Chapter 4-28 : Mother Is Probably The Most Terrifying One (part 2)


「I have nothing else to say to them, so please continue.」(Mylia)


「No! I’m not done yet! I have to punish this ungrateful daughter of mine!」(Ella)

「Shut up already! This incorrigible woman… You, tie her up and take her to the backyard.」(Parites)

「Yes, sir.」(officer)

Two of the senior officers tied Ella up with a rope just like the young officers did to Alex and then carried her to the backyard.

「Let go of me! Let go of me! Myliaaaaa!!」(Ella)

Ella kept struggling while the officers were carrying her to the backyard, but she couldn’t escape.

(Uwaah… They’re completely treating her like a thing…)

After his subordinates took Ella away, Parites turned to Aaron and Robin and talked to them with a solemn tone.

「Aaron, you lost your noble title, but it doesn’t mean that you lost your life. I hope you will continue working and contributing to the kingdom as a commoner.」(Parites)

Even though Aaron had become a commoner, he still had a chance to be a noble again by accomplishing a remarkable achievement.

Parites knew that but knowing what kind of person Aaron was, he didn’t even have a slight expectation of him doing something great for the kingdom.

「Working as a commoner…? No… I’m Aaron de la Atwood, the lord of the Atwood Territory… I’m a noble… I’m a noble… That’s right… I’m a noble!」(Aaron)

Aaron didn’t seem to have acknowledged his loss. He kept muttering to convince himself that he was still a noble.

(This stubborn man really doesn’t know when to give up…)

「No, you’re not Aaron de la Atwood. You’re just Aaron. A commoner. If you keep calling yourself a noble, I will consider it as a rebellion against Her Majesty.」(Parites)

「Khh… Dammit… Dammit!」(Aaron)

Aaron clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as hard as possible.

His tanned face turned bright red in anger, and his hand veins started to bulge.

(He looks so angry… I bet he would have punched the head officer’s face if he wasn’t tied up with ropes.)


Robin glared at Parites when he called her.

「What? I don’t wanna listen to your lecture! Just untie this f*cking rope already!」(Robin)

「You don’t seem to regret your bad deeds at all. I don’t think I have to say it again, but there are many young nobles in the royal capital who hold a grudge against you. They asked me to arrest you as a criminal.」(Parites)

「Me…? A criminal…?」(Robin)

Robin’s face turned pale when she finally understood the seriousness of her wrongdoings in the royal capital. She had deceived so many young nobles with important status in the kingdom.

「They want you to be severely punished for deceiving them, but thanks to Her Majesty Queen Kushana and Lady Mylia’s merciful decision, you only end up being punished to work as a commoner. You should respect them.」(Parites)

「No… No! I’m supposed to marry a rich, young noble in the royal capital… I’m supposed to have a good life in a big mansion… But… Why… Why did I end up in a miserable situation like this…?」(Robin)

Robin muttered to herself with a distorted face. She looked so frustrated.

After talking to Aaron and Robin, Parites turned to Mylia.

「Lady Mylia, I think it’s time for me to leave this house. If you will excuse me. ーGlory to the Kingdom of Adrashelm!」(Parites)

「Glory to the Kingdom of Adrashelm!」(officers)

Parites and his subordinates saluted and bowed to Mylia once. They then went outside, leaving Mylia, Chloe, Bonnie, Aaron, and Robin in the living room.

After confirming that the footsteps of Parites and his men could no longer be heard, Aaron and Robin quickly moved their arms up and down, trying to loosen the ropes.

「It’s all your fault! I lost my nobility because of you! I’ll make you pay!」(Aaron)

「How dare you do this to me, you damn pipsqueak!」(Robin)

While trying to break free from the ropes, Aaron and Robin glared at Mylia with maliciousness.

(Oh, no! I think I know what they’re trying to do!)

「You ungrateful child! I’ll punish you myself!」(Aaron)


As soon as they broke free from the rope, Aaron and Robin slowly stood up while glaring at Mylia like demons crawling out of the depths of hell.

(Hiiiiiiiiiiyy!! I wish the officers took them to the church as well!)

Chloe and Bonnie realized that Aaron and Robin were trying to attack Mylia. They swiftly stepped forward, stood in front of Mylia, and spread their arms, trying to protect their little sister.

「Father, Robin, back off!」(Bonnie)

「We won’t let you hurt Mylia!」(Chloe)

「Get out of my way!」(Aaron)


Aaron and Robin stretched their arms forward.

Aaron was trying to shove Bonnie away, while Robin was trying to grab and pull Chloe’s hair.

However, before their hands could touch Bonnie and Chloeー

Nyaaa! Nyaaa!!



ーA cute deformed white cat with a sleepy face appeared out of nowhere and punched Aaron and Robin in the face.

They were blown away, hit the wall behind them, and collapsed to the floor.

Right after, the cat disappeared into thin air.

(Aa, my Cat Barrier… It’s been a while since the last time it activated.)

「Mylia, are you okay?」(Chloe)

Chloe gently touched Mylia’s cheeks and rubbed them.

「Hon’t howwy Honee-han. Ham hineー」(Mylia)

*Don’t worry Onee-chan. I’m fine

「Thank god…」(Chloe)

Chloe sighed in relief and let go of Mylia’s cheeks.

Meanwhile, Bonnie approached the two who were writhing in pain on the floor.

「Father, Robin, are you okay?」(Bonnie)

「I’m not okay! It damn hurts!」(Aaron)

「Ughh… My beautiful cheek will definitely get swollen tomorrow…」(Robin)

After confirming that the two were alive, Bonnie let out a sigh of relief and then turned to Mylia.

「Mylia, was that your magic? I think I saw a cat punch Father and Robin in a split second…」(Bonnie)

「Yup. It was my automatic defensive spell, Cat Barrier!」(Mylia)

「I see. What a cute spell.」(Bonnie)


While Mylia was looking at Aaron and Robin and thinking that she would deal with them later, she heard Titania’s laughing voice in her head.

『Bwahahaha!! What a masterpiece! What a great comedy!! Good job, Mylia! Good job! Aaahahaha~!!』(Titania)

(Master… Seems like she’s really enjoying it…)



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    1. I think the color depends on the attack it reflects, when it repealed the court magician’s (forgot her name) fireball it was a red cat

      1. Gosh I hope that’s not the case because since it was a white cat that would most likely mean their attacks were holy attributed and there’s nothing even remotely holy about these scumbags!

        1. Maybe white represent normalcy in this world. If its a holy attribute then maybe gold or yellow would be the color.

  1. OFC these goons would attack Mylia, and it doesn’t take a genius like Chloe to see how much of a bad idea it was.

    I’ve said this for a previous chapter and I’ll say it here too. TvTropes has a term called Bullying a Dragon where idiots mess with people that they know are much stronger than themselves. That lesson is even more painful here; “Do NOT mess with the literal Dragon Slayer!”

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