Chapter 4-18 : Having Tea Together With Jasmine (part 1)


After teleporting seven times from Titania’s house, Mylia arrived in the royal capital. She was floating in the sky above the city.

She then teleported for the last time to the front door of the Darelias’ mansion.


A butler who happened to be standing by the door was surprised by Mylia’s sudden appearance.


「Ah, did I surprise you? I’m sorry, hehe…」(Mylia)

「It’s alright. Please come in. I will let Jasmine-sama know that you are here.」(butler)

「Thank you.」(Mylia)

The butler guided Mylia to the parlor and asked her to wait there for a moment.

Shortly after, Jasmine came.

「Mylia, you came!」(Jasmine)

「Jasmine onee-sama!」(Mylia)

Jasmine’s fluffy lavender hair was swaying as she approached Mylia with a bright smile on her face.

Seeing her older sister look so happy, Mylia felt warmth in her chest.

Since her marriage with Gilbert, the second son of the Darelias Family was decided, Jasmine had been living a joyful life with the Darelias Family in their mansion.

Seeing Jasmine was filled with an aura of happiness made Mylia loosen her cheeks.

She stood from the sofa and hugged her older sister tightly.

Jasmine then stroked Mylia’s head.

「Fufu. Sometimes you can be reliable but sometimes you can be a spoiled little child too.」(Jasmine)


「Oh, right. Mylia, can you wait a minute? I will be right back.」(Jasmine)

「U, Un.」(Mylia)

After stroking Mylia’s head for a while, Jasmine left the room.

About two minutes later, she returned with a tea trolley and then started preparing tea.

She looked so happy when she poured tea for Mylia.

(I remember when she accidentally spilled tea when she served tea for Robin back when we lived in the Atwood’s mansion. She didn’t do it on purpose. It was because she couldn’t see clearly like a normal person. Robin knew that but she still slapped her in the face. I was so mad back then… But, I’m glad now that her eyes are healed and can see normally…)

「Mylia, I’ve wanted to pour tea for you since you fixed my eyes. I’m glad that my wish is fulfilled now.」(Jasmine)

「Jasmine onee-sama…」(Mylia)

Jasmine smiled at Mylia and turned her gaze to the big window in the wall.

「The weather is nice today. I like to see clouds floating in the blue sky. Look, Mylia, that one looks like a lavender flower.」(Jasmine)

「That one? It looks like a skewer of grilled dabola meat for me, though.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. It indeed looks like skewered dabola meat too. Mylia, you really do always think about food, don’t you?」(Jasmine)

「Yeah, hehe~!」(Mylia)

When Mylia proudly said that, Jasmine put her hand on her mouth and giggled.

She then poured tea for herself and sat down on the sofa facing Mylia.

Jasmine’s eyes were not big like Chloe’s, but they were kind of droopy and looked gentle, so smiles suited her well.

「By the way, it’s a bit late to ask this but why were you preparing tea yourself? Where are the maids?」(Mylia)

「Since Diete-sama announced that he will participate in the development of the new Atwood Territory, a lot of people started coming to his office in the main mansion, so the maids are working there for a while.」(Jasmine)

*/TL : In case you forgot, Diete Darelias is the head of the Darelias Family. The person who will become Jasmine’s stepfather.

「I see. But, why are people visiting him?」(Mylia)

「Perhaps those people think they will make a lot of money if they make contracts with the Darelias Family since they are your supporters. You are famous after all.」(Jasmine)

「Ahh… So that’s the reason… Ugh, I don’t know what to say. I feel kinda bad for the Darelias Family for making them busy.」(Mylia)

「Everyone is busy, but they look happy, you know? Besides, thanks to you making the maids busy, I could pour tea for you~」(Jasmine)

「Hehe, you’re right. But, Jasmine onee-sama, can you keep it a secret that I came here? I don’t want to bother anyone.」(Mylia)

「I won’t tell anyone. I’ve also told the butlers who are staying here to not tell anyone in the main mansion.」(Jasmine)

「Thank you!」(Mylia)

The Darelias Family members would most likely leave their work and come to this mansion to entertain Mylia if they knew that she was there.

Jasmine replied to Mylia with a smile and sipped her tea.

Mylia also took her cup and sipped her tea.

(Mmm~ It smells fruity and tastes great. I wonder if it contains muscat grapes.)

The Darelias Family is famous because of their culinary business.

Of course, not only do they produce first-class food, but they also produce delicious beverages such as tea.

「Mylia, do you want to try my newest dish?」(Jasmine)

「Of course!」(Mylia)

「A fruit called cacao has been discovered recently, so I tried to make simple sweets with it.」(Jasmine)

「Cacao? C, Could it be…」(Mylia)

Jasmine stood up and grabbed something that looked like a half-rounded brown object that was placed on a plate from the tea trolley.

She then put it on the table, right in front of Mylia.

(I knew it! It’s chocolate! Finally… Finally, I can taste chocolate in this world!)

Mylia had been in all the confectionery shops in the royal capital but she had never seen chocolate.

At that point, she thought that chocolate didn’t exist in this world.

However, she was happy now that there was a large piece of chocolate in front of her eyes.

She couldn’t stop drooling while imagining the sweetness of the chocolate in her head.

「Can I really eat this chocolate~!?」(Mylia)


「Yup~ It’s the name of this food.」(Mylia)

「Hee~ Mylia, you sure know a lot of things. Well then, please try it and tell me what you think.」(Jasmine)

「With pleasure!」(Mylia)

Mylia took a knife and a fork, sliced the big half-rounded chocolate into a small piece, and ate it.

(Mmm~ It’s sweet but it’s also a bit bitter at the same time… Aahh~ I miss this bittersweet taste~)

「So, is it good?」(Jasmine)

「Marvelous~! It tastes wonderful!」(Mylia)

「Fufu~ I’m glad you like it.」(Jasmine)

(Now that I know chocolate exists in this world, I can try to make a chocolate cake! Oh, right! I will also tell Master about it so that she can make chocolate cookies! Aahh~ I can’t wait for it!)

「Onee-sama, do you know where they found cacao?」(Mylia)

「I don’t know the details, but I heard that it’s somewhere in the eastern region.」(Jasmine)

「I see. I wonder if we will be able to mass-produce it in the future.」(Mylia)

「I can ask Gilbert-sama and Diete-sama about it for you.」(Jasmine)

「Thank you, Onee-sama!」(Mylia)

(Aaahh~ I can’t wait to eat various sweets made of chocolate~)

Mylia had been working on the preparation to develop the Atwood Territory according to her own desires.

Last time, she planned to make yukata and Japanese food popular. She even made her own brand. And this time, she planned to mass-produce chocolate.

Although she worked according to desires, she would indirectly create more jobs for people, improve their standard of living, and attract more people to migrate to her territory in the future.

She didn’t realize it but she had been doing a good job as a feudal lord.



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  1. *Sigh*

    I understand that the best response to it should be the “don’t worry about it”, but damn, finding cocoa beans isn’t even a start of it becoming a chocolate. Chocolate is result of long and grueling experimentation, author should have made it just a “rare thing from out of border”, but already somewhat developed.

    There is no way anyone receiving cacao beans would think “Oh! Lets made some sweets with it”. Cacao is bitter, absurdly bitter! And seeds need to be prepared in a certain way to develop a flavour, including fermentation. The most that she might have created with it is is bitter drink out of cacao, that would resemble coffee much more than a chocolate. And even that would only be possible, if she has exceptional talent.

    Don’t look down on chocolate invention, author!

  2. You’re the one who’s wrong. Cacao is the base plant for both cocoa and chocolate. Ever heard of sugar? The Cadbury chocolate you eat is chocolate lots of sugar. It’s not real chocolate. Real chocolate is called Dark Chocolate. It’s slightly sweet but mostly bitter. But that’s what’s so great about Dark Chocolate. Then there’s White Chocolate which has more milk and sugar but not as sweet as your Cadbury chocolate. It’s mostly milky and sweeter and richer but still taste like proper chocolate. Fermentation? That’s just yeast and food bacteria. I bet the Darelias chefs know all about it. It’s required to make many foods. And there are magicians like Mylia who use magic to do the fermentation like for Mylia’s soy sauce. Or did you forget already? These magician chefs don’t need yeast and bacteria to ferment stuff. And roasting the beans right is just a matter of trial and error. After fermenting the beans they just need to dry them. Then they just need to grind the beans, and then turn it into liquid form which is just a matter of heating it right, known as conching. Then they just need to stabilize the product. If the monks from the medieval times could do it, then so can they.

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