Chapter 10 : Having a ‘Too-High Level’ Is Also Troublesome


「The god of desk you say…? What are you talking about??」

Right. There’s no way she could understand what I said.

God dwells in things. That’s common sense, but no one can see or hear them.
Some people claim that they can see them sometimes, but they’re just pretenders.

However, when my Blunt Weapon Level exceeded 10 million, I started to see the gods who lived in various tools, furnitures, ect.

According to the myth, in the past, the gods didn’t live in tools but in heaven watching over humans.
However, the god of blunt weapons, the Evil God Dortos, attempted to destroy humanity and took possession of the earth.
In order to fulfill his ambition, he killed all the other gods who opposed him one after another with his blunt weapon.
As a result, Dortos finally killed all the gods, crushed them with his blunt weapon.
The blood and flesh of the gods who were killed by him, fell to the earth, and there was no choice for the gods to live on but to dwell in their respective tool.
The victorious Dortos wasn’t unharmed either. His injured blood and flesh also fell to the earth and dwelled in blunt instruments while his main body was still sleeping until now in the northernmost part of Demon Land.

The figure of the gods dwelled in the tools looked like a small person who has a half transparent body.
Their appearance and age varied, and the god who dwelled in this counter desk looked like a long-bearded village elder. When I came, he was being lazy and just lying down, so I hit him with a hammer and then he immediately sat down sharply. He was a cute grandpa.

By the way, I also could see the god dwelled in my hammer.
It was a bear.
It had short limbs and a lovely appearance.
It also dwelled in my nail hammer but it was smaller, so if I put them side by side, they would look like a parent and a child bear.

I wondered if these cute bears were really the gods who were born from the Evil God Dortos’s blood and flesh.
They were too cute for being an evil god, moreover their face kinda looked dumb. There was no sign of evil at all from them.

Maybe Boss was right. The myth is not 100% accurate.

「Umm… so… are you a magician then?」

Magician, huh.
Magician is really cool, but for me who hit the desk with a hammer, it’s just too cool and doesn’t suit me at all.

「No, I’m not. I’m a…. Hmm…. Blunt weapon wielder?」

「I see. Blunt weapon wielder is it? Blunt weapon……. Wait……. Ha? Blunt weapon?」

The receptionist onee-san awkwardly pointed at my giant hammer.

「Is… that your weapon?」

「Yes. I use this hammer as my weapon」

「……Ma, Masterー!」

The receptionist onee-san called a man who passed by.

Is he the guild master?
He was tall and looked fearless. It seemed he was a former warrior.

「Master, is it okay to treat a hammer as a weapon? Isn’t it a carpentry tool?」

「Hm? Hammer, huh? I heard some of the people in a region far east from here use it as weapons…. But I’ve never seen one in our region」

While saying that, the guild master stared at the giant hammer on my back.

「You. Can you really swing it around? No matter how I look at it, it’s too big for you, missy」

「Yes, no problem, because my Blunt Weapon Level is really high!」

Well, my body is indeed small, it can’t be helped.

The receptionist onee-san and the guild master made a doubtful look.

「Can you show me your skill tree?」

Of course I’ll gladly show them!
When my level was zero, I always hesitated to show other people my tree, but it’s different now.


Seeing a picture of a tree that projected in the air, both of them opened their eyes and mouth wide.

「Ma… Master… This tree is strange…」

「The… The heck is thisー!!?」

Looking at how they reacted, I couldn’t help but laughed bitterly.

Well, of course. In front of them was a skill tree that branched infinitely.

Moreover, the level display was so ridiculous.

『Blunt Weapon Level : 105,224,578』

Yes. My blunt weapon level has already exceeded 100 million.

The guild master asked me to reproject my tree several times, but the result was the same.

「Hmm…. This is my first time seeing something like this. Can’t be helped. For now, let’s ignore this strange tree. You can register and take the test」

Fuーnn…. He still didn’t believe me, huh.

Normally, if your weapon level is over 20, you don’t have to take the test.

Oh well…
In the first place, it’s strange to recognize a hammer as a weapon.

「Actually, you came at the right time. There will be a simultaneous test soon. You should join it」

「Simultaneous test?」

「Yeah. The students from Sortlarc Adventurer School should be coming soon」


………Such a worst time to come here…
Come to think of it, it’s already spring. It’s time for the former classmates who have made fun of me to graduate.

Uhh…. I really don’t wanna see them!

I tried to leave the place in a hurry, but it was too late…

「Aa-aahh! Yada yadaー It’s super dull! If only my level increased by one more time, I wouldn’t have to take this troublesome exam!」
*/ yada yada means “No, no!” or “No way!”

Along with the sound of the door opening, I heard a jarring voice of a girl.

The voice came from Rozelia Schultz, a dark elf girl who wants to be a magician.

She was the one who always led the others to make fun of me.



Author note :
Hanna was surrounded by smelly men until now, but from now, she would be surrounded by cute girls!
What a gap.
There were girls with good personalities, and girls with bad personalities. But everyone is a cute girl.



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