Chapter 4-29 : Baron Mylia’s Speech (part 1)


「Ughh… It hurts…」(Robin)

「God… dammit…」(Aaron)

Aaron and Robin were still writhing in pain on the floor. They probably wouldn’t be able to get up soon.

While looking at them, Bonnie sighed and shook her head.

「Hahh… What troublesome people… Mylia, can you put them on the sofas with your magic?」(Bonnie)


Bonnie hates them, but at the same time, she felt sorry for them to see them lying miserably on the floor like that.

First, Mylia used Sleep Magic to make Aaron and Robin sleep. After that, she used Gravity Magic on them to make them float and put them on the sofas.

While watching Robin and Aaron floating in the air, Chloe shrugged her shoulders.

「It seems that your decision to not exile them is right. We will never know what these people will do. They might commit a crime in someone else’s territory.」(Chloe)

「Yeah. We should keep them here and make them work.」(Mylia)

「Exactly. Can you prevent them from leaving this village with magic?」(Chloe)

「I think I can do that with GPS Magic.」(Mylia)

「That’s great. I’m counting on you.」(Chloe)

「Should I do it on Mother too just in case?」(Mylia)

「Yeah, please do… Honestly, I was a bit surprised when she showed her true face… I’ve never seen her being so emotional like that.」(Chloe)

「Me neither… Alright, please wait a minute.」(Mylia)

Mylia approached Aaron and Robin who were lying on the sofas and cast her GPS Magic by injecting a little bit of her magical power into their bodies.

After that, Mylia went to the back of the house and peeked at Ella, who was tied to the tree in the backyard, from the back door, and then cast GPS Magic on her as well.

(Alright. Now all I have to do is to make something to prevent them from leaving this village. I think a barrier will do.)

Mylia teleported into the sky and floated in the air about two hundred meters above the village.

She then made an invisible barrier surrounding the village that will react with her GPS Magic, preventing Aaron, Robin, and Ella from going beyond the barrier.

If they try to force their way through, the barrier will repel them with some kind of shockwave.

After finishing the task, Mylia teleported back to the living room of the mansion.

「Onee-chan, it’s all set.」(Mylia)

「Good job, Mylia.」(Chloe)

「Mylia, what did you just do to them?」(Bonnie)

「I put GPS on them.」(Mylia)

「Jee pee …what?」(Bonnie)

「GPS. Umm, to put it simply, I cast a spell to track them.」(Mylia)

「Hee… I see.」(Bonnie)

Bonnie curiously stared at the unconscious Aaron and Robin on the sofas.

「So, they can’t leave this village?」(Bonnie)

「Yup. In addition to the GPS Magic I cast on them, I also made an invisible barrier that prevents them from leaving this village. They will never be able to leave without my permission.」(Mylia)

「I see… Magic is truly amazing. You can do whatever you want with magic… Aa-ahh, I wish I could use magic too.」(Bonnie)

Bonnie sighed. It seemed that she really wished she could use magic.

She was thinking that she would have been able to punish Alex herself if she could have used magic.

「Fufu. Onee-sama, the statement that you can do anything with magic is not actually right. Even strong people like the royal magicians have a limit to what they can do with magic. Mylia can do various things with magic because she is special. I don’t think there’s a single magician in this kingdom who can do the same thing as Mylia.」(Chloe)

「Really? …Hee~ Mylia, you are so amazing! I’m proud to be your older sister!」(Bonnie)

「Ehehe~ I’m not that amazing~」(Mylia)

「No, Mylia, you are cute, kind, have fluffy cheeks, and on top of that, you are a genius magician! You are a perfect little sister! You are humanity’s greatest treasure we have to protect!」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, you’re complimenting too much…」(Mylia)

Seeing the interaction between Chloe and Mylia, Bonnie chuckled.

「Fufu. Chloe, you really love Mylia, don’t you?」(Bonnie)

「I do! But of course, I love you too, Bonnie onee-sama. I’m glad you’re back to being the kind and cheerful Bonnie onee-sama I knew!」(Chloe)

「It’s all thanks to you. Chloe, Mylia, thank you…」(Bonnie)

Bonnie would remain depressed and unhappy if Mylia and Chloe didn’t come to rescue her. She was very grateful to both of them.

Bonnie, Chloe, and Mylia smiled at each other and hugged each other.

Mylia was happy to see her two older sisters smile.

(The mission to rescue Bonnie onee-sama has successfully been completed!)




Leaving Aaron and Robin in the living room, Mylia, Chloe, and Bonnie, went outside.

As soon as they stepped into the front yard, they saw many villagers gathered in front of the mansion.

「Hey, look! It’s Mylia-sama and Chloe-sama!」
「They are really here! They really have returned!」
「Our savior, Mylia-sama and Chloe-sama!」
「Finally… Finally our village will be saved!」
「Oh, Goddess Celis, thank you for sending them back!」(villagers)

Some of them were cheering, and some others were crying with joy. The villagers were really happy when they saw Mylia and Chloe.

In front of the villagers, there was the head heraldic officer, Parites, standing on top of a large wooden box.

He was using the wooden box as a podium while he was speaking to the villagers.

「From now on, this territory will be ruled by our talented witch and Dragon Slayer, Baron Mylia de la Atwood! This very moment will definitely go down in history! Ladies and gentlemen, rejoice! You are witnessing one of the greatest historic events in the Kingdom of Adrashelm! I hope you will work hard and contribute to the kingdom and to your new lord!」(Parites)

「Uwooooghh! Mylia-samaa!!」
「We’re finally free from the arrogant, useless lord, Aaron!」
「We will be able to eat our fill!」
「All hail, Mylia-sama!!」(villagers)

(Uwahh… What is going on here? Everyone is cheering for me… Ugh, my stomach hurts…)

「Lady Mylia, it’s time for you to greet your people!」(Parites)

Saying that, Parites got off the podium and urged Mylia to get on.

「Eeehh… But…」(Mylia)

However, greeting the villagers was like an impossible task for Mylia, who was already so nervous that her stomach hurt.

「O, Onee-chan…」(Mylia)

「This is your chance, Mylia! Good luck!」(Chloe)


Mylia sought help from Chloe, but Chloe raised her thumb up and smiled at Mylia, urging her to do the speech.

「Lady Mylia, what are you waiting for? Please, get on the box. Your people are waiting for you.」(Parites)

「But… I have nothing to say… Hehe…」(Mylia)

「What are you talking about? Greeting your people is your duty as a feudal lord. Come on, hurry up.」(Parites)

「Ugh… Alright…」(Mylia)

Parites persistently beckoned Mylia many times, so she had no choice but to reluctantly get on the wooden box and face the villagers.



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  1. I hate speaking to people lol, I have troubles entering a small shop and asking for bread and cheese >_>, I preffer to go into supermarkets and just grab stuff and put it in the cart, then just say “hi” to the cashier and pay…

  2. thank you for the chapter!
    it seems the emotional story about her former family’ punishment is over..
    i cant help myself but cried while smiling, it’s great story! so refreshing! xD

  3. Actually I have no idea what is so difficult about public speaking. You shouldn’t be getting any jitters at all. It’s really simple. Think of everyone as an audience that will be listening to you attentively and ignore the rest. Preferably you have practiced your speech many times over already because even the executives and politicians do so. However, impromptu is fine too. Just use your logic and talk confidently like you mean it and even if you make a mistake, just keep going as if nothing happened, and everything will be fine. If you’re nervous, either look straight into thin air or look at someone who is close to you and supports you, while casting your gaze across the audience every now and then. Simple. I’ve never had stage fright or public speaking issues. Not in the future, present or past. And this is my secret to doing it.

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