Chapter 4-19 : Aria and Chris (part 1)


「Oh, right! I will provide your horses some buffs so that you can reach the village faster!」(Mylia)


Hearing a foreign word, Gonzo seemed confused, but Mylia only grinned at him and approached his horse.

(First, I need to cast body-strengthening magic on these horses to improve their physical strength and ability to continue running for a long time… I will also put an invisible barrier in the front to protect them from the wind… After that I will make a magical cushion with wind magic to prevent Gonzo and his friend from falling from their horses…)

The horses shone brightly and squealed as Mylia cast magic on them.

When the light was gone, the horses looked much different from before. They became much more muscular and their faces looked somewhat cool.

They glanced at Gonzo and his friend with sharp eyes and smirked as if saying, “I’m ready anytime, Buddy!”

「Now they can run much faster.」(Mylia)

「Whoa… They look like different horses…」(Gonzo)

When Gonzo and his friend observed their horses, Mylia took out some rainbow-colored stones from her magic bag and enchanted them with flame magical power.

After that, she handed them to Gonzo.

「Gonzo-san, you can have these stones.」(Mylia)

「Are these magic stones?」(Gonzo)

「Yup. They will explode if you throw them. You can use them to protect yourself from bandits or monsters.」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Mylia-sama, but… Aren’t magic stones expensive? Are you sure you want to give them to us?」(Gonzo)

「Of course. I will spend millions of gold coins if necessary in order to eat rice.」(Mylia)

「Understood. I will find rice for you no matter what! By the way, how destructive are these magic stones?」(Gonzo)

「Hmm… I think one stone can blow up a big boulder into pieces.」(Mylia)

「I… I see…」(Gonzo)

After listening to what Mylia said, Gonzo carefully put the rainbow magic stones into his pocket. He looked kind of nervous somehow.

「Ah, one more thing. Gonzo-san can I see your bag?」(Mylia)

「My bag? S, Sure…」(Gonzo)

Gonzo handed his bag to Mylia. Mylia then cast her GPS Magic on it so that she could track where Gonzo was going.

「Alright, thank you. You can go now.」(Mylia)

Mylia returned Gonzo’s bag and waved her hand at him.

「Well then, Mylia-sama, wish me luck!」(Gonzo)

「Un! Be careful on your way~」(Mylia)

Gonzo and his companion then got on their own horses and gently kicked them with their heels.


The horses stood up on two legs for a moment and then started dashing north along the highway.

「UWAAAAAAAAAAーー!!THIS IS TOO FAAAaaaaassssーーー……」(Gonzo)

The sound of Gonzo’s screaming began to subside the farther away he was from Mylia.

(Uhh… I made a magical cushion with wind magic so I think they’ll be fine… I hope… Good luck, Gonzo-san!)

After seeing Gonzo and his friend off, Mylia turned around and used Teleportation Magic to return to Titania’s house.




Around the same time as Mylia parted with Gonzo, a lot of people were lining up in front of Duke Griffith’s mansion in the royal capital.

They were trying to win Mylia’s attention through the Griffith Family.

Thanks to Mylia, Duke Griffith’s mansion has become like a bureaucracy.

「I never thought that the rumors about the new Atwood Territory had reached so many people…」(Aria)

Aria let out a deep sigh while checking the applicants’ documents.

She was asked by Chloe to secure people who were familiar with domestic administration to help her work, so she hired two excellent graduates from Adrashelm Kingdom Girls’ Academy who had solid lineages to work for her.

However, considering that the new Atwood Territory was so popular, she didn’t think that those two people would be enough to help her.

Aria got up from her chair, looked at the long line of people through the window, and sighed.

While twirling her shiny silver hair, she was imagining Mylia’s smile to calm her mind.

Even though it’s only been a couple of days since she has seen Mylia, she felt like she hasn’t seen her in a couple of years.

「I feel like the rumors about the Church of Celis will build a large cathedral in the new Atwood Territory is the reason why so many people want to move there…」(Aria)

The information about the construction of a big cathedral that Cardinal Copel was secretly working on was leaked and spread among the citizens in the royal capital.

Some clever merchants who heard about that rumor were already heading to the Atwood Territory for prospecting purposes.

The leak of the information made Cardinal Copel suffer from a headache for several days.

The reason was the vision of the future he saw with Mylia.

He knew that a meteorite would fall onto the Atwood Territory. He promised Mylia to cooperate with her to stop that, in exchange, Mylia would let him build a cathedral in her new territory.

Facing troubles and hoping for peace and development for mankind is the Church of Celis’ creed. Cardinal Copel believes humanity can only progress after overcomes difficulties.

However, the difficulty or disaster they would face was a meteorite, so they must be very cautious.

To minimize the casualties, they must evacuate people out of the Atwood Territory for a while. However, the influx of people to the Atwood Territory seemed to be unavoidable.

Cardinal Copel was worried that the future he saw where there was a long line of people in the Atwood Territory when the meteorite fell would become the reality.

While Aria was thinking while looking at the line of people outside, someone opened the door and entered the room.

「The rumor about Lady Mylia’s new territory has reached my ears as well.」(Chris)

「Ah, Chris nii-sama.」(Aria)

「Hello, my beautiful little sister. Your dear friend seems to have done something interesting again. Fufu~」(Chris)

Chris winked at Aria and sat down on the sofa.

The presence of Aria’s older brother, Chris, who seemed to be the most attractive nobleman in the kingdom made the atmosphere in the room brighter.



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