Chapter 83 : Even Though He Is Fake, His Strength Is Real! (part 1)


「D, Demon, she said…?」

The guards in the room were all confused.

「Yes. Everyone, don’t be fooled. This guy isn’t Slad-san. He’s Doubt, the demon who has the ability to impersonate humans!」(Hanna)

I pointed to the man with spears on his back and shouted loudly so that everyone in the room could hear.

I’m sure Doubt’s goal is to make people think that Slad-san is the bad guy.

First of all, I have to stop him.

「ーーFufufu… Kaahahahaー! Impersonating, you say? Well, I have that kind of ability, but this time is a little bit different.」(Doubt)

Fake Slad-sanー No, Doubt brushed his hair with his fingers and smiled evilly.

The ivy-shaped mark on his cheek had spread all over his face.

「You might be thinking that I turned the Seven Spears into a card and took his place, but you’re wrong. This body isn’t mine, this body belongs to Slad Arkman himself!」(Doubt)

「W, What…? So that means…」(Hanna)

「Yeah, I’m not impersonating him, I’m controlling his body! Since we demons can’t use our full power within the barrier, I need to get a body of a strong human like the Seven Spears, and my plan went so smoothly thanks to you! Kaaahahahaha!」(Doubt)

Saying that, he took out a card from his pocket.

It was the golden card I picked up after I defeated him. I brought that card to the Adventurer Guild to show it to Slad-san.

However, that card should be shining in gold, but it seemed to have lost its shine.

It has turned dull brown like a cicada shell now.

「After I was defeated and turned into this card, this man put me in his pocket. After that, I pretended to be dead and tried to erode his mind little by little so that I could manipulate his body freely!」(Doubt)

I see… So that golden card wasn’t Doubt’s main body, but was just a vessel for him…

Maybe Doubt had no real body in the first place…

Because he doesn’t have shape, he can be anything.

That’s the real ability of Doubt.

Dammit… I was the one who gave the golden card to Slad-san… so that means it was my fault…

「SLAD-SANー! WAKE UPー!」(Hanna)

「Fufufu! That’s useless!」(Doubt)

「You’re controlled by a demon and you call yourself a special A-rank adventurer!? Aren’t you embarrassed!? Wake up! Don’t lose to a demon like him!」(Hanna)

「Even if you provoke him like that, he will never wake up again!」(Doubt)

「If you wake up now, I’ll let you go on a date with Mira-san for a day!」(Hanna)

「Gu,hh! I, I said that’s useless!」(Doubt)

Eh? Did he frown?
Looks like the last one worked… No, maybe it was just my imagination…?

「If you can take over Slad-san’s body, why didn’t you do it sooner?」(Hanna)

He had many chances to kill Marian-chan when went to the Underground Labyrinth.

That time, I had no thoughts at all that Slad-san might kill Marian-chan, so he could have done that anytime.

But why didn’t he do that?

「Why didn’t I do that, you ask…? Obviously, it was your fault! It took me a lot of time to recover from injuries because you hit me a thousand times with your stupid power!」(Doubt)

「Hee~ I see. So defeating you wasn’t for nothing after all. I’m a little relieved to hear that.」(Hanna)

He was fighting a special A-rank adventurer after all, so he needed to be careful.

He pretended to be dead and waited for the perfect timing to take over Slad-san’s body.

When I fought him, I was quite angry because he was disguised as Galle-chan, so I turned his body into a tattered rag with my hammer.
I’m glad that he couldn’t kill Marian-chan sooner because of that.

But, I should have burned the golden card if I knew this would happen…

Doubt grinned at me and asked me a question.

「By the way, let me ask you again. Do you really have no intention in joining the Evil God’s army?」(Doubt)


「Your ability is equal to A-rank adventurers… No, maybe even Special A-rank adventurers. If I bring you back to the Demon Land, Amuse-sama’s anger will probably alleviate a little and he might stop attacking the Human Land. What do you think?」(Doubt)

Is he serious…?

Does he like the fact that I’m using a blunt weapon, which is the Evil God’s weapon?

…..That doesn’t make me happy at all…

But some people might be flattered by his words and end up joining him.

For example… The chairman.

That man teamed up with this demon to kill Marian-chan.

In other words, he’s on the Evil God’s side!

Just because he wanted to take control of this country, he betrayed all human beings!

What a rotten man, really!

「…What the hell are you talking about? Do you think I’ll accept an offer from a demon like you?」(Hanna)

Looks like he’s really underestimating me…

「I’m a blunt instrument user. If there’s something broken, I can fix them. If there’s something evil, I can destroy them!」(Hanna)

Doubt doesn’t know…

How happy I was to be recognized by Slad-san, the person Laney trusts the most…

How happy I was to be able to explore the Underground Labyrinth with him, who is one of the strongest adventurers in the world…

How happy I was that he didn’t give up on me no matter how incompetent I was…!

When I was at school, the teachers, seniors, and classmates always told me to give up.
They said practicing is just a waste of time for me because I would never get better.

They gave up on me.

But Slad-san patiently taught me no matter how bad I was at dancing.

He even taught me a unique way of using blunt weapons.

He showed me, who has no good points except using blunt weapons, a new world that I’ve never seen before!

「That’s too bad… If you don’t want to join us, then DIEー!」(Doubt)

「You can never kill me! Slad-san, I’ll save you! Wait for me!ーー Blunt Weapon Skill :【Thousand Nails】!」(Hanna)

I hit the air with my hammer and sent thousands of transparent magical nails flying toward the demon.



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