Chapter 4-30 : Summoning Stone (part 3)


「Lord Aaron, I want you to have this.」(Rodriguez)

「What is this…?」(Aaron)

Aaron frowned, looking at the mysterious stone he had never seen before.

Even though he couldn’t use magic, somehow Aaron could sense the enormous power of the stone.

「This is a magic tool that was made using ancient magic technology.」(Rodriguez)

「Ancient magic… technology…?」(Aaron)

Aaron never read books, so he didn’t know anything about ancient magic, but he somewhat understood that it was something extraordinary.

「We call it a Summoning Stone. It’s a very valuable magic tool because there are only a few of them left in this entire world.」(Rodriguez)

While explaining, Rodriguez twirled the Summoning Stone in his hand as if showing off a precious treasure to Aaron.

「Forgive me if I sound rude, but Lord Aaron, no matter how good you are at fighting with a sword and a bow, I don’t think you will be able to win against Baron Mylia. I’m sure you already realize it yourself.」(Rodriguez)


Aaron gritted his teeth hard as he remembered when he was hit by Mylia’s automatic defensive spell.

He thought that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Mylia as long as such a strong spell would automatically activate before he could even touch her.

「However, with this Summoning Stone, there will be nothing to worry about. His excellency, Duke Vanburns, wants me to give it to you in order to defeat Baron Mylia. Please take it.」(Rodriguez)

Rodriguez slowly took Aaron’s hand and placed the Summoning Stone on his rough palm.

The coldness of Rodriguez’s hand and the strangely smooth texture of the Summoning Stone on his hand made Aaron feel a bit nervous for some reason.

「…You said that we would set that little b*tch up, but how are we gonna do it exactly?」(Aaron)

「First of all, because of the rumor about Baron Mylia becoming the new feudal lord in the Atwood Territory, there will be a lot of people gathering here.」(Rodriguez)

「A lot of people will gather in this remote village? Unbelievable… So you say that little b*tch attracted a lot of people?」(Aaron)

「Yes. She is the rumored, youngest Dragon Slayer after all. She is quite famous in this kingdom, especially in the royal capital.」(Rodriguez)


Aaron wasn’t happy at all to learn that the girl he thought was absent-minded and useless was actually a well-known public figure.

「So? What’s the plan?」(Aaron)

「Lord Aaron, if the people who gather here die in an accident, who do you think will take responsibility for their death?」(Rodriguez)

「Hmm… The feudal lord…?」(Aaron)

「Precisely. This Summoning Stone can summon a meteor. You know what I mean?」(Rodriguez)

「A meteor!? Don’t tell me…」(Aaron)

「If you throw this stone into the air and say, “Summon!”, at the same time, then a huge meteor will appear in the sky and fall onto this village.」(Rodriguez)


Aaron swallowed and looked at the Summoning Stone in his hand and Rodriguez’s smirking face alternately.

Rodriguez let go of Aaron’s hand and put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder.

「Lord Aaron, Duke Vanburns leaves this important job to you because he believes in you. He is expecting someone as competent as you to be able to finish it without trouble.」(Rodriguez)

「He is… expecting me…」(Aaron)

「Yes. His Excellency said that if you successfully finish this mission, he will give you a territory to govern and a noble title as reward.」(Rodriguez)

「R, Really!? So I can have a knighthood once again!?」(Aaron)

「Knighthood? No, the noble title that will be given is Baronet. Lord Aaron, you will be a Baronet.」(Rodriguez)

「Baronet!? I can be a baronet!! That’s fantastic!」(Aaron)

Aaron was so excited now that he got the chance to become a noble again, moreover, with the title of baronet.

Rodriguez frowned for a moment when he saw Aaron’s excited face, but then he immediately changed his expression and asked Aaron with a serious look on his face.

「Lord Aaron, will you do it?」(Rodriguez)

「Of course!」(Aaron)

Imagining himself becoming a baronet, Aaron couldn’t help but reply to Rodriguez with a smirk on his face.

「Khu, khu! Gaahahaha!! Just you wait, Mylia! Chloe! I’ll make sure you regret what you’ve done to your father!! Wait for my revenge!!」(Aaron)

He then laughed like a madman imagining Mylia and Chloe’s panicked faces when a meteor falls onto the village.

「Rodriguez, was it? You have my gratitude. Thank you.」(Aaron)

Aaron wasn’t the type of person who usually expresses his gratitude, but he bowed deeply at Rodriguez who came all of a sudden and saved him from despair like a messenger of God and thanked him.

「Lord Aaron, please raise your head. I’m only carrying out orders from His Excellency, Duke Vanburns. You should thank him instead.」(Rodriguez)

「Right. Then, will you convey my gratitude to him?」(Aaron)

「Understood. Before I go, there’s one last thing I need to tell you.」(Rodriguez)

「I’m listening.」(Aaron)

Rodriguez nodded at Aaron and continued talking.

「I heard that there will be more than two thousand immigrants who will come to this village.」(Rodriguez)

「T, Two thousand people!? That’s a lot!」(Aaron)

「It is. Lord Aaron, please use the stone after you confirm the number of people exceeds two thousand. Can you do it?」(Rodriguez)

Aaron trembled for a moment knowing that he should kill more than two thousand innocent people, but then he held the Summoning Stone in his hand tightly and nodded at Rodriguez.

He decided to do any means necessary in order to be a noble once again.

「Great. Now that I have finished my job here, I will excuse myself. I hope everything will go according to His Excellency’s wishes. Lord Aaron, I’m counting on you.」(Rodriguez)


Rodriguez bowed at Aaron once, turned around, and then left the hut.

Aaron, who was left alone, stared curiously at the Summoning Stone in his hand for a while, and then put it into his pocket.



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    1. Is it really him though? Maybe the guy is a member of a terrorist organization that makes himself look like the servant of an aristocrat to deceive people…

  1. Meanwhile I just want the plot with Duke Sideburns and Aaron to end already so we can get back to cute and fluffy interactions

  2. Wonder if at any point he’s going to realize that the stone probably doesn’t protect him from the meteor that it summons.

  3. Is he too excited to even ask how is he supposed to evade being flattened by the meteor as well? In the past he was atleast able to ask such trivial questions… i guess, he lost it too much…

    Okay, got it, aaron is retard now. But what’s with that shifty traitor dude? Aaron aside, why is that shifty dude was so sure that aaron will not ask questions like “wouldn’t i also die, if a fucking meteor, that apparently can kill 2 thousands people, lands in my vicinity?”?

    1. He could simply tell him that the artifact protects its wearer and Aaron would have no way of knowing if it’s true.

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