Chapter 6 : Did Someone Just Level Up?


「I see. So you have interest in that kind of work, huh… 」

I don’t know what Boss was thinking about me after I said I wanna try nailing, but he made an inviting gesture with his hand and made me sit on the chair he was on.

There was a half-finished book shelf in front of me.

In their free time, the carpenters usually used the remaining wood to make furniture to be placed in the cathedral later.

「Here. Try nailing that book shelf」

「C, Can I…?」

「Of course. If you make a mistake, it won’t be a big deal. Even if you destroyed the shelves, the priest will only be buried by tremendous amount of books, nothing serious」

No. It’s serious! The priests will die by the books!
However, I really wanted to swing this hammer down to the nail for some reason.
When I picked a nail from Boss’s hand with my left hand, the desire to swing the hammer grew stronger.

My heart was pounding and my cheeks were getting hot.

What is this feeling? It didn’t happen even when I first held a rapier.

I held the nail firmy with my finger and swung the hammer down toward it.


The nail was driven into the wood of the book shelf.

「Wow! I did it properly! I swung the hammer right to the nail!」

For other people, it might be an ordinary thing, but it was unusual for me.
Besides, I was actually pretty sure that I would fail at this.
I was thinking that either the hammer would hit my finger or it would slip out of my hand, hit the stained glass that everyone had just brought here and smashed it into pieces.
…….It might be too late to imagine it now though. Talentlessness is scary!


「Hm? Has someone leveled up?」

When the tool level goes up, such a high-pitched sound will be heard from nowhere.
I looked back, wondering who was leveled up, and I saw Boss was smiling at me.

「It wasn’t someone. It was you, Missy!」

Me? Hmm?
I tilted my head and then chuckled.

「Haha. No way. Boss, since I was born, my level has never increased even for once, you know? There’s no way I leveled up with just swinging a hammer once」



「You… never leveled up? Even for once…?」

Uhh… Boss’s sympathetic gaze hurts me…

Hearing the level-up sound, the other carpenters started to gather.

「Oh? Hanna-chan, are you learning to nail from Boss?」
「Did you level up with just a swing? Hanna-chan, could it be your talent is carpentry?」

「Talent… Really? I have a talent? It’s the first time someone tell me I have a talent!」

Somehow, I felt relieved. Even someone like me has a talent!

So that’s why I was really interested in this hammer.

The God of Sword has abandoned me, but it seems that the God of Hammer loves me.

………….Wait….. The God of Hammer is Devil God Dortos, right!?

「Phu. Well, hammer level is relatively easy to increase. When I was nailing for the first time, my hammer level was also increased. Go ahead check your tree」

Said Boss while tapping his chest as if he was holding a laughter.

「A, Ahh… That’s right. Tree・Open」

My skill tree was projected in the air.
The tree was still not shining at all because I hadn’t mastered any skill yet, but there were unfamiliar letters on the bottom of the tree.

……….【Blunt Weapon level 1】

「――Pffftt! Blunt weapon it says? Hahaha!」
「It’s not hammer level but blunt weapon? Blunt weapon!? Gahaha!」

Everyone was holding their belly while laughing out loud.
It was embarrassing.

「W, What’s wrong with it!? Hammer is also a blunt weapon, right!?」

「No, it’s because we’ve never seen that kind of tool level!」
「It’s so random! It fits you really well, Hanna-chan! Gahaha!」

I swelled my cheeks because everyone kept making fun of me.

My heart was moving when I thought I finally had talent, but that moment was ruined thanks to these people.

「Bu――! I don’t care! I’m fine with it! It’s perfect for someone dull like me!」

「Pfftt… Well, I’m glad for you though. Still, you finally got your first level, eh? Congratulations!」

I ignored Boss, who was holding a laughter while stroking my head, and swung the hammer once again.

Everyone gathered to make fun of me after all, so I just ignored them for now.

Piron ♪

「Well, a half-assed talent will just make you suffer in the end though, so missyー」

Piron ♪

「Half-assed talent…..」

Piron ♪


Kan! Kan! Kan!
Piron♪ Piron♪ Piron♪


Boss became speechless.

Whenever I hit the nail with the hammer, the level-up sound rang rhythmically.

I was shaking, didn’t know what just happened.
Because I never leveled up before, I didn’t know if it’s normal or not, but… isn’t it strange to level up this easily?

I was so confused, but I didn’t stop my hand.

After I finished hitting the first nail given from Boss, I took another nail.

Kan, Kan, Kan, Kan, Kan, Kan!

Seeing me like this, everyone started to make noises.

「Dude… What’s your hammer level?」
「I’ve been a carpenter for 10 years and I finally got level 10….」
「M, Mine is level 12… 15 years of doing carpentry…」
「Even Boss is only level 20, right?…. For someone whose level goes up easily like this………..」


*sfx when a bunch of people were shocked at the same time






Since then, my work has completely changed.
Now I was in charge of all the work that related to hitting nails.

「Hanna-chan, can you nail this wood?」

「Okay~ Leave it to me」


With the level of blunt weapon over 100, I can now even hit a long nail and push it completely into the wood in one hit.
The nail I hit was completely buried as if it was sucked into the wood.
It felt so good hitting nails like this.

「Hanna-san, please make us a chair!」

「Okay~ Consider it done!」

Piron♪ Piron♪ Piron♪ Piron―♪

My blunt weapon level increases every time I swing the hammer, every time I polish the hammer, and it even increases every time I sleep with the hammer.

If I didn’t learn a skill to mute the level-up sound when my blunt weapon skill exceeded level 1000, I would have been suffering from insomnia.

「Hanna-sensei. Can l leave the cathedral roof to you?」

「Alrighty~ But please stop calling me sensei!」

My blunt weapon level easily exceeded 10,000… 100,000……. and kept increasing.




Author note :
Thank you for reading this far!
Finally, Hanna’s big role begins! Please look forward to it!


TL note :
Actually blunt weapon and blunt tool / instrument in Japanese are written with the same kanji, 鈍器.
I’m using ‘blunt weapon’ because Hanna will be using a hammer as a weapon anyway.



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