Chapter 82 : He’s Not Slad-san I Know!


I wasn’t the only one who rushed to Prince Elion and Marian-chan.

Mira-san responded as soon as she heard the word ‘poison’.

That’s a pharmacist for you.

Mira-san put her hand on Prince Elion’s forehead to check his temperature.

「Mira-san, is he gonna be okay?」(Marian)

Even me, who is not a pharmacist, could tell that Prince Elion’s face was getting paler and paler.

I was hoping Mira-san could do something because there was nothing I could do here.


「…..I don’t know… I have no idea what kind of poison it is. If it can’t be cured with magic, then it means that this poison is cursed…」(Mira)

「No way… Can you do something…?」(Marian)

Mira-san thought for a moment and then nodded to Marian-chan who couldn’t hide her anxiety.

「I’ll do everything I can, but I need some medicine, so we need to go to Egg Tarts.」(Mira)

She was expressionless but she looked really reliable now.

「Alright, let’s go then!」(Marian)

The next moment, Marian-chan, Prince Elion, and Mira-san disappeared.

Marian-chan must have used her teleportation magic.

I believe Mira-san is the number one pharmacist in this kingdom.

No matter what poison she is against, I’m sure she will be able to handle it.

Originally, I’m the one who should have protected Marian-chan, but Prince Elion did it in my stead.

There’s still something I have to do here, so Mira-san, I leave Prince Elion to you! Please save his life!
「Where did they go!?」
「T, They disappear!?」(guards)

The guards, who had no idea about Marian-chan’s teleportation magic, were in panic seeing the Princess and the Prince disappear all of a sudden.

「Not only the Prince who was attacked, but the Princess too…!」
「No way… The future of the Gran Kingdom are…!」
「We are doomed!」(guards)

「Don’t panic!」(Gran)

The King stood up and shouted to the guards.

「Don’t worry. They are my children. Our Sacred Twin Stars are fine. More importantly, we have to do something about that man.」(Gran)

The King looked pretty calm.

Perhaps he knew about Marian-chan’s teleportation magic.

「Y, Yes, Your Majesty!」(guards)

Now that the King, who was the father of the two, and who should be the most anxious, could stay calm, the guards thought they couldn’t keep being confused.

After the guards regained their composure, some of them started evacuating the guests, while the rest of them were pointing their weapons toward the man who tried to kill the Princess and injured the Prince.

「The Seven Spears, Slad Arkman, just what the hell did you do!?」
「Trying to kill Princess Marian and ending up injuring Prince Elion in this joyous party… You deserve to die!」(guards)

The guards surrounded Slad-san all at once.

There was no escape route.

However, Slad-san is the strongest spear user in the world. No one can stop him

He was just giggling as if saying “It’s useless” while being surrounded by the guards.

「Is what I did so weird? I just joined the Evil God and turned against this kingdom. That’s it.」(Slad)

Marian-chan’s servant gave Slad-san his spears right before he gave me my hammer earlier, so Slad-san now has six spears on his back excluding the【Stinger】that was stuck in my earth wall.

Slad-san raised one of his spears and hit the floor strongly with its tip.
And then, the guards who were surrounding him were blown away backward as if they were hit by a strong gust.

「Shock wave spear,【Meteor】. I don’t think surrounding me in large numbers is a good idea.」(Slad)

The guards were probably blown away by a shock wave created by Slad-san’s spear.

After they were blown away and hit their backs against the floor and walls, the guards were unable to stand up.

「You bastard…! What the hell are you thinking!?」(Bazel)

The chairman’s thick and low voice terrified Slad-san a little.

「Oi, oi. Don’t be so mad, old man. This is just an accident. I was trying to kill Princess Marian but the Prince came in all of a sudden.」(Slad)

The mastermind behind this is without a doubt the chairman.

However, he looked shocked. Perhaps he didn’t expect that Prince Elion, who should be the Princess’ rival, would protect the Princess by risking his own life.

Now that his plan is messed up, there’s only one person he wants to kill.

「The hell are you talking about!? Cecil, kill him!」(Bazel)

Yup. He wants to kill Slad-san to shut his mouth.

Cecil was ready to attack. Her sword was enveloped in divine light.

I had no idea why she could be so calm in this turmoil, but it looked like she had prepared for this and waited for a chance.

「Sword Skill :【Holy End Requiem】! 」(Cecil)

A huge bundle of light was unleashed from her sword and flew toward Slad-san.

However, the person Cecil was trying to attack is one of the Special A-rank adventurers that there were only ten people in this world.

There’s no way Cecil’s【Holy End Requiem】, which even I could repel, cannot be repelled by Slad-san.

「Hee, so you can now use a unique skill, huh? Cecil-chin, you sure have become stronger.」(Slad)

Without any sign of fear, Slad-san grabbed one of his spears and threw it into the light.

And then, the light of the【Holy End Requiem】scattered and disappeared.

「N, No way…」(Cecil)

Cecil, who was shocked, kneeled down on the ground.

「Magical power disperser spear,【Patriot】. Any magical attack will become powerless if it’s touched by this spear no matter how strong it is.」(Slad)

As expected from Slad-san. He’s not called “The Seven Spears” for nothing.

Each of his spears has a unique ability, allowing him to have more choices in how he will defend himself or attack his enemies.

Normal people will have difficulties if they have multiple weapons with unique abilities, and they need time to decide the multiple choices in battle.

However, Slad-san was different. He never let his guard down in battle.

He made the decision instantly in response to unexpected attacks like earlier.

Special A-rank adventurers surely are scary…

Cecil’s unique skill is powerful and looks amazing, but I’ve never seen her successfully use it…

I don’t feel sorry for her at all, but it’s a shame that such a cool skill always ended in failure.

「”Kill him”, you say? Oi, that’s so cruel of you. Aren’t we allies? But using your own daughter to get rid of me… As expected from a rotten man like you.」(Slad)

「…I was your ally only when we were in the same party in the past. Now, you’re nothing but my enemy.」(Bazel)

「That’s too bad… If you still want to kill me… I have no choice but to fight back…!」(Slad)


After Slad-san threatened the chairman like that, the chairman was just glaring at him without saying anything.

I had decided to wait and see for a while, but it seems there’s no point in waiting any longer.

Even though the chairman wants to kill him, Slad-san doesn’t seem to have the intention to expose that the mastermind was the chairman.

Slad-san spoke as if he was working with the chairman, but he didn’t say the most important point.

The chairman and Slad-san only said something that could be reasoned later.

However, Slad-san’s words just now were clearly a threat.

But, if he’s hostile toward the chairman, why don’t he just reveal everything?


I reached the limit of my patience.

I always called him with “Slad-san” in my head, but he’s definitely not the man I respect, so I think I should stop calling him that.

「Hey, Hanna-chin, please don’t look at me with a scary face like that. Are you disappointed that I’m on the Evil God’s side?」(Slad)

Looking at me walking slowly at him with a big hammer in my hand, the man shrugged his shoulders.

「But, being on the Evil God’s side will be easier for you too since you’re a blunt weapon user. Am I right? There will be no one who despises you if you join us!」(Slad)

While I kept walking toward him, he clapped his hands as if he got an idea.

「Oh, right! I will talk to the Evil God and the Four Heavenly Kings to allow you to come to Demon Land! And then, you will be able to meet with Laney without worrying about your adventurer rank anymore!」(Slad)


What the hell is he talking about?

Does he think that Laney will be proud of me if I come to meet her like that?

「I don’t know when you took his place, but can you stop pretending to be Slad-san? It disgusts me.」(Hanna)

「Ha? The hell are you talking about, Hanna-chin? I’m the Seven Spear, Slad Arkman, no matter how you look at me.」(Slad)

From his appearance, he is without a doubt Slad-san, but there’s no way the man that Laney trusted the most, and the man who did his best to teach me how to dance, would do something evil like this.

There can only be one possibility, and I want to believe in that possibility!

「You shameless demon… Do you think I don’t realize your true identity, Doubt!?」(Hanna)

When I said that as I pointed my index finger at the tip of his nose, he smiled evilly, and a pattern that looked like a mole appeared on his cheek.

It was very similar to the pattern on Doubt’s golden card that I got after I defeated him.



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