Chapter 11 : The Worst Reunion With My Classmates


『Yada yada, Yaba~i☆ Even though you pick sword class, why is your sword skill worst than mine who pick magician class? Hanna, you really suck~』

At the school, Rozelia persistently made fun of me.

Even though dark elves are quieter now, 300 years ago, dark elves and humans were enemies.

The habit of hurting people may already be engraved into their genetics.

She had flashy pink hair and dark elf-like dark skin.

The clothes under her cloak had very little fabric, makes you think if she only wore underwear under the cloak, but on the contrary, she wore knee socks that have plenty of frills.

Moreover, her magic wand was decorated with a lot of fancy jewelry straps.

Even though she was over 100 years old, her fashion was always up to date.

For the elves, it seemed that 100 years old was only a baby, but even so, I couldn’t overlook her words and deeds toward me.

If she just made fun of my sword skill, I could still forgive her because it was true that I suck at sword.

BUT, she didn’t stop there.
She tripped me during practice, used magic to slow me down, and made everyone laugh at me.

I thought she was half the reason why I was called dummy or slowpoke.

Well, the other half was entirely my own fault for being suck though…

「Hey~ Wouldn’t I be just fine even if I didn’t take the exam? Why do I have to take it just because my level is one short? I will definitely pass anyway~」

「Well, it’s rare if there’s a student whose level is over 20 when they graduate」
「Cecil who has level 100 even though she’s still a student is just abnormal. And with Roze stays in the second place, don’t you think our generation is a golden generation?」

It wasn’t just Rozelia.
The classmates who I hate came into the guild one after another.

People who wanted to become adventurer students, gathered from all over the kingdom to the Sortlarc Adventurer Academy, and would scatter again to all over the region after graduation to take exams at the guild in their respective region.
That’s why, there should be less than 10% of the students who remained here in Tiaret, but still, there were more than 10 students coming into the guild.

I really don’t wanna see them.
I turned my back on them and looked down.
Ohh, please. I hope they won’t see me…..

But, my prayer was destroyed by the words coming from the receptionist onee-san.

「Today, there’s a girl who will join you guys in the exam. I hope you guys can get along with her」

After hearing what the receptionist onee-san said, Rozelia turned her gaze toward me.
I quickly turned my face away.

「Heeー I didn’t know if there’s a child who’s not from school…… Uwa!? A hammer? How la~me! Hey, did you came from the countryside?」

Ugh… She pissed me off right off the bat…
Rozelia… She didn’t change at all…!

The unpleasant memories at school crossed my head, made me wanna puke…

「……..Hm? Hmmm??」

Rozelia tried to look into my face.
I desperately turned my back on her, but she was so persistent.

「Uwa! Look who’s here! It’s donketsu-Hanna! Uwaaa, long time no see~!」

「He, Hello…. Rozelia……」

「You haven’t given up on becoming an adventurer yet!? Uwaaー Yada yada, yaba~i, for real? You’re so funny! You have no weapon talent, but you have a talent to make people laugh! Oh, sorry. Should I say, a talent to be laughed at by people? Lol」

GWAAAAAー!! She really pissed me off!

「S, So what!? How long I want to be an adventurer is not your business!」

「No way~ No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible~ Don’t you remember why you were kicked out of school? BE – CAUSE – YOU – SUCK」

Rozelia winked as she drilled my cheek with her finger.

Khhhhhー! My blood vessels were about to break!

She really has a talent to pissed someone off!
I think she should become a tank, not a magician. I’m sure she will be able to aggro the monster really well.

Suddenly, someone who I didn’t want to see the most called me from behind.

「ーーYou… Hanna Falsett?」

The girl who got me kicked out of school appeared.

「Geh! Cecil Sortlarc…!」

It frustrated me, but she became even cooler than she was a year ago.

Long blue hair. Sharp eyes. A breastplate that fit perfectly to her chest. And her standing figure with her hand on the handle of the rapier on her waist was majestic.

But wait… No matter how I look, she was definitely trying to imitate The Sword Princess Laney.

If she didn’t intentionally try to imitate Laney, it wouldn’t be fair for me.
Because I also tried to imitate Laney, but I didn’t look like her at all…

For me, she should be a hateful opponent who kicked me out of school, but she was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
And… it pissed me off…

「How stupid. If you come only for sightseeing, get out already. This is not the place for level zero like you. Obviously」

Said Cecil while glaring at me.

In this one year, Cecil’s story even spread to the construction site I was working at.

A 15-year-old girl who was rumored to be the strongest swordsman in Tiaret and was hailed as the next hero.

But… So what!?

This is not the place for me to come, she said!?

This is not the school her father controlled, this is the guild!

Once she came out of school, she was nothing but an ordinary adventurer!

She was only a little strong, a little popular and had a little beautiful face!

……Ukhh…! What a lucky girl…..

It pissed me off!



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