Chapter 7 : Too Much Prejudice on Blunt Weapon!


「Iyaaaー The church is about to be completed! Thanks to Hanna-sensei!」

「Thanks to me?…. No, no. It’s not just me, right? It’s because everyone’s hard work」

「Haha! Sensei, you’re being modest again. You’re good at flattering us, aren’t you?」

「I told you, stop calling me sensei! It’s embarrassing, you know!」

It’s been almost a year since I came to this construction site.

At first, everyone calling me sensei was only half a joke, but now they were seriously calling me sensei.
And also, they looked at me with sparkling eyes everytime they called me.

Of course it wasn’t because I’m a girl, but because they respected me as a skilled carpenter.

It wasn’t my heart that they were trying to steal, but it was my skill.

I don’t know why I have a feeling of defeat even though I’m proud of myself right now…..
*/ TL : maybe because they didn’t see Hanna as a girl anymore but a master carpenter, lol

When I first came here, Boss said that it would take five years to complete the church, but it’s almost done right now.

So, why was the construction time shortened by one-fifth….. Well, no matter how humble I am, I have to admit that it was because of me.
Normally, it won’t be this fast. No… It’s impossible to be this fast.

「Hanna-sensei. If the church is completed, let’s work together at the next site!」

「Un. I kinda like this job now. Maybe I wanna do my best in this job」

I replied to the carpenters like that, but actually I was still thinking about my future.

When my Blunt Weapon Level exceeded 1 million, I started thinking that maybe I could become an adventurer with this.

「Oi! If you have time to talk, do your freaking work!!!」

The one who shouted at us was the supervisor.

He had a menacing look because he had a bad sight and had to squint his eyes all the time, plus his thin bangs, he really looked like a bad guy, but he seemed to be an official with a high position in this city. Every time he came here to see how the church was going, he always complained to the carpenters.

「What? Let us chill a bit, will you? Thanks to Hanna-sensei it almost done」

Everyone hates the supervisor. Of course, me too.
The reason is not just because he’s noisy, but…

「Ck! Can’t you even be obedient and just work, huh!? This is why I hate heretics!」

The supervisor grumbled like that while biting his thumb nail.

Carpenters and blacksmiths are often accused of being wicked worshipers of the Evil God Dortos.
That’s because Dortos is the god who controls the blunt instruments such as hammers.

「What a terrible prejudice… Even though we use the tools not because we worship the evil god…」

I sneaked to Boss’s side and whispered to him.

「Say Boss, If he really thinks we’re a bunch of cultists, why did he even let us build Falma-sama’s church? What a weird person」

「Right? But, I don’t think Dortos is bad actually」

「Eh? But isn’t Dortos a bad god? I heard he was the god of destruction who killed other gods with blunt weapons…」

「You fool. Isn’t that a prejudice itself you’re talking about? Neither I nor missy lived in the era of gods, so we didn’t know what actually happened, right?」

「Thats….. That’s maybe right, but….」

「In the first place, I don’t believe that the god who controls blunt instruments is the god of destruction. Because, isn’t it the opposite? We are building things with hammers, not to destroy things, right?」

Ahh, Boss was right. I couldn’t deny it.
I love myths, but I never thought that I would be doubting it.
Since I came here, Boss and other carpenters were always teaching me a lot of things. I learned a lot from them.






The next morning.

I went out of the church and hit a pile of wooden boards with a hammer.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Scaffolding】」

After I said the skill name, the boards floated up by itself, forming a staircase along the outer wall of the church.

Making the scaffoldings so that everyone can easily work on the outer wall was one of my daily routines.
Normally, making scaffoldings like this would take a whole day, but with my skills, any preparation that normally takes a long time, I could now finish it in no time.

Each time I level up, the skills I can learn will increase.

Skills are part of the knowledge and abilities the gods have. You can learn it by consuming [Skill Points] that you get when you level up.

The stronger the skill, the more skill points you need. Well, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t need to save my skill points since I level up so easily, so I can use as many as I want.

Anyway, I learned the skills randomly.

There are a wide variety of blunt weapon skills. Depending on how I use it, I can use the skills in battle.

But, living as a carpenter became comfortable for me.

Everyone was a nice person, and the meal after physical labor was delicious.
Moreover, meals here were juicy and the portions were big. On the day when the meal was yakiniku, I could eat 10 bowls of rice!

………..Uhh, come to think of it, I’m very gluttonous…

The delicious meal is bad! No, it’s good though, but making me want to eat more and more is bad!


In the evening, I usually left the construction site, went down the hill and headed for the city to meet with Boss’s wife.

Boss’s wife was a beautiful woman, and she was even too beautiful to become Boss’s wife.
And, she was a blacksmith.
Mainly, she was making carpentry tools, nails, hinges, and many other carpentry stuff.
She was also making swords for adventurers sometimes.

Blacksmithing requires the use of a hammer.
Boss once said to me, “If you want to improve your blunt weapon skills, meet my wife and tell her you want to be her disciple.”
Thus, I became her disciple and she became my master (teacher) for quite some time.

Blacksmithing is quite fun actually.

In my case, it was a disaster tho… because my blunt weapon level was too high, I was called “cheater” by Master.

Well, of course she would call me a cheater.
When I hit an iron ingotー boom! It turned into a doorknob instantly. If I was Master, I would also think it was a cheat.

When I arrived at the smithy, I saw Master and her customer arguing at the entrance.

「――You bitch! Are you kidding me!?」

「I have pride in my work! I won’t give you the sword if you only pay me that much!」

Apparently, the adventurer who tried to buy the sword didn’t accept the price that Master gave…



Author note :
Donki here~
In the next chapter, you will see how Hanna fights using blunt weapon skills!
Please look forward to it!



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