Chapter 4-27 : The Eldest Daughter And The Son In Law Ⅱ (part 2)


「Lady Mylia, Lady Chloe, now I deeply understand why you came here.」(Parites)

After learning what kind of man Alex was and the miserable life Bonnie had been living with him, Parites turned to Mylia and Chloe and nodded solemnly at them.

「As a noble and as a husband, this man has an obligation to make his wife happy, but instead, he made her suffer. I think this man has been possessed by a demon. We used all the holy water we brought, but I don’t think it’s enough. I think we should bring him to the church and do a purification ritual on him.」(Parites)

(Uhh… It seems that this officer really believes that this lolicon is demon-possessed…)

「Possessed by a demon, you say!? Are you crazy!? M, Mylia-chan, please help me!」(Alex)

「Stop calling Lady Mylia so casually, you demon!」(young officer)


The religious-looking young officer yelled at Alex and punched him in the stomach.

「Lady Mylia, could you please cancel your spell so that we can tie him up with a rope and take him to the church?」(Parites)


As soon as Mylia released Alex from her Paralyze spell, the heraldic officers immediately wrapped him in ropes and tied him up.

(It turned out quite differently than I expected, but… Oh, well. I think it’s fine. I should just leave this pervert to these officers for now.)

Mylia’s original plan was to take Bonnie with her and send Alex back to his family so that his parents can punish him.

However, now that the heraldic officers seemed to be eager to punish him, Mylia decided to just leave him to them.

「Noo!! Let me go!! Mylia-chan, please help me! I love you! I’ve always loved you! I swear I’ll make you happy! So please, help me!」(Alex)


Mylia shivered when Alex said he loves her while looking at her with a desperate face.

「I told you to stopー」(young officer)

「ーStop calling my little sister so casually!」(Bonnie)

The religious-looking young officer tried to punch Alex again, but before he could do that, Bonnie stepped forward and slapped Alex in the face.

The young officer then glanced at Bonnie and smiled as if saying, “Good job!”

Bonnie actually wanted to slap Alex’s face a few more times, but she held back and just glared at him with resentful eyes containing long-held grudges.


Alex glared at Bonnie, but when he was about to yell at her, Mylia cast Glue Magic to glue his lips together.

「How dare youー MmmMm!! Mm? MMmmMmm!!」(Alex)

When Alex tried his hardest to talk, the two young heraldic officers took him away to the church.

Mylia, Chloe, and Bonnie exhaled in relief at the same time when Alex had finally gone.

(Phew… I feel so much better without that disgusting man around.)

「Mylia, Chloe, thank you.」(Bonnie)

Bonnie bowed at Mylia and Chloe and smiled at them with teary eyes.

「Bonnie onee-sama, from now on, you are my adopted daughter! It feels weird though, hehe.」(Mylia)

「Then, should I call you “Okaa-sama” (mom)?」(Bonnie)


Bonnie took a quick glance at her mother, Ella, and then said that to Mylia.

Ella could only look down at the floor. She thought that Bonnie no longer trusted her as a mother because she failed to protect her children.

「Mylia okaa-sama~」(Bonnie)

「Awawawa~! P, Please don’t call me that! I’m still twelve years old!」(Mylia)

Bonnie is twenty-four years old.

Mylia could only hold her head and wriggle when her sister, who was twice her age, called her mom.

It reminded her of when Jasmine did the same thing a while ago.

Seeing the cute interaction between Mylia and Bonnie, Chloe chuckled, while the heraldic officers watched them with smiles.

Aaron and Robin were the only people in that place who were not happy with it. They were frowning and glaring at Bonnie and Mylia, but the two didn’t care about their gazes at all.

「Mylia, because you’re my lifesaver, I will do whatever I can for you if you ever need my help.」(Bonnie)

「Un! I’ll be counting on you.」(Mylia)

Now that the two young officers and Alex had left, there were only Mylia, Chloe, Bonnie, Ella, Aaron, Robin, and the three senior heraldic officers in the living room.

Robin, who had been feeling irritated, glared at the heraldic officers and shouted.

「How long do you plan to keep me tied up like this!? Release me already!」(Robin)

Ignoring Robin, Parites turned to Mylia and asked.

「Lady Mylia, do you still have anything to say to these people?」(Parites)

Mylia replied Parites with a nod. She then turned to Aaron and tightened her expression.

(Alright. It’s time to claim this land!)

Realizing Mylia’s gaze, Aaron glared at her.


(Ugh… This pressure… Am I still scared of him? …No, I’m not. He’s a commoner now. There’s nothing to be afraid of!)

「Her Majesty Queen Kushana ordered me to claim and develop this land. Therefore, I will be the lord of this territory.」(Mylia)

「You? The lord? Don’t make me laugh! There’s no way a useless, absent-minded girl like you can govern this f*cking land!」(Aaron)

「Mind your language! I’m a baron, and you’re nothing but a commoner now! You’re ignorant but at least you know that commoners would be punished if they upset nobles, don’t you? I hope you will choose your words wisely when you talk to me, commoner Aaron-san!」(Mylia)

「K, Khh…!!」(Aaron)

Realizing the difference in their status now, Aaron could only grit his teeth and scowl at Mylia.

「At first, I was thinking of exiling you somewhere far away as a punishment, but I changed my mind… The three of you won’t be going anywhere. I’m planning to turn this remote area into a big civilized city, and to do that, I need as much labor as possible. You won’t be working like slaves in a mine like Parites-sama said, but you will be working like slaves in MY territory. I won’t let you escape until you pay off your debt to me!」(Mylia)



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  1. Ooo that a bit risky, they could rebell but I bet it won’t be much…. More punishment and suffer under so called absent mind girl lol

    1. Sure: Aaron, Robin, and Ella can rebel; but HOW do expect them to succeed against the most powerful magician in the history of the kingdom? Anything those three could even hope to do against their new master is doomed to fail.

      * Run away? GPS, restraint, and gating magic. Mylia literally tagged them ages ago.

      * Violence? Sneak attack? Mylia’s very clothing is indestructible as is her cat barrier / counter attack magic. Not even Leaf was able to break it.

      It’s safe to say that those three are imprisoned for life under their former victim-turned-girlboss. Ella has exactly ONE ounce of sympathy left (her powerlessness while wedded to Aaron as Bonnie was to Alex); but we’ll have to wait and see about her.

      1. Well if it’s like in the vision and they summon a meteor with the help of an unknown force it could certainly be a threat. But I think it’s the better decision to keep the enemy close so she can monitor them easier. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        1. If Aaron somehow manages to call that meteor, then Mylia would have every literal right and sympathy to kill him then and there for endangering an entire society for petty revenge against his own daughter that he had been abusing since her birth. Can’t risk him finding another dangerous force for him to misuse, can we?

          But yes, keeping enemies closer (and alive!) is the reasonable position to have.

          Honestly though, do we REALLY expect Mylia to fail against a meteor at this point? I would hope not, especially with that barrier that she and Titania have built and deployed around the Atwood territory.

  2. I got this impression from the last part, and it’s stronger with this part: I feel really bad for the mother Ella. It seems she’s trying to make the best of a bad situation. She also seems truly regretful that she was unable to protect Bonnie and the others from Alex. She has been very passive, but considering the violence of Aaron, that seems understandable. I hope she gets a redemption or resolution arc of her own.

    1. I have to agree with you on all of that. As a matter of fact I’d also say that there probably isn’t a bigger victim of Aaron then his wife Ella because all throughout the story her character is that of the absolutely submissive wife and a wife doesn’t reach that level of submission unless it’s been beaten into her and Aaron’s definitely the kinda brute to beat his wife into submission on your wedding night and if they do a sort of mini redemption arc for her I would be surprised if that exact reason was the basis for her inaction when it came to her children. So to put it in my own words I do think she should be held accountable for her inaction though to a lesser degree than Aaron or Robin but if the have a redemption arc for her and she feels genuine remorse for her inaction and she has a darn good reason for her inaction like my theory above then I’m willing to forgive her.

    2. I disagree with you. She’s not trying to make the best of a bad situation, she’s just coping with it because she doesn’t have the resolve to change it. Although I do feel bad for her, when there is something you can do in front of you but you don’t do it because of your weakness it’s a sin in my book. Especially if she’s proud of being a noble, she should’ve steeled her resolve a long time ago. Now it’s too late, she’s justly paying for her inaction.

      1. You self-righteous b*stard on a high horse. Ella didn’t even know about Bonnie and her daughters situations because she wasn’t told. Remember that she would always slip in some of the good stuff that Mylia found into her daughters’ food.

  3. There’s a slight grammar error in “choose your words wisely when you talk to me, the commoner, Arron-san!”. Here, Mylia is saying that -she- is the commoner.

    Keeping with the current text, a small change to “when you talk to me, commoner Arron-san!” would fix that.

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