Chapter 4-18 : Having Tea Together With Jasmine (part 2)


After talking about chocolate for a while, Mylia and Jasmine talked about rice, which was the main reason why Mylia came to the mansion.

「I wonder where Gonzo-san is right now…」(Mylia)

Gonzo was the chef who was currently working for Mylia to find rice.

His actual name was Gonudzu, but because it was hard to say, Mylia called him Gonzo.

「It’s been a few days since you gave him the mission, so I think he is passing through the territory under the direct control of the royal family by now. I heard from a butler that he has a business meeting there, so he probably went to that territory while searching for rice.」(Jasmine)

「The royal family’s territory, huh? Can you show me the place on this map?」(Mylia)

Mylia took out a map from her magic bag, spread it on the table, and used her Hologram Magic to make a 3D holographic image of the map so that she could learn the chef’s location easier.

Jasmine was surprised when a 3D image appeared above the map.

「Whoaa… It’s beautiful… What is it?」(Jasmine)

「Hehe, it’s just a 3D image. So, can you show me where the territory is?」(Mylia)

Jasmine tilted her head. She didn’t understand what Mylia meant by ‘3D image’, but she still answered Mylia’s question.

「I think it’s around here.」(Jasmine)

Saying that, Jasmine pointed her index finger to a certain point on the 3D map.

Mylia then observed the map closely.

(Hmm… I can teleport to the farthest point of the royal capital and then fly from there. If I go fast, maybe I can go back to Master’s house before dark.)

After deciding how she would be going, she put a mark on the point where Jasmine was pointing and closed the map.

「Thank you, Jasmine onee-sama. I’ll go see Gonzo-san now.」(Mylia)

「Are you going to go with magic?」(Jasmine)

「Yup. I’m going to fly there.」(Mylia)

「It must be fantastic to be able to go anywhere with magic. Mylia, you’re amazing.」(Jasmine)

「Hehe~ Thank you.」(Mylia)

「Be careful on your way~」(Jasmine)

「Un! …Ah, before I go…」(Mylia)

Mylia got up from the sofa and was ready to go, but before she left she suddenly remembered something.

「Jasmine onee-sama, can you ask Diete-san or Gilbert-san if I can hire someone who is knowledgeable about cacao? Here’s the money.」(Mylia)

Mylia took out a small leather bag containing a hundred gold coins from her magic bag and placed it on the table.

「Alright, I’ll ask them for you.」(Jasmine)

「Thank you, Onee-sama. I will come to see you again next time.」(Mylia)

「Okay, I’ll be waiting for you~」(Jasmine)

Jasmine, smiled brightly at Mylia and waved her hand.

Seeing Jasmine’s beautiful smile, Mylia smiled back at her. She then secretly cast protection spells on her and disappeared from her sight using Teleportation Magic.




While floating in the sky above the royal capital, Mylia opened her map and used Compass Magic to check the direction.

Her goal was to go to the area that was marked on the map and look for Gonzo.

(Perhaps if I’m flying along the highway, I will be able to find him more quickly.)

Mylia lowered her altitude and started flying north toward the destination above the highway.

While flying with autopilot mode on, Mylia was using Clairvoyance to see the highway.

The highway that extended north from the royal capital was straight. Most of the traffic was merchants’ wagons that were loaded with goods and the wagons for public transportation.

There were also peddlers and travelers on foot walking to and from the royal capital.

After flying for about thirty minutes, Mylia arrived at the place that was marked on the map, and after flying for a few minutes more, she found two men riding horses. One of them was carrying a bag with the Darelias Family crest.

(Aa! Found him!)

Mylia quickly lowered her altitude and landed in front of them.

As soon as they saw a girl standing in their way, the two men hurriedly stopped their horses.

「Whoaa…!! Little lady, you shouldn’t stand in the middle of the roー Hm? M, Mylia-sama!? Geez, you scared me.」(Gonzo)

「Ahaha… I’m sorry.」(Mylia)

Mylia scratched her head and apologized,

The man who was in his forties and had short silver hair was Gonzo.

「Mylia-sama, why are you here?」(Gonzo)

「I came to see if everything has been going smoothly so far.」(Mylia)

When Mylia approached them, Gonzo and the man who was accompanying him dismounted from their horses and bowed deeply.

「Mylia-sama, I feel so honored that you came to see me all the way from the royal capital. Thank you.」(Gonzo)

「P, Please raise your face. I came here on my own, so please don’t mind it.」(Mylia)

「Mylia-sama, you are so kind. I will definitely fulfill your request! I will definitely find rice for you!」(Gonzo)

After saying that, Gonzo bowed even deeper.

Mylia scratched her head in embarrassment.

「Umm, I’m not as great as you think. I’m just a little girl who can use magic, you know? So please raise your face.」(Mylia)

「Ah, please excuse us.」(Gonzo)

Gonzo and his companion raised their faces.

「Anyway, we can’t talk in the middle of the road like this, so let’s move to the side.」(Mylia)


After the three of them moved to the side of the road, Mylia took out a table, three chairs, and a tea set from her magic bag.

Gonzo and his companion gratefully drank the tea Mylia served.

「Do you guys want to eat Japanese-style soy sauce minced meat sandwiches?」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia took out some pieces of sandwiches from her magic bag and put them on a plate.

Gonzo, a professional chef, observed the sandwiches closely with curiosity. He grabbed one and took a bite of it.

「Mmm~ What a fascinating dish. Mylia-sama, do you mind telling me what meat it is?」(Gonzo)

「It’s dabola meat!」(Mylia)

Gonzo was surprised by Mylia’s answer.

「Da, Dabola!? Those bird-type monsters!?」(Gonzo)

「Yup. Those annoying monsters always try to attack me while I’m flying, so I kill them and store their meat.」(Mylia)

「I see… Normally, people will run away when they see those monsters…」(Gonzo)

「Is that so…? Ahaha…」(Mylia)

Seeing Mylia, who was younger than his daughter but remarkably talented in magic, Gonzo remembered a magician once told him that age doesn’t matter to wizarding prowess.

While eating her sandwich, Mylia asked Gonzo something she had been wondering about.

「Gonzo-san, how long do you think it will take you to find rice?」(Mylia)

(Onigiri… Sushi… Oyakodon… Ahh~ I can’t wait to eat them~)

Mylia really was looking forward to eating Japanese rice dishes.

She would be happy if Gonzo could find rice quickly. However, she felt a bit disappointed after listening to Gonzo’s answer.

「It will take me about two weeks to get to my hometown village. From there, I will be depending on my memory to look for the village where rice was cultivated… I think it will take at least one and a half months.」(Gonzo)

「One and a half months…」(Mylia)

(Ugh… I can’t wait that long! I wonder if I can do something about it…)

While thinking so, Mylia glanced at Gonzo and his companion’s horses.

「Oh, right! I will provide your horses some buffs so that you can reach the village faster!」(Mylia)


Hearing a foreign word, Gonzo seemed confused, but Mylia only grinned at him and approached his horse.



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  1. Those horses are probably going to end up being told of in legends in the future after Mylia buffs them…

  2. I hate when they start gushing on about rice, but nonetheless the buffed horses made me lose it as i was reminded of the CGI horses from all these manhwas

    1. It’s a world with magic! Buffs are a norm! Duh!

      As for rice, to we of far eastern descent, rice is a staple and it is often said that no meal is complete without rice. Meaning that without rice, it’s not a proper meal.

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