Chapter 85 : The Strongest Spear User VS The Strongest Blunt Weapon User (part 1)


Doubt opened his eyes wide when he saw me creating an earth wall with my foot. He looked really surprised.

「H, How the hell can you make a wall without hitting the floor with your hammer!?」(Doubt)

Not only him who was shocked, but the people around us too.

「Hah! It’s too early to be surprised! I still have a lot of surprising things for you!」(Hanna)

Now that I’ve been released from the condition of “striking the objects with my hammer”, the ideas about new ways of using my blunt weapon skills popped into my head one after another.

This is gonna be fun!

『Looks like she’s finally getting the hang of it.』
『Hanna, show him the potential of blunt weapons!』(bears)

The two blunt weapon gods that resided in my big and small hammer are now sitting on each of my steel shoes.

Looks like they acknowledged that these shoes were truly blunt weapons.

I can now use my shoes as blunt weapons with confidence!

I raised my right foot and kicked the air.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Thousand Nails】! 」(Hanna)

Countless magical nails appeared in the air, and every single one of them flew toward Doubt.

「I see, so you can use your skills with your feet, huh!? Butーー【Meteor】! 」(Doubt)

The shock wave generated by the spear that Doubt threw, blew away all my magical nails.

「You fool! That technique won’t worーー Whaー!?」(Doubt)

Doubt, who tried to give me a lecture, had to close his mouth and jumped away immediately.

The reason is right after he blocked my magical nails with a shock wave, ‘the second barrage’ of magical nails flew toward him.

Yes, I used the skill twice.

After I kicked the air with my right foot, I used that momentum to spin around and did a roundhouse kick with my left foot to release the second attack.

「How’s that!?」(Hanna)


After dodging my nails, Doubt immediately grabbed the【Hellfire】and threw it at me.

However, such an attack is not scary anymore, because even though I already used both of my steel shoes to shoot two【Thousand Nails】, I still have a big hammer in my hands!

「【Physical Counter】! 」(Hanna)

A tremendous amount of fire spread from the tip of the spear the moment it touched the head of my hammer, but without fear, I focused my strength into my hands, waist, and legs to repel the spear.



Now there are only three spears left in Doubt’s back.

However, there’s still one troublesome spear that is still chasing after me.

Yes, the【Stinger】.

After it finally broke through the earth wall I created earlier, it flew straight at me, trying to stab me again.

However, I ran straight to Doubt without minding that spear.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Walls】! 」(Hanna)


That is to say, I’m hitting the floor with my steel shoes every step.

That means I can use my blunt weapon skills while running!

An earth wall emerged in the path between me and the【Stinger】every time my steel shoe hit the ground.

There were more than ten earth walls the moment I got close to Doubt.

It should be enough to block the【Stinger】for a while.

That stupid spear can only fly toward the target in a straight line after all. It can’t move dexterously to avoid the walls!

Now I can finally ignore that spear completely!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stake】! 」(Hanna)

While running and creating walls behind me, I swung my hammer and created a big magical stake, and then sent it flying toward Doubt.

「I see. You want to make me use all my spears, huh!?【Patriot】! 」(Doubt)

Doubt threw the spear that nullifies all magical attacks at my Air Stake and neutralized it.

Right after, he grabbed the【Griffin】, the only spear for close combat, and thrust it at me.

At the same time, I swung my hammer vertically, and then my hammer and his spear collided with each other.


「Khh…! In the end, I have to fight you in close combat, huh? Looks like no matter how many spears I throw, it won’t make any difference anymore.」(Doubt)

After he said that, Doubt stepped back and at the same time he sent a terrifyingly quick thrust at me.

However, because I learned “blunt weapon dance”, I could dodge it with my footwork.

Slad-san told me that dancing movements could be useful in battles and that was why he learned how to dance.

I never thought that my dancing movements would save me here.

I put the head of my hammer on the floor, grabbed the handle tightly with both hands, and by using the momentum when I dodge, I turned my body and did a roundhouse kick.

「【Heavy Smash】! 」(Hanna)

I used my big hammer to cover the lightness of my body and sent a heavy kick to Doubt.

However, he quickly blocked my kick with the absolute zero spear,【Javelin】.

This is bad! It will freeze my leg!

I hurriedly pulled back my leg before the spear could freeze it.

「Good reaction, but how about this!?」(Doubt)

Immediately after he failed to freeze my leg, Doubt struck my hammer with the【Javelin】.

The ice wedges spread from the spear and quickly covered my hammer.

「This is nothing!【Smith Forging】! 」(Hanna)

I used a blunt weapon skill to make my hammer hot, but the ice didn’t melt easily, maybe because he used a lot of magical power on the【Javelin】.

Is he going to attack? But even though I can’t use my hammer, I still have my steel shoes!

When I thought like that, Doubt stepped back and made a distance between me and him.

Of course he didn’t do that to run away, but to prepare his next attack.

「Come to me!【Dear My Spears】! 」(Doubt)

When Doubt raised his hand as he shouted, I heard surprised voices of the guards who had been watching our battle.

「What the hell!?」
「My spear!」(guards)

The spears from the guards’ hands flew all of a sudden and gathered over Doubt’s head in a blink of an eye.

The effect of Slad-san’s unique skill,【Dear My Spears】, is not limited to his own spears after all.

He could even manipulate other people’s spears.

That’s why he is the strongest spear user in the world.

Anyone with a spear will never win against him as long as he has this skill.

There were about 20 spears Doubt stole from the guards, and all of them were floating above his head.

And… each one of them was pointing toward me, ready to make a lot of holes in my small body.

Ahh… This is the worst!

The terrifying scene in front of me gave me chills in my spine.

「Kaahaha! Let’s see if you can dodge all of these spears, Hanna Falsett!」(Doubt)



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