Chapter 81 : Even If I Wasn’t This Insensitive, I Don’t Think I’d Be Able To Realize It



The black shadow was flying around the hall and attacking the guards who were trying to confront it with their weapons.

It seems that no one was wounded terribly, but the people who couldn’t fight were still screaming in panic.

「I’ll protect Princess Marian, so Hanna-chin, can you handle that shadow!?」(Slad)

「Leave it to me, Slad-san!」(Hanna)

Marian-chan’s servant who has my hammer quickly approached me and gave my hammer to me.

Alright, now I’m ready to fight!

The black shadow that was flying around at high speed saw me as an enemy the moment I held my hammer.

It flew toward me, trying to attack.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall】! 」(Hanna)


I hit the stone floor and created a wall between me and the shadow.

This is one of my best defensive skills that has protected me from enemies’ attacks many times, so I was confident it would block that shadow’s attack as well.


Gari gari gari gari gari….!

Hm? This sound is…!

The sound of the wall being scraped off at high speed was heard.

I have a bad feeling about this!

「Hanna, watch out!」(Mira)

I quickly jumped to the side as soon as I heard Mira-san’s shout.

The next moment, the shadow pierced my earth wall and passed where I was milliseconds ago at a terrifying speed.

「Uwa, that was close!」(Hanna)

That flying thing pierced my wall by rotating its body like a drill.

Dammit! The Earth Wall I’m proud of has been breached!
This mysterious thing is strong!

However, the potential of my blunt weapon is not this shallow!

If it can penetrate my defense by rotating its body, I just have to stop it from rotating!

「Miss adventurer, let me help you!」(guard)

Suddenly, a guard came to support me.

Nice timing!

「Thank you, but can I borrow your sword?」(Hanna)


「Ah, I’m sorry, I might not be able to return your sword, but don’t worry, I’ll make you a better sword later!」(Hanna)

「Ehh!? But…!」(guard)

While the guard was still hesitating, the black shadow made a U turn and tried to attack us.

Kuh! I have no time to wait for his permission!
I hope his sword isn’t his dad’s keepsake or something important like that.

I snatched the sword from the guard’s hand, threw it on the floor and hit it with my hammer.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Wired Earth Wall】! 」(Hanna)

I created an earth wall once again, but with an addition of a steel sword this time.

Whether it was ignorant or underestimated my wall, the black shadow approached my wall without hesitation.

Gari gari gari gariー!

Just like before, it was trying to break through my wall by rotating its body.

「N, No way…!」
「It can’t be stopped!」(guards)

While the black shadow was drilling my wall, I could hear the pessimistic words from the guards around me.

Gari gari gari gari… gari gari… gari…

However, its rotation gradually weakened, and finally the black shadow stopped rotating.


As soon as it stopped, I heard such a confused voice from my surroundings.

「Hah! Do you think it’s just a normal hard wall? Too bad, you’re wrong!」(Hanna)

Actually, the steel sword was turned into steel wire inside the wall.

The more the black shadow drilled into the wall, the more the wire that was hidden inside entwined it and eventually immobilized it.

「Fufufu! Building an architecture is not about the toughness and the hardness of the building! Alright, now let’s see what exactly this thing is.」(Hanna)

I went around to the back of the wall to see what exactly the shadow that could move really fast was.

Perhaps it could be important evidence to reveal that the one behind this is the chairman!

However, I was in shock when I found out the identity of the black shadow, because…

I’m familiar with this ‘thing’…

This is one of the seven spears that the man I admire always carries on his back.

He said that this was the spear with a homing ability that could track his enemies with the specified conditions wherever they went… The tracking spear…【Stinger】…!

「No way…. It can’t be…..」(Hanna)

If it was aiming for me, then the condition must be “a person holding a hammer”.

That’s why it attacked me as soon as I grabbed my hammer.

Prince Elion said that the chairman must have prepared a situation where he could kill the Princess even though Slad-san was around.

But… this is much worse than we expected…

Because Slad-san isー!

「ーー!!! MARIAN-CHAAANー!」(Hanna)

I shouted and ran toward Marian-chan with all my might as quickly as possible.

Behind Marian-chan, who still had no idea about this, Slad-san raised his spear, trying to pierce Marian-chan’s chest from behind at any moment.


I can’t activate my blunt weapon skills unless I hit the object.

No matter how versatile the skills are, there will always be a downside.

I kept running with all my strength, but my legs were so slow.

Dammit! Dammit!!! I won’t make it…!


The next moment, I could see bright red blood droplets sprouted and the spear that was enveloped with shimmering flames.

However, what was on the tip of the spear wasn’t Marian-chan’s chest…


Marian-chan screamed sorrowfully.

The tip of the spear deeply pierced into the shoulder of her twin brother, Prince Elion, who jumped to protect his sister.


Slad-san pulled his spear as he clicked his tongue, and the Prince who lost all of his strength fell to the floor.

「You idiot! Why are you protecting me!?」(Marian)

Marian-chan rushed to the Prince and held his body up.

She had no idea why his little brother protected her because she thought that he always considered her as his enemy.

「…Haha… Having an insensitive older sister is tough… Now I’m not sure if it’s okay to leave the throne to you…」(Elion)

Marian-chan held tightly the hand of Prince Elion who was breathing heavily in pain.

「The hell are you talking about!? There’s no way someone like me can become a king! From the beginning, I’m planning to let you take over the throne, you know!」(Marian)

「Hee… I didn’t know… Haha… Looks like we’ve been thinking the same thing all along… We’re twins after all…」(Elion)

「Un. Don’t worry. You’re gonna be okay. The wound is not that deep.」(Marian)

Marian-chan looked at Prince Elion’s wound and let out a sigh of relief after she found out that it wasn’t that deep.

「Surely the wound is shallow, but too bad, you won’t be able to save his life.」(Slad)

Slad-san looked down at the twins with cold eyes as he said that.

「Lethal poison spear,【Brimstone】. This is a killing tool that will burn any creature from within with its poison. Once pierced by the tip of this spear, neither potions nor magic can save the victim’s life.」(Slad)



TL : What a turn of events… Some of you may have predicted this, but I… I was in shock… I liked that guy to be honest…



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