Chapter 84 : Dragging Him Into The ‘Ring’ (part 1)


The tracking spear,【Stinger】is now still chasing after me.


It was aiming for my vital point in every single attack.

No matter if I deflected it a million times, this troublesome spear kept coming at me.

Ughh… Why is this spear so hard!?

Even though I hit it with my big hammer many times, the tip of the spear was still as sharp as new and the handle didn’t bend at all.

「Don’t lose, Blunt Weapon Princess!」
「Hammer Hanna! You can do it!」(guards)

The guards who watched me fighting the demon cheered me on.

Apparently, they have been ordered by the king to stop attacking Doubt so that they won’t get in my way.

They should be the ones who protect the kingdom, not me, but I don’t blame them.

After all, the enemy is a demon who possesses Slad-san’s ability. The guards will never defeat him.

If they attacked Doubt recklessly, that demon would easily drill holes in their guts.

The only people who can fight other than me in this place are Cecil, Rozelia, and… the chairman…

Uhh… There’s no way I can ask them for help…

But, I’m not sure if I can defeat Doubt by myself…

「Cecil, how long do you intend to sit on the floor like that? At this rate, Hanna would take all the credits. You don’t want that to happen, do you?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia put her hand on Cecil’s shoulder and said that to Cecil who has been sitting on the floor until now, feeling depressed after her unique skill was blocked so easily.

「If you defeat the demon who stabbed the Prince, your name as The Silver Flash will spread all over the kingdom! Even the Blunt Weapon Princess, Hammer Hanna, will be nothing compared to you! This is your chance to get the chairman’s recognition!」(Rozelia)

「Will… my father praise me…?」(Cecil)

「Of course!」(Rozelia)

After listening to Rozelia’s words, Cecil regained motivation.

She stood up and made a sharp look.

However, the chairman who also heard Rozelia’s words, looked at Cecil with annoyed eyes.

「Cecil, back off. You will never beat him.」(Bazel)

Uwaah… Is he really her father?

There’s a saying, “There’s no love, like a father’s love”, but after I saw those two, I felt like the chairman had no love for Cecil at all.

But I know the reason why he said that.

The chairman didn’t want Doubt to be killed because for him, Doubt is an ally.

He wouldn’t kill Doubt unless Doubt revealed the truth and betrayed him.

However, Cecil, who doesn’t know about the truth and doesn’t think that her father is on the Evil God’s side, doesn’t want to back off even though her father told her so.

「Father, you won’t know the result unless I try. Don’t worry, I will definitely defeat him for you!」(Cecil)

Cecil misunderstood.

Her father would never praise her even if she defeated Doubt.

However, Cecil held her sword tightly and rushed toward the demon.

I hate her, but I kinda feel pity for her…

「Look! The Silver Flash returns to the battle!」
「The enemy has thrown most of his spears. Now is the chance!」
「Maybe she can win this time!」(guards)

The guards were cheering for Cecil.

She is the daughter of the Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc, so she seems to be famous in the royal capital as well.

Even though she’s not planning it, Cecil returned at the perfect time.

One of Slad-san’s strengths is that he has multiple strategies in battle thanks to his seven spears.

However, Doubt now only has one spear on his back because he has already thrown the other six when he was fighting against me.

When Doubt grabbed his last spear, Rozelia pointed her magic staff at him and used a spell.

「【Dark Bind】!」(Rozelia)

And then, black shadows that looked like ropes crawled out from the floor beneath Doubt and tied his body tightly.

Now that Doubt couldn’t move his body, Cecil dashed even faster to shorten the distance at once.

「【Gusty Rush】!」(Cecil)

It’s a sword technique that converts magical power into a tailwind and dramatically increases speed.

Cecil’s swift attack pushed away the air in orbit and spread a gust of air to her surroundings.


I squinted to prevent dust from getting into my eyes while still dodging the【Stinger】.

Although it was not as powerful as【Holy End Requiem】, that was one great attack.

Average adventurers would definitely blow away by that.

But, of course, Doubt who controlled Slad-san’s body is not an average adventurer.

When the gust stopped, I opened my eyes and looked at Doubt.

As expected… He was smiling creepily without any injuries.

With only using the last spear in his hand, he managed to break Rozelia’s【Dark Bind】and blocked Cecil’s【Gusty Rush】.

「If you have ever been a disciple of this man, you must have known that Slad Arkman is not an idiot who can only throw his spears.」(Doubt)


Cecil quickly jumped away, but Doubt immediately trusted his spear toward her as if he was expecting this.

「ーーSpear Skill :【Shot・Impact】」(Doubt)

However, Cecil was fast.

Before Doubt used his skill, Cecil was already far away from him so his attack wouldn’t reach her even if he used a very long spear.

However, the shock wave emitted from the tip of the spear struck Cecil and blew her away.


Cecil’s body slammed really hard against a wall, and blood spitted out from her mouth.


Rozelia immediately rushed toward Cecil and cast a recovery spell, but it looked like Cecil would need some time to recover.

「This spear’s name is【Griffin】. Unlike the other spears which are magical spears, this one is just an ordinary spear without any strange abilities. Therefore, I can use it however I like. No one can beat me once I have this spear in my hands!」(Doubt)



TL : Hellfire, Brimstone, Javelin, Stinger, Patriot, Meteor, and Griffin.
Maybe some of you noticed that the names of Slad’s spears are taken from the names of missiles.



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