Chapter 4-29 : Baron Mylia’s Speech (part 3)


「The mayor who will govern The Town of Lavender isーー Bonnie onee-sama! Everyone, please give her your big applause!」(Mylia)

「Our new mayor, Bonnie-sama!!」(villagers)

The villagers who had finished eating the grilled dabola skewers were applauding, while the ones who hadn’t were raising their skewers and cheering.

Bonnie was happy to see the villagers she cared about cheering and applauding her. Her cheeks turned a bit red.

Because it had been planned a while ago, Bonnie knew that she would become the mayor of the Town of Lavender, but she didn’t expect she would deliver a speech in front of people so early.

Mylia got off the wooden box and prompted Bonnie to get on top of it.

「Bonnie onee-sama, it’s your turn now!」(Mylia)

Bonnie nodded at Mylia, got on top of the wooden box, and turned to the villagers with a determined face.

「Good day, everyone. I will be the mayor of the town of Lavender in the Atwood Territory, Bonnie de la Atwood. I’ve been working with you for quite a while, so I know very well your hardships. However, you can rest easy now because my talented sisters are here to help us, and I promise you that I will do my best to do my duty as the mayor.」(Bonnie)

「I’m sure you will be a good mayor!」
「We’ll always be rooting for you!」(villagers)

Bonnie looked into the eyes of the villagers while speaking as if she was talking directly to each one of them.

「The former lord, Aaron, and his second daughter, Robin, will be working for Mylia as commoners. Mylia will be keeping an eye on them, so they won’t be able to interfere with the development of this territory.」(Bonnie)

「He’s finally going down!」
「So he can’t be arrogant toward us anymore.」
「That’s great!」(villagers)

Most of the villagers hate Aaron not only because of his bad attitude toward them but also because he has failed to make the Atwood Territory prosperous.

They were so happy that Aaron was no longer a lord.

「I’d also like to tell you about my ex-husband, Alex.」(Bonnie)

「”Ex-husband”, she said?」
「Wait, are they divorced?」(villagers)

「Everyone, you didn’t hear it wrong. Yes, he is my ex-husband now because I divorced him just moments ago. He seems to be possessed by a demon and is being cleansed in the church now. For those who have young daughters, I warn you not to bring them near the church for now because the demon possessing him seems to love sexually assaulting young girls.」(Bonnie)

「Say what…? A Demon…?」
「Alex is actually a child predator, it seems.」
「I knew it! I don’t like his perverted-looking eyes when he looks at my daughter.」
「What a disgusting man!」
「Is that the reason why they don’t have children?」
「I feel sorry for Bonnie-sama…」(villagers)

Some of the villagers were disgusted with Alex, and some others felt sympathy for Bonnie.

After ending her speech, Bonnie gathered the three village elders to have some discussions with them.

Meanwhile, Chloe got on top of the wooden box and began her speech.

「Everyone, it’s been a long time. I’m Baronet Chloe de la Atwood. I will be helping our new lord, Mylia, govern this territory, especially in the business and commerce sector. To develop this village, we are planning to launch new businesses in the future. For that reason, we will need talented employees, so those who are willing to work for the sake of the development of this village, you can come to me to apply for a job.」(Chloe)

「That’s fascinating. I’m in!」
「Yeah, me too. I’m sick of hunting small rabbits every day.」
「A job where you can work for the sake of this village. That’s wonderful!」(villagers)

Seeing the good reactions of the villagers, Chloe smiled and continued talking.

「After Mylia gets rid of all the monsters in the forest, the road leading to the other territories will be safe, which means that we will be able to sell our products to various places. This villageー No, the Town of Lavender will be prosperous as our business grows larger and larger, and I promise you that you will be able to live in peace without worrying about food ever again!」(Chloe)

「Hell yeaahh!!」
「Long live, Chloe-sama!!」
「Chloe-sama, thank you!!」(villagers)

The villagers were cheering and applauding Chloe, but Chloe raised her hand, telling them to stop.

「Everyone, you shouldn’t applaud me, but you should applaud Mylia instead because without her, we wouldn’t have even dared to dream of a bright future for this village. You should also be grateful to Goddess Celis for sending the lovely, cute, and kind-hearted Mylia into this chaotic aristocratic society!」(Chloe)

The villagers stopped applauding and cheering, and then turned their gazes toward Mylia who was standing next to the wooden box.

Feeling the villagers’ gazes once again, Mylia couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

「When this poor village turns into a bustling, prosperous town, we will build a bronze statue of Mylia in the center of the town as a token of our appreciation to her!」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, I don’t need a statue…!」(Mylia)

Mylia whispered to Chloe so, but Chloe didn’t stop her speech.

「Today will be a historic day for this territory and will be the beginning for us to achieve a bright life in the future! Under the reign of Baron Mylia, this land will shine with the light of prosperity, and its brilliance will spread throughout the Kingdom of Adrashelm! Everyone, please give your loudest applause and cheers to our cute and kind lord, Mylia!」(Chloe)

As soon as Chloe gave the command, the villagers were cheering and applauding Mylia.

「Mylia-sama banzaaii!!」
「Our cute lord, Mylia-sama!!」(villagers)

Being completely satisfied with the villagers’ cheers, Chloe glanced at Mylia, raised her thumb up, and whispered to her.

「Now we have the labor force to build your statue!」(Chloe)


(Ughh… I don’t need a statue…)

Mylia recalled how stupid the look of the half-naked man statue in the park near where she lived in her previous life was.

She broke into a cold sweat remembering some kids laughing at it and using it as the target to play a throwing game.

(I can try to stop them, but if they really want to build a statue of me, I need to tell them not to make it half-naked or add angel wings or something like that.)

「Alright, everyone, let’s move to the village square and let’s have a feast to celebrate this historical day!」(Chloe)

「A feast…?」
「Is she serious?」
「We don’t even have enough food for tomorrow.」(villagers)

The villagers tilted their heads. They were confused.

However, Chloe smiled when she saw their perplexed faces. She then glanced at Mylia and winked.

Seeing Chloe’s wink, Mylia then immediately took out hundreds of big chunks of dabola meat from her magic bag and let them float in the air with Gravity Magic.

「Let’s cook and eat them together, shall we?」(Chloe)

「Whoaaa!! Meat! Meat everywhere!」
「I’ve never seen this much meat in my entire life!」
「Is this what heaven looks like?」
「Everyone, let’s prepare for the feast!」
「Yeah! I can’t wait to fill my stomach with meat tonight!」(villagers)

The villagers were so excited to see a lot of meat floating above them.

They then went to the village square and started the preparation for the feast.


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