Chapter 4-19 : Aria and Chris (part 2)


「So, Onii-sama, why are you here today?」(Aria)

Duke Griffith normally leaves all government-related work to his eldest son, so basically the second son, Chris, mostly has free time and lives as he pleases.

However, he has one important job which was being the ‘face’ of the Griffith Family. Because of that, he often appears in social circles to make connections with various people.

Even though Chris was a carefree person, Aria knew that he was trying his hardest to do his job. He even once pretended to be a widow’s lover in order to fulfill a difficult mission even though he didn’t like women.

When their grandmother, Elizabeth, was still under the petrification curse, Chris was the one who collected information about magic items, potions, or skilled magicians who might be able to save his grandmother. His father, Duke Griffith, just took action based on the information Chris provided.

Chris smiles all the time but no one knows what he’s thinking about behind his beautiful smile. He is such a weird, mysterious person.

「I’m here because Father called me.」(Chris)

Chris shrugged his shoulders as he answered Aria’s question.

「He always asks me when I will marry Lady Mylia. It’s kinda annoying…」(Chris)

「I see… I don’t know what Father is thinking. It’s still too early for her to get married.」(Aria)

「Well, you know him. He’s just happy that I decided to get married. Neither I nor Lady Mylia has any intention of getting married, though.」(Chris)

「Mylia hates men after all… Her father was a terrible person. That’s probably the reason why.」(Aria)

「I can tell somehow. Well, I will tell Father that our engagement was actually fake sooner or later.」(Chris)

「I see.」(Aria)

「By the way, what do you think if Lady Mylia and I really got married?」(Chris)

「That’s… I think it’s better than Mylia getting married to a bad person. But… I’m not sure, honestly…」(Aria)

「Ugh, it hurts when your little sister has zero trust in you…」(Chris)

「It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just… I can’t leave my precious friend to someone with a weird personality like you.」(Aria)

「Ahaha! I see. But, my beautiful little sister, if I marry Lady Mylia, she will become your sister-in-law. Isn’t that wonderful?」(Chris)

「That’s… Uuu~ I know she would become my sister-in-law if she married you, but you don’t have to say that!」(Aria)

Imagining Mylia becoming her sister-in-law, Aria blushed.

「…Mylia onee-sama…~~///!!」(Aria)

Her cheeks turned even redder when she whispered to herself, calling Mylia with ‘onee-sama’.

Seeing his little sister’s cute reaction, Chris giggled.

「Fufu. Aa-ah, I’m kinda jealous of Lady Mylia. It seems that she is the only person who can make my beautiful little sister’s cheeks turn as red as rose~」(Chris)

「G, Geez… Why do you like to tease me so much?」(Aria)

「Hm? Men tend to want to tease pretty girls. Isn’t that obvious?」(Chris)


Aria glared at Chris with sharp eyes while her cheeks were still red.

「Ahaha~ Alright, alright. I’m sorry for teasing you~」(Chris)

When Chris apologized with a mischievous smile, Aria let out a long sigh.

「Hahh… Anyway, Mylia-san said that she doesn’t want to marry, and I respect her decision. I don’t think she will ever get married to anyone.」(Aria)

「I see. I have the same feeling.」(Chris)

「If so, then please tell Father to stop being impatient and try to make excuses to delay the marriage as much as possible. I’ll help too.」(Aria)

「Alright~ Fufu, I’m glad my little sister has grown up.」(Chris)

Aria replied to Chris’ compliment with a smile and asked a maid to bring coffee for her older brother.

About five minutes later, the maid returned with coffee and some snacks. Soon after, the fragrant smell of the coffee filled the room.

「By the way, Onii-sama, do the people from the Kingdom Magic Research Institute know the rumor about Mylia?」(Aria)

「I don’t think so. If those madmen knew that Mylia continuously used unknown magic, they would follow her wherever she goes like stalkers.」(Chris)

「Is that so? You… have no intention to monopolize Mylia’s magical ability, do you, Mister Honorary Member of the Kingdom Magic Research Institute-san?」(Aria)

「Oh, my beautiful little sister, Aria~ Why can’t you trust this poor older brother of yours just for once? You know I won’t harm Lady Mylia.」(Chris)

「Alright, I trust you…」(Aria)

「Fufu, thank you~」(Chris)

Chris smiled at Aria and elegantly sipped his coffee.

「By the way, I’ve told everyone in my social circles that Lady Mylia is my fiancée so that no one would come to Lady Mylia and propose to her.」(Chris)

「I see. I’m sure it will be helpful for Mylia-san. Thank you, Onii-sama.」(Aria)

Chris’ words had power in the aristocratic society in the Kingdom of Adrashelm because the Griffith Family was the queen’s number one supporter.

Therefore, most people believed that the fake engagement between Chris and Mylia was real. Because of that, the number of men trying to propose to Mylia decreased significantly.

「My beautiful little sister, you have been helping Lady Mylia and Lady Chloe these days, right? Do you know what Lady Mylia is planning to do with her new territory?」(Chris)

After sipping his coffee, Chris asked Aria with eyes full of expectations. He thought the new Atwood Territory that would be governed by Mylia would become a fascinating place.

「She said she would make something called ‘Japanese culture’ popular in the new territory. First, she made her own brand called “Dragolya” and will sell Japanese fashion called “Yukata”. After that, she will make a large public bath called “Onsen”.」(Aria)

「’Japanese culture’…?」(Chris)

「I don’t know the details but Mylia-san said that it’s the culture from a country that she saw in her dreams.」(Aria)

「Hee~ So she got the inspiration from dreams? How fascinating~」(Chris)

「Lately, she has been working on making Japanese food as specialty products of the territory. I think she is currently looking for something called “rice” with the help of the Darelias Family.」(Aria)

「I see. Ahh~ I can’t wait to see how the new Atwood Territory will become in the future. By the way, how many people have registered to emigrate there?」(Chris)

「There are about two thousand people. This number will increase for sure if the rumor keeps spreading.」(Aria)

Unlike Cardinal Copel who was worried about the meteor, Aria believed that Mylia would do something about it, so she could focus on her job.

「Two thousand people, huh? Alright, since I have nothing to do until Father comes, this kind big brother of yours will help you with your work.」(Chris)

「Fufu. Thank you, Onii-sama.」(Aria)

Aria smiled at her brother and handed some of the documents she was holding to him.




Meanwhile, Mylia, who had teleported instantly back to Titania’s house, was currently grilling basilisk neck meat for dinner.

「Kuuuhh~!! This smell makes me keep drooling!」(Mylia)

「By the way, Mylia, do you have a prediction of how many people will live in your new territory in the future?」(Titania)

While keeping her eyes on the grilled meat, Titania asked Mylia.

「I don’t know, but I don’t think there will be more than a hundred people. Fifty, maybe? The Atwood Territory is a remote region after all.」(Mylia)

「Hee… Still, that’s a lot of people.」(Titania)

Mylia saw a lot of people gather in the Atwood Territory in the premonition, so she should have known that there might be a lot of people coming to her new territory, but she was naive as always.



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