Chapter 4-30 : Summoning Stone (part 2)


「I’ll kill them… I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them all!!」(Aaron)

After sharpening his blade for a while, Aaron came up with such a horrible idea.

While muttering to himself as if chanting a curse, he sheathed his sword and then grabbed his bow and some arrows.

「She can use magic? So what!? I’m a knight and a hunter at the same time! I have my sword and my bow! There’s nothing to be afraid of!」(Aaron)

Aaron totally lost his temper. He was so mad that he thought he could win against Mylia and the rest of the people in the village square including the heraldic officers by himself.

After preparing his weapons, he turned to the door. However, before he could reach the door, someone knocked on it.

ーKnock knock.

「…!? Who’s there?」(Aaron)

The door opened and a man showed up.


Aaron knew the man’s face. As soon as he saw him, he unsheathed his sword and stuck it out toward the man’s neck.

「You were the queen’s dog who burned my ass, weren’t you!?」(Aaron)

The man was one of the heraldic officers, the magician who shot fireballs at Aaron and Robin’s butts when the two were fighting.

「You seem to be busy. Are you taking care of your weapons? I apologize for disturbing you.」(man)

The tip of Aaron’s sword was only a few centimeters from his neck, but the man was extremely calm.

He talked to Aaron in a relaxed manner as if he knew that Aaron wouldn’t harm him.

「What do you want from me!? Did you come here just to laugh at me, huh!?」(Aaron)

「No way. I just want to talk with you, Lord Aaron.」(man)


Being called ‘Lord Aaron’ despite his current status as a commoner, Aaron squinted.

「Lord Aaron, I know your feelings and I know what you want. Would you please sheath your sword and have a talk with me?」(man)


Being called ‘Lord Aaron’ for the second time, Aaron couldn’t help but lower his sword.


「Thank you. My name is Rodriguez Juklois, a royal magician and a heraldic officer.」(Rodriguez)

The man who introduced himself seemed to be in his forties. He had blue eyes that made him look a bit younger than his age.

He didn’t have much hair, and because of that, his scalp was mostly visible.

The wrinkles on his face, especially on his forehead, stood out.

He was smiling, but only his mouth changed shape. His blue eyes, his thin eyebrows, and his wrinkled cheeks were stiff, causing a treacherous atmosphere around him.

「So, what’s the bastard who burned my f*cking ass want from me?」(Aaron)

「Lord Aaron, please forgive my rudeness. I couldn’t disobey Parites-sama back then.」(Rodriguez)

「Yeah, yeah. So?」(Aaron)

「Baron Mylia and Baronet Chloe are smart and clever. That’s why Her Majesty likes them a lot. However, they’re not as good as people think they are. Lord Aaron, you might not realize it, but those two cunning girls set you and your family up. You have fallen into their trap without knowing.」(Rodriguez)

「Hold on… Those little b*tches set us up? So… What Robin said was true, then…」(Aaron)

「Indeed. I think they have been planning to make the Atwood Territory their own.」(Rodriguez)

「Seriously…? Those little b*tches!!」(Aaron)

Aaron was a fool. He took people’s word so easily.

Seeing Aaron’s face turn red out of anger, Rodriguez grinned and continued talking.

「Baron Mylia used Miss Robin to snatch the position as the feudal lord of the Atwood Territory from you. I think this plan is too difficult for Baron Mylia, so I’m guessing that Baronet Chloe was the one who made the plan. After all, she is the smartest student in the Royal Girls’ Academy.」(Rodriguez)

「Chloe… I should have realized it! She is surprisingly smart, even smarter than anyone else in the family since she was a child.」(Aaron)

「Lord Aaron, even though this territory is in a remote area and far away from the royal capital, it’s located at the westernmost of the kingdom, so it should have an important role in this country. Honestly, I feel worried that those ignorant children will govern this territory. I think this territory needs a genius and talented lord like you.」(Rodriguez)

Rodriguez talked so skillfully and smoothly that he didn’t look like he was lying at all.

His words made Aaron as happy as when he successfully killed a big deer with his bow.

He sheathed his sword, folded his arms, and smirked. He seemed to completely trust Rodriguez at that point.

「Khu khu… Gahaha! You’re right! This villageー No, this territory won’t last for long without me, its true feudal lord! There’s no way I will give up my position to such a useless and incompetent little girl!」(Aaron)

「That’s right. I knew you would say that.」(Rodriguez)

「Hmph. I never thought a queen’s dog could be so honest and humble. I’m starting to like you.」(Aaron)

「Lord Aaron, I would be happy if you stop calling me ‘Queen’s dog’. Her Majesty is not my master. My master is someone else.」(Rodriguez)

「Hoo? My apologies, then.」(Aaron)

「Please don’t mind it. Actually, my master highly praised you for the way you splendidly governed the Atwood Territory.」(Rodriguez)

「Is that so? Who is your master?」(Aaron)

「His Excellency, Duke Vanburns.」(Rodriguez)

「Duke Vanburns… No one has ever complimented me for my struggle governing this territory. He must be a respectable person.」(Aaron)

「He is a wonderful person who has a keen insight to see far into the distance like a clairvoyant. His Excellency is not very happy about Baron Mylia and Baronet Chloe’s sudden ennoblement. He thinks that little girls becoming nobles is weird and absurd.」(Rodriguez)

「I think so too. What the hell was the queen thinking back then so she decided to ennoble those little b*tches?」(Aaron)

「No one knows… In any case, His Excellency, Duke Vanburns, sent me to you because he wants you to do something for him.」(Rodriguez)

「Hoo… What does he want from me?」(Aaron)

「He wants you to take Baron Mylia down and make her fall from grace.」(Rodriguez)

Listening to what Rodriguez said, Aaron smiled evilly and laughed.

「Gaahaha! With pleasure, of course! I was just thinking of killing everyone in the village square!」(Aaron)

「Hold on. Lord Aaron, I’m afraid that’s a foolish idea. The queen will never forgive you if you kill Baron Mylia.」(Rodriguez)

「Then what should I do!? You have an idea?」(Aaron)

「Of course. You don’t have to worry because I already have a plan. Baron Mylia had led you into her trap, so why don’t you pay back by doing the same thing to her?」(Rodriguez)

「You mean to set her up? But how?」(Aaron)

Rodriguez replied to Aaron with a smirk and then took out a rounded, semi-transparent stone from his magic bag.

It was a bit smaller than the fist of a male adult, and a black mist that seemed to be the swirl of magical power could be seen around its center.



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  1. Well, well, WELL! Looks like Mylia will have yet another noble’s title and his property sometime in the future. As for these two other traitors, their lives might as well be forfeit.

  2. Yeeeeah… and the dude just casually admitted that he is traitor to the queen, and even named his rebel master… If it isn’t just an attempt to push the blame on an innocent duke, then it’s really lame situation…

  3. I was wondering how Aaron would receive this stone but I’m surprised an heraldic officer of all people would give it to him and so quickly at that. But he done goofed now, if Aaron gets captured they will know and even if he ends up being silenced they can deduce there is an insider and search them with magic. But of course he wouldn’t think Mylia prepared in advance and could block the summoned meteor 😏

  4. read a couple of lines and skipped the rest, way too easy.
    the “rival” of the queen wants to make troubles etc etc.
    also why censor “bitches”?

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