Chapter 4-28 : Mother Is Probably The Most Terrifying One (part 1)


「The three of you will be working like slaves in my territory!」(Mylia)

(I think it’s a good punishment for them. The tables have turned. Now I will be the one ordering them around. I doubt they will listen to me, though.)

「No… This can’t be real… This can’t be real…」(Ella)

After Mylia declared that the Atwood Family would no longer be nobles and they would have to work for her, Aaron, Ella, and Robin were very upset.

Especially Ella, because she thought that her status in public was the most important thing in her life.

「Mylia, what do you mean…? We will be working for you…? Stop joking and give back the title to your father… I don’t… I don’t want to be a commoner! I don’t want to be the wife of a commoner!」(Ella)

Ella, who had been crouching in the corner of the room since the beginning, slowly got up.

Her long violet hair and her face looked so messed up because she had been crying while holding her head all the time.

(Hiiiiiiiiyy!! She looks like a zombie!)

Mylia was a bit terrified when Ella glared at her with her teary red eyes.

「You were deceiving us… You were hiding your true nature even from me, your mother… You left us here, going to the royal capital and having a good life there without caring about us… And you came back just to make us suffer…? We had been taking care of you since you were a baby… Is this how you repay us…? I can’t forgive you for this…!」(Ella)

While hanging her arms languidly and glaring at Mylia, Ella slowly took steps forward, approaching Mylia.

「How much food do you think we have provided for you to keep you alive…? Do you even know how precious the bread you always ate in this house…? Answer me, Mylia!」(Ella)

「Huh? No, no, no! The bread I always ate is the hard, blackish, molded bread that wasn’t fit to eat. You never cared about me!」(Mylia)

「How could you… How could you talk to your mother like that!? You’re such an ungrateful child!」(Ella)

While yelling at Mylia, Ella raised her hand and fastened her steps, trying to attack Mylia.

However, a senior heraldic officer quickly circled behind her and grabbed her arm.

「Let go of me! I’m a mother who is going to teach her ungrateful child a lesson! You can’t stop me!」(Ella)

「No, you’re a commoner who’s trying to attack a noble!」(officer)

「No… No! Mylia, it was your fault! I lost my status as a noble because of you!」(Ella)

While glaring at Mylia, Ella was trying to escape, but no matter how hard she tried, a weak old woman like her would never win against a strong officer.

「Give it back! Give me back my status! I don’t want to be a commoner! Myliaaaaa!!」(Ella)

(I’ve never seen Mother so angry like this… I see… I thought she had changed, but… No. She is still a woman who only cares about herself… She never helped me whenever the muscle-brain treated me with violence not because she was afraid of him, but because she didn’t want him to divorce her for being disobedient and lose her status as a noble… I wonder why she doesn’t want to be a commoner so badly. Did something happen to her in the past…? I don’t know what happened to her, but now that I’ve learned her true nature, I think Mother is probably the most terrifying person in this family…)

Mylia wondered while looking at Ella’s scary face while she was rampaging, trying to get away from the officer’s grab with all her might.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Bonnie were looking away. They couldn’t stand to see their mother’s awful true self.

「Give me back my noble status! You can punish Aaron and Robin, but you can’t punish me! I’ve done nothing wrong! Let me remain as a noble! Please!」(Ella)

「That’s enough! Be quiet already! Like daughter, like mother. You’re such a terrible woman who cares nothing but herself. Stop struggling and stay still already! Or I will send you to the mine myself!」(Parites)


Ella stopped moving as soon as Parites threatened her.

While still glaring at Mylia, she relaxed her muscles and muttered.

「Please… Mylia… Do something…」(Ella)

「Umm, I’m sorry, but it’s Her Majesty’s decision. There’s nothing I can do about it.」(Mylia)

(I have to tell her frankly that she has no choice but to accept the reality.)

「That muscle-brain has been officially stripped off of his knighthood by the queen. Automatically, you, his wife, are no longer a noble either. You can’t change that.」(Mylia)

「But you can, can’t you!? You are a genius magician, so please do something with your magic!」(Ella)

「Do what? Use magic to pick a fight with the queen? Don’t be ridiculous!」(Mylia)

「Then, think! You deceived me, your own mother! You should take responsibility for that and do something for me!」(Ella)

「Do something for you? You never cared about me, so why should I do that!?」(Mylia)

「So you don’t want to help your own mother who gave birth to you…? Aaron and Robin are right… You’re nothing but a deceiving, unfilial child. Perhaps what Robin said was true. Perhaps you did set her up so that you can put us into this situation and take over this territory for yourself!」(Ella)

「N, No…!」(Mylia)

Mylia tensed her face and frowned when she listened to Ella’s outrageous theory.

「How dare you! How dare you!! Let me go! I want to give my child a lesson!」(Ella)

Ella wanted to slap Mylia’s face so badly, but the senior officer who was holding Ella’s arms put more power into his hands, tightening the restraint.

「Let go of me! Let go of me!!」(Ella)

Ella shouted and moved her legs around violently.

Aaron and Robin could only look at her with their mouths wide open. They had never thought they would see Ella rampaging like a baby.

「For God’s sake… Lady Mylia, if you don’t have anything else to say to these people, we will go to inform the villagers about the situation.」(Parites)

「I have nothing else to say to them, so please continue.」(Mylia)


(I kinda feel sorry for these officers. They came a long way from the royal capital just to deal with these stubborn, selfish people…)



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  2. Wow just……wow. *mumbles to himself* ok it takes a Big Boy to admit a mistake! OKAY! I was wrong about Ella! I thought she was a victim of Aaron too and the author went the other route with her and I’m honestly thrown for a loop because I honestly thought she was a victim of Aaron like the others bur then this chapter come out and throws that out the window! Well I was wrong and I take back all my speculations about the mother.

  3. This is so flipping sad, I feel so bad for her. She’s stronger than me. I’m weak to pressure, emotional manipulation, and heavily conflict avoidant. I’d cave in an instance in her place, all I can ever do is avoid talking to the people who treated me poorly in the past. Honestly I admire her shear strength and courage, people like that are amazing. I wish I had her emotional strength and resolve.

  4. this is for the greater good lol, didn’t want ella to be saved either, she was as bad as the others for not doing anything.
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