Chapter 4-26 : The Eldest Daughter And The Son In Law Ⅰ (part 2)


「Parites-sama! It was those girls! They were the ones who set me up and made me fall into this miserable situation! They should be punished for framing me, an innocent woman!」(Robin)

When Robin said that while glaring at Mylia and Chloe, Parites frowned and yelled at her.

「Silence, you landmine woman! All the nobles in the royal capital know about your scandal and your wrongdoings! If you keep falsely accusing these two honorable ladies, I will send you to a mine and make you work like a slave for ten years!」(Parites)

「N, Nooo!! Please!」(Robin)

「If you don’t want it to happen, then be quiet!」(Parites)


Imagining herself working like a slave, Robin closed her mouth and sat still on the floor while shivering.

Aaron was also about to fight back by making excuses, but after seeing Parites threaten Robin like that, he changed his mind. He could only glare at Mylia and Chloe while sitting on the floor in a miserable state.

(Making these people work like slaves might be a good punishment for them but I think it’s a bit too much…)

「So, Lady Chloe, Lady Mylia, why did you come here? Do you have business with these people?」(Parites)

After confirming that Robin would shut her mouth for a while, Parites moved his gaze to Chloe and Mylia and asked.

「First of all, I would like to apologize for their disrespectful behavior. I’ve cut all ties with them, but still, they’re my former family, so let me apologize in their stead.」(Chloe)

「…Apology accepted.」(Paries)

Still with a stern look on his face, Parites glared at Robin and Aaron for a second and then returned his gaze to Chloe.

「Thank you. Let’s get to the point. Mylia and I came here to pick up our eldest sister.」(Chloe)

「Your eldest sister?」(Parites)

After listening to Chloe, not just Parites, but everyone else in the room was looking at Bonnie.

Bonnie had been trying her best to keep her cool, but now that everyone was looking at her, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She put her hands together and lowered her face.

「Yes, our eldest sister, Bonnie onee-sama. We chose to come here now when you are present because I thought that we might be able to ask for your assistance to help us convince these stubborn people. Please forgive me for relying on you all of a sudden.」(Chloe)

「I see, so you need my help. Both of you are Her Majesty Queen Kushana’s favorite people, so I don’t mind helping you, but first, could you tell me what your plan is?」(Parites)

「Of course. We are planning to save Bonnie onee-sama from this unrespectable family. First, we will have Bonnie onee-sama divorce her husband, Alex, and then Baron Mylia will adopt her as her daughter.」(Chloe)

「H, Huuhh!?」(Alex)

Chloe was talking to Parites but the one who reacted first was Alex. He was flabbergasted after listening to what Chloe said. He opened his eyes and mouth wide while looking at Chloe.

「Mylia, can you show him the document?」(Chloe)


Ignoring Alex, Chloe looked at Mylia and asked her to show the document to Parites.

Mylia then immediately took out the document from her magic bag and handed it to him.

「Hmm, I see. This divorce certificate has been authorized by the local church. Certainly, it can dissolve their marriage.」(Parites)

Hearing Parites’ words, Alex took a step forward from the wall he had been leaning against and shouted at him.

「Don’t screw with me! A divorce certificate, you say? I’ll never accept it!」(Alex)

He then moved his gaze and looked at Chloe with a pitiful expression.

「Chloe-chan, I don’t understand… Why are you doing this? Why do you want me and Bonnie to divorce?」(Alex)

「”Chloe-chan”…? Watch your mouth! I’m a noble! I’m not your sister anymore so don’t ever call me that again!」(Chloe)

Alex asked Chloe in confusion but Chloe answered him with frosty, cold eyes.

(Ahh~ Onee-chan’s cold expression looks so cool~)

Unlike Alex who was taken aback when he saw Chloe’s expression, Mylia looked at her sister’s face in admiration.

「Ho, Hold on… In the first place, are you really a baronet? And is Mylia-chan really a baron? I still don’t believe young girls like you can become nobles, especially the absent-minded Mylia-chan.」(Alex)

「We are without a doubt nobles. Her Majesty Queen Kushana honored us by ennobling us herself. We are quite famous in the royal capital, especially Mylia.」(Chloe)

「No… No, no… That can’t be… Can you even prove that you’re nobles?」(Alex)

「We don’t have to prove it to someone like you.」(Chloe)

「Look. If you’re really nobles you have toー」(Alex)

「We ARE nobles and we DON’T have to prove it to you.」(Chloe)

「Seesh… Alright, alright. Whatever you say.」(Alex)

「Choose your words wisely. If you continue treating me like a child, I will take it as an insult against me.」(Chloe)

「K, Khh…」(Alex)

Being denied so hard by Chloe, Alex was lost for words. He then turned his gaze to Mylia, hoping that Mylia would give him a better response.

「Say, Mylia-chan, this is just some kind of joke, right? Ahaha…」(Alex)

Alex was laughing, but he was desperate inside.

Seeing Alex’s disgusting smile, Mylia turned her face away from him.

「Don’t talk to me, you creep!」(Mylia)

「U… Ugh…」(Alex)

Alex put his hand on his chest as if his chest hurt so badly.

「…So it’s true that you were just acting like an absent-minded girl while you were living here, huh?」(Alex)

「Yeah, so what?」(Mylia)

「That’s… That’s so cruel! How could you pretend and deceive everyone like that? I think you deserve some kind of punishment for deceiving us all!」(Alex)

(Uwaahh… I really can’t stand this guy…)

When Mylia frowned at Alex, Chloe took a step forward, still glaring at Alex with cold eyes.

「Mylia had been hiding her true nature and her magic talent to protect herself from greedy, egotistical people in this house.」(Chloe)

As she said that, Chloe glanced at Robin and Aaron who were tied together, sitting on the floor. She then returned her gaze to Alex.

「But unfortunately, because she was acting like an absent-minded girl, she couldn’t protect herself from a predator like you.」(Chloe)

「P, Predator…? W-What are you talking about?」(Alex)

Alex knew what Chloe meant, but he asked anyway because he was afraid that she would expose the true nature he had been hiding.

「You’re such a disgusting human being… I will never forgive you for what you have done to us! 」(Chloe)

「Ch, Chloe-chan, what are you talking about? P, Please stop this joke already.」(Alex)

「I told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I? I won’t let you say that you forgot about what you have done to us!」(Chloe)

「H, Huuhh…?」(Alex)

Chloe scowled with eyes full of anger at Alex who was playing dumb.

Alex, who was scared of Chloe’s angry face, averted his gaze and looked at Mylia.

「M, Mylia-chan, do you remember we sometimes walked together in the lavender fields while holding hands when you were little? We were on good terms back then, weren’t we?」(Alex)

「Walking in the lavender fields while holding hands…? Ahh, yes, yes, I remember, of course. We sometimes did that back then.」(Mylia)

「Y, Yeah! That’s right! I’m glad you remember! Then please tell your sister that I’ve been a good big brother to you!」(Alex)

「Good big brother…? You must be joking… Certainly, you sometimes took me for a walk to the lavender field where no one else was around, and after that, you touched me with your filthy hands, sniffed my hair with your stinky nose, and licked my ear with your nasty tongue while heavily breathing out your foul-smelling breath!」(Mylia)

「M, Mylia-chan…? What are you saー」(Alex)

「ーStop calling me that, you lolicon, child predator, pedobear!!」(Mylia)

「Pe… Pedo… what…?」(Alex)

After Mylia exposed what kind of human being Alex really was, everyone in that room looked at him with disgusted eyes.

Even Aaron, the most hated person in the room, was disgusted by what he had done to the girls.



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    1. Not gonna lie that was funny but I couldn’t bring myself to laugh while imagining this pedophile doing all these things to Mylia while she couldn’t resist. That is simply no laughing matter.

  1. National heroes versus national embarrassments: if these officers HAD to trust somebody based on word alone, I wonder whom they should trust. Not only that, but the heroes brought receipts, so IDK why these jerks are dragging out this courtroom episode for so long. It’s clearly not helpful.

    Thank you much for the chapter!

  2. Another delusional idiot. What do you mean can they prove that they are nobles? They have the queen’s proxy to vouch for them right in front of him. And you know you’re worse than trash if even Aaron of all people is disgusted at you…

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