Chapter 4-27 : The Eldest Daughter And The Son In Law Ⅱ (part 1)


「Let’s stop wasting time and move on. Mylia, do you still have the letter from Duke Griffith?」(Chloe)

「Yeah. Here you go.」(Mylia)

Mylia took the letter from her magic bag and handed it to Chloe.

「This is a letter written by Duke Griffith himself. He recognized Mylia as Bonnie onee-sama’s foster mother. The divorce certificate in Parites-sama’s hand has the signature of Mylia as Bonnie onee-sama’s parent, the signature of the Lord and Lady Morgan as Alex’s parents, the signature of the local priest of Celis Church, and the signature of me as the witness. The divorce is now official and Bonnie onee-sama is no longer Alex’s wife, but a daughter of Baron Mylia.」(Chloe)

After listening to Chloe’s explanation, Alex hit the small rounded table next to him and shouted.

「That’s bullshit! My parents’ signatures, you say!? How could you even get them!? In the first place, I never accepted it, so it’s not valid!」(Alex)

「No, it’s totally valid.」(Parites)

While glaring at Alex, Parites returned the divorce certificate to Chloe and then added some explanation.

「Because the reason for divorce cases is mostly domestic violence, you don’t need your spouse’s consent or signature to issue a divorce certificate. All you need are the signatures of the parents from both sides, the signature of the local priest, and the signature of a noble who is present as the witness.」(Parites)

「Wha…? D, Do you think I will accept such nonsense!?」(Alex)

「Alex, no matter what you say, you won’t be able to overturn it. Our marriage is over.」(Bonnie)

When Bonnie said that with a calm face, Alex gritted his teeth and glared at his ex-wife.

「You…!! You knew it from the beginning, didn’t you!? Do you know how much I’ve contributed to this house!? I’ve done so much for this house and I won’t let you say you forgot about it!」(Alex)

「Done what? Being Father’s punching bag is not a contribution! You’ve done nothing for this house! You don’t even want to give me a child! I will go with Mylia and Chloe and I hope I will never see your disgusting face ever again!」(Bonnie)

Bonnie’s eyes, which resembled Chloe’s, shone brightly, burning with emotion.

Seeing Bonnie’s unusual expression, Alex flinched a bit.

「Don’t want to… give you a child…? Bonnie, what do you mean by that?」(Ella)

Ella, who was kneeling in the corner of the room, looked up at Bonnie with a confused face.

She was taken aback when she listened to what Bonnie had just said.

「Oh, right. I’ve been hiding it for a long time, but Mother, Father, I need to tell you the reason why we don’t have a child.」(Bonnie)

「Y, You bitch!! Stop! Don’t tell them!」(Alex)

Alex quickly stretched his arm out, trying to stop Bonnie by covering her mouth, but when he was about to jump forwardー


ーMylia immediately used magic to stop him.

「Khh!? I… can’t move…!!」(Alex)

「It’s no use. You won’t be able to move for a while.」(Mylia)

After stopping Alex, Mylia looked up at Bonnie and asked worriedly.

「I feel like the circumstances in married life are quite sensitive, but… Bonnie onee-sama, are you sure you want to tell everyone about it?」(Mylia)

「Mylia, you’re so thoughtful. Thank you, but I have to. I shouldn’t have felt ashamed and confided in someone about it long ago.」(Bonnie)

Bonnie looked at Ella and Aaron with a serious face and then revealed what she had experienced in her married life with Alex.

「Mother, Father, we don’t have a child because Alex and I have never had sex. This child predator is only interested in little girls! Women my age are too old in his eyes!」(Bonnie)

(Whoa… She said it with a straight face!)

Even Mylia felt cold in the back of her neck just from listening to what Bonnie said, but Bonnie still looked calm.

「He always tells me if I want a child from him, I have to help him open up an opportunity for him to rape my little sisters… Of course, I refuse it every time, and then he rewards me with violence…」(Bonnie)

Ella and Aaron were flabbergasted after listening to Bonnie.

「B, Bonnie… You are kidding… right…? I thought you don’t have a child because you were infertile…」(Ella)

「I’m not. I’m pretty sure I’m a healthy woman.」(Bonnie)

「Wha… Unbelievable… Oh, Celis-sama, please have mercy on us…!」(Ella)

Ella was shaking. The cruel truth about Bonnie shocked her really hard.

Meanwhile, Aaron glared at Alex for a split second and then turned his gaze away in disgust.

Not just Aaron, the five heraldic officers also stepped back, feeling disgust toward Alex who was frozen like a statue in front of them.

「What a shameless and sickening human being…」(Parites)

After looking at Alex in disgust, Parites turned to Bonnie and looked at her with pity.

「How long have you been married to this man?」(Parites)

「…Eight years.」(Bonnie)

After Bonnie answered with a small voice, one of the young officers glanced at Alex and shouted.

「You demon!」(young officer 1)

The other young officer next to him then took out a bottle of holy water from his bag and doused Alex’s face with it.

「Celis-sama, may your blessing purify this evil being!」(young officer 2)


Alex’s head was completely wet with holy water.

「Well done, but one bottle is not enough to cleanse this evil being! Use all the holy water we brought!」(Parites)

「「Yes, sir!」」(officers)

As Parites gave an instruction, the magician officer took out as many bottles of holy water as possible from his magic bag, and then the other three officers started dousing the water on Alex’s face.

「W, Wait!! Puhaa!! I can’t… breathe!! *cough cough*」(Alex)

(Uwaahh… So this is what ‘Setsubun’ looks like in this world…)

*/TL : Setsubun is the ritual in Japan to drive away evil spirits by throwing roasted beans at them.

「Stop…!! Please! There’s a reason *cough cough* …for that!!」(Alex)

Alex desperately tried to make an excuse, but no one was listening to him. Everyone in the room was looking at him with cold eyes.



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  1. You reap what you sow….
    never touch child!

    Boy, Bonnie decided to drop scackle that restrict her freedom….

  2. hahahahaa fucking hilarious imagining guys pouring holy water on that fucker xD begone demon lol.
    all with a serious face.

  3. Alex is probably the most multifaceted example of FAFO (F*ck Around and Find Out). It’s sad that it took over 8 years, the most powerful magician in the world, a verified divorce letter, AND the queen + her officers for the “find out” part to unfold. Yet, here he is paralyzed and shivering cold from at least a barrel’s volume of holy water. The wuss doesn’t even realize how close he was to being instant ash the night before, but I wouldn’t blame him if he wishes to become it now just to be dry again.

  4. If he does not do something in the future that gets him executed, I feel like at this point he at least deserves to actualize the meme of “you have lost your p*nis privileges” with him on the losing end of the meme.

  5. This guy took her hostage and abused her for 8 years. That’s 8 years of her life she could have been happy while raising babies that’s never coming back. He deserves way worse than being doused in holy water. Heck if it doesn’t have any effect on him it’s a waste of holy water, they shouldn’t have bothered.

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