite to the fire-based spear, the eternal flame,【Hellfire】, that I saw in the Underground Labyrinth.

It’s a famous spear and I should have seen this coming, dammit!
I must do something before this ice covers my entire body!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Smith Forging】! 」(Hanna)

I used my blunt weapon skill to make my hammer hot.

As the head of my hammer glowed red, the ice began to melt, but a large amount of steam rose at once.

Oh, shoot! That demon is smart, and he knows how strong I am, so I don’t think he was just trying to restrain me with mere ice.

Then, his true purpose of throwing the【Javelin】at me is… to block my view!?

Ahh! How can I be this dumb!?

As soon I realized that, I quickly lowered my body, and right after, a spear passed over my head at high speed.

What was thrown was the poison spear,【Brimstone】, that he used to stab Prince Elion earlier.

Uwa! That was so close!
If it scratched my skin even a little, it would have been a game over for me!

I felt a chill in my spine, but luckily, I managed to dodge that deadly attack.

Now that the entire ice has been melted, I can finally move my body.

With this thick steam covering my body, I’m sure he can’t see me either.

This is my chance!

I dashed out of the steam and raised my hammer, ready to crush Doubt’s head.

However, he was no longer at where he was.

Eh!? Where is he!?

I looked around and found him running toward the earth wall I made earlier.

Don’t tell meー!

As soon as he got close to the wall, he grabbed the tracking spear,【Stinger】, that was stuck in the wall, and pulled it out.

He then looked at me and grinned.

「Tracking spear,【Stinger】, the target is… Hanna Falsettー!」(Doubt)

「Are you kidding me!?」(Hanna)


The【Stinger】flew at me at high speed.

I hit the spear with my hammer to deflect it, but no matter how many times I hit it, the【Stinger】kept flying toward me.
It won’t stop until it stabs my body.

While I was having a hard time dealing with the【Stinger】, Doubt grabbed another spear on his back and threw it at me.

「Eternal flame,【Hellfire】!」(Doubt)

「Eh!? Wait wait waaaaiittー!」(Hanna)

This is bad! This is badー!

I hit the【Stinger】really hard to send it away a little far from me so that I have time to deal with the【Hellfire】.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stakes】!」(Hanna)

I created several invisible stakes to make a staircase and quickly jumped up high to dodge the flame-covered spear.

Wow! I don’t believe I managed to dodge it! It’s a miracle!

However, I’ll use anything to win, even miracles!

There’s still a distance between me and the【Stinger】, I have to use this opportunity to attack!

「【Gigantic Air Stakes】! 」(Hanna)

I made a huge invisible stake and sent it fly toward Doubt with my hammer.

Unlike before, he won’t be able to deflect an air stake this big with a shock wave!


Aa! I forgot about the spear that can completely nullify any magical attack!

Doubt used that spear to block Cecil’s【Holy End Requiem】earlier.
He scattered such a powerful attack into dust like it was nothing.

Doubt raised the【Patriot】with his right hand, and the moment my giant air stake touched the spear, it disappeared into thin air.

「Dammitー! Using multiple weapons with unique abilities is cheating!」(Hanna)

「Fufufu. Cheating? What are you talking about? This is the ability of the man you respected, you know?」(Doubt)

My only chance to attack ended up in failure…

Now, I have to deal with the【Stinger】again.

Slad-san’s spears really are troublesome!

While I was struggling to dodge the【Stinger】, Doubts laughed at me.

「Kaahaha! How’s that? Taking over a human’s body is one of the best abilities I have! Not only can I borrow their memories, but I can also make use of their abilities and physical strength!」(Doubt)

Just like he said, now I’m literally fighting with Slad-san.

I really feel how big the difference in strength is between Slad-san and me…

Perhaps the real Slad-san usually fights like this too.

「Moreover, unlike when you fought me the last time, you can’t hit me really hard this time since this body belongs to the Seven Spear. If you kill me, this man will also die!」(Doubt)

…That’s possible….

So he’s fighting while using Slad-san as his hostage, huh? What a coward!

Just like he said, now I can’t hit him really hard.

However, Doubt doesn’t know…

A while ago, I saved Galle-chan by separating her body from the Fenrir factor with my unique skill.

Yes, he doesn’t know about my unique skill,【Scrap and Build】!

With this skill, I should be able to remove Doubt from Slad-san’s body!

However, this won’t be easy for sure…

First of all, I need to find another chance to attack him.

My unique skill won’t work unless I hit him with my hammer after all.

But…. Can I really do it…?

Doubt… No, The Seven Spears, Slad Arkman…

He’s extremely strong for sure.

He even makes me think that Cecil, Dragoon, Fenrir, or any other enemies that I’ve defeated were just cute little babies.

He is definitely the strongest among the enemies that I’ve fought so far…



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