Blunt Weapon 84 part 2


Chapter 84 : Dragging Him Into The ‘Ring’ (part 2)


Slad-san’s strength is that he has a lot of choices in battle thanks to his seven spears with unique abilities.

However, it doesn’t mean that he will be weaker when he only has one spear in his hands.

Slad-san is called the Seven Spears after becoming a special A-rank adventurer.

Before that, he used to fight with a single spear, but he had killed thousands of strong monsters with only one spear.

「Hahaha! Too bad, you wasted your last chance.」(Doubt)

Saying that, Doubt raised the【Griffin】, which was just an ordinary spear, high above his head.

「Return to me!」(Doubt)

After he shouted like that, the magic spears that scattered around the hall floated at the same time, and then flew to his back.

「That’s…! Slad-san’s unique skill,【Dear My Spears】…!? 」(Hanna)

I’ve heard about this ability of Slad-san…

This is the ability that allows him to control everything that is bound by the concept of “spear”.

No matter how far he throws his spears, he can get them back easily with this ability.

People might have thought that to defeat Slad-san, they had to make him throw all of his spears, but unfortunately, that wouldn’t work.

Dammit! Now that he got all of his spears back, my effort was for nothing…

No, actually he only has six spears right now, because one of them is still trying to make a hole in my body.

「Hey, you forgot this one!」(Hanna)

I shouted to Doubt while continuing to dodge the【Stinger】.

I’ve had enough of this spear!
Because of it, I haven’t got a chance to strike back!

「Kaahaha! Are you stupid? Keeping you busy is my strategy, there’s no way I will get it back! 」

Well, I know that this demon is not stupid.

He knows that my blunt weapon skills’ weakness is that I have to hit the target to activate them, so he won’t give me a chance to move freely even for a second.

Actually, dealing with this homing spear is not that difficult.

Since it’s automatically aiming for me, its movements are monotonous and easy to predict.

Therefore, if only I can make an earth wall between me and this spear, I will have time to attack Doubt until the spear breaks through the wall.

However, I’m too busy dealing with this spear that I don’t even have a chance to hit the floor.

Even though its movements are monotonous, unlike before, I feel like it’s getting faster and faster.

No… maybe I’m the one who is getting tired…

I’ve been dodging and hitting this spear hundreds of times.

At this rate, I will run out of energy soon… and if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to dodge anymore and the【Stinger】would finally put a hole in my body…

No, I don’t think that will happen, because Doubt won’t wait until I run out of energy.

I will definitely die if he throws his other spears at me like before because I have no confidence that I can dodge two spears at the same time with my stamina right now.

If only I have skills other than blunt weapon skills… if only I have more options in battle… I might be able to overcome this situation…

However, I can do nothing without blunt weapons.

I even relied on blunt weapons to be able to dance.

Like the bears in my hammers said to me before, looks like I have no choice but to believe in blunt weapons!


Suddenly, Doubt’s expression was distorted as if he was in agony.

At the same time, I felt like the ivy-mark on his face became thinner.

「…Ha, Hanna-chin… did you forget that you still have another weapon besides that hammer?」(Slad)


The one who talked to me just now was Slad-san for sure.

He’s not sleeping! He has been desperately resisting Doubt from inside!

「Khhー! This stubborn man!」(Doubt)

The moment I thought that Slad-san had won, the ivy-mark on his face darkened, indicating that the control of the body returned to Doubt.

「You just have to sit and enjoy watching me kill this blunt weapon bitch!」(Doubt)

As he shouted to Slad-san like that, Doubt grabbed the poisonous spear,【Brimstone】, and threw it at me.

At the same time, the【Stinger】was approaching me from the opposite direction.

This is bad! I will get stabbed by these two spears from two different directions!

Even if I blocked one of them, I wouldn’t have enough time to deal with the other one.

I’m really in a desperate situation right now!

At that time, I remembered what just Slad-san said to me.

He said I have another blunt weapon, but… do I have one?

Oh right, my shoes!

Ah! Stupid me! How could I forget about them!?

I don’t know if I can block both of the spears, but I have no time to think!

I raised my right leg andー


ーslammed my steel shoe to the floor with all my might.

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall】!」(Hanna)

A wall emerged from the ground and blocked the【Stinger】.

At the same time, I swung my hammer and deflected the【Brimstone】that came from the other direction.

Thanks to Slad-san, I managed to block the simultaneous attacks from two directions.

These steel shoes are blunt weapons, so not only did it allow me to dance really well, but they could also be used as weapons!

Slad-san’s words earlier reminded me of these shoesーー No, shoe-shaped blunt weapons!

「Thank you, Slad-san! Because of you, not only can I dance well, but I can also fight this demon!」(Hanna)

It wouldn’t be possible for me to use these steel shoes as weapons if Slad-san didn’t force me to think that they are shoe-shaped blunt weapons, not just ordinary steel shoes.

I can finally overcome the weakness of my blunt weapon skills now!

「Wha… Whaaaaatー!?」(Doubt)

Doubt, who thought that he had won, was shaking.

He’s borrowing Slad-san’s memories, right? But why does it seem like he doesn’t know about these steel shoes?

I thought that defeating Doubt would be the same as defeating Slad-san, but apparently, it was different.

Even though he has Slad-san’s memories, the demon in front of me can’t be Slad-san himself.

Now that I have blunt weapons in my hands and on my feet, I have many options to attack the enemy and defend myself in battle.

「I have drawn the ‘blueprint’ of victory in my head, all I have to do now is to ‘build’ it! Doubt, prepare yourself!」(Hanna)

Now it’s time for me to strike back!



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