Chapter 4-30 : Summoning Stone (part 1)


Mylia, Chloe, Bonnie, the heraldic officers, and the villagers headed to the village square and had a feast to celebrate the glorious day.

They were cooking, eating, and laughing together, rejoicing from the bottom of their hearts.

Mylia, Chloe, and Bonnie were having a lot of fun with the villagers and the officers.

While enjoying the feast, Mylia was having conversations with Parites, the head of the heraldic officers.

He told her a lot of stories, especially about his hardships dealing with stubborn nobles. Thanks to him, Mylia learned a lot about the aristocratic society in this kingdom.

In the middle of the party, Aaron and Robin, who had regained consciousness, were guided to the village square by the fragrant smell of grilled meat drifting from there.

However, some villagers found them when they tried to sneak into the party and steal the food. Since they were not invited, the villagers immediately drove them away.

After fighting with the villagers for a while, they gave up and returned to the mansion while holding their empty stomachs.

While chewing the savory, tender grilled dabola meat, Mylia glanced at Aaron and Robin as they left the village square.

(Uwahh… None of the villagers love them. That’s what you got for disappointing your own people. I bet they will go home and eat the hard black bread in the kitchen.)

Now that she successfully saved Bonnie from the child predator, Alex, and claimed the position of the feudal lord from Aaron, Mylia’s missions were now complete for the time being.

Mylia kept enjoying the meat while feeling a sense of accomplishment. However, she suddenly remembered something.

(Hmm… I feel like I’ve forgotten something important… Aa! That’s right! The prophecy! I totally forgot about it!)

Mylia was enjoying the feast so much that she forgot a meteorite would fall onto the Atwood Territory soon if everything was going according to the prophecy.

She remembered that Aaron threw something like a stone right before the meteor fell. She was a bit concerned about it.

(I don’t know where he got that stone, but since I put a barrier surrounding this village, he won’t be able to go anywhere. Besides, the villagers have become strict toward him. They won’t let him do anything suspicious. Still, the prophecy seems to be quite accurate, so I can’t let my guard down.)

While thinking that with a determined face, Mylia grabbed a dabola minced sandwich and devoured it.




The dabola meat party continued until night.

Mylia was still enjoying the party with her sisters, the officers, and the villagers even after the sunset. They built a large bonfire in the center of the village square and started dancing around it.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the living room of the mansion was dark and gloomy. The room looked like a decaying shipwreck.

Ella kept muttering, “I don’t wanna be a commoner… I don’t wanna be a commoner…” over and over again while holding her knees in the corner of the kitchen like a broken toy.

Seeing her mother’s miserable state, Robin clicked her tongue. She then took out a bottle of wine from the cellar and sat on the sofa.

「An educated, elegant woman like me is a commoner, while that good-for-nothing pipsqueak is a feudal lord…? You gotta be kidding me!」(Robin)

Robin’s muttering echoed throughout the dark living room.

She grabbed a piece of hard black bread and stared at it while recalling the angry faces of the villagers when they drove her away from the village square.

Her face twisted as she recalled the way the villagers treated her with disrespect.

「I can’t believe I’m eating this disgusting bread while those filthy villagers are eating delightful grilled meat!」(Robin)

Above all, she couldn’t forgive Mylia and the others for the miserable feeling she had when she could only smell the delicious fragrance of the grilled meat while watching them eat it.

「No… I’m not a commoner… I’m a noble woman who will marry a young, rich noble man… I must be just having a bad dream right now…」(Robin)

While desperately convincing herself that it was just a bad dream, Robin took a sip of the cheap wine in her hand.

However, the weird taste of the cheap wine which was far inferior to the taste of the high-quality wine she once tasted in the royal capital made her feel even more irritated.

「Khh!! Dammit, dammit! Why does this happen to me!? I just want to be happy, that’s all! Why!?」(Robin)

Getting more and more annoyed, Robin threw the bottle, which was still half filled with wine, at the wall.

The cheap glass bottle shattered into a thousand pieces along with a loud sound as it hit the wall.

「Why!? Why!? Why!? Whyyy!!??」(Robin)

Robin was slamming her hands on the table over and over like a child.

She then glanced in the direction where she threw the bottle and saw the wall and floor that were wet with wine.

She clicked her tongue, grabbed another bottle of wine, and then started drinking again.




While Ella and Robin were inside the mansion, being upset with their current condition, Aaron was in the hut where he stored his weapons and hunting gear, sharpening his sword.

His face was illuminated by the light of the candle made of stinky animal oil, so he could see the reflection of his angry face on the blade as he sharpened the blade with a whetstone.

「…If I kill those queen’s dogs, they won’t be able to report to their master, the queen, and I will be able to keep my nobility…」(Aaron)

Aaron, who could no longer hold his frustration, clenched his teeth as he kept listening to the sound of a whetstone rubbing against a steel blade.

Just like Robin, he was surrounded by the villagers when he tried to sneak into the party in the village square.

They kept pushing him away, telling him to stay away from Mylia.

They also mocked him by saying, “Useless lord who doesn’t know how to govern!”, “Selfish lord who never cares about his own people!”, “Your ancestors would be ashamed of you!”, and so on.

Aaron always behaved arrogantly toward the villagers. He always saw them as his servants who he could order as he pleased.

It was at that time Aaron felt so powerless before them for the first time.

He got more and more irritated recalling the moment he was rejected by the people whom he thought to have lower status than him.

He felt like his gut was boiling by the humiliation he received from the villagers he had looked down on all his life.

「No… Not only will I kill those queen’s dogs… but I will also kill those annoying villagers and my ungrateful daughters…! Yeah… I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them all!!」(Aaron)



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    1. Most likely. After all that’s a heavily overused Cliché and we need something to Kickstart the next arc and I’ll admit I love this story dearly and warm and fuzzy moments between Mylia-Chan and Aria-Chan and her sisters is heartwarming you can’t really call that Bish Robin and the Musclebrained idiot of a father antagonist because that would be a major insult to actual antagonist! But to be blunt I can totally see that scenario happening because let’s be real here the Japanese aren’t exactly known for their originality when it comes to storytelling.

    2. While u wondering that.. i bet aaron found the stone in that place. Like how mylia found her necklace.

  1. milya is dumb, she knows the moron cast the meteor, with a magic stone he obviously found or got from someone, she could have just killed him and no more meteor.
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