Chapter 1-40 : Zirnitra The Elder Dragon


Several villagers, who were heading toward the church upon hearing people shouting there, were surprised to see Mylia with three female knights riding horses through the village road.

But then they immediately understood what exactly happened because they had seen Chloe leave the village that way.

「Mylia ojou-sama!」
「Please do your best for the future of this village!」
「Although you’re absent minded, I’m sure you can do it!」

The villagers looked very desperate about the condition of the village.

They hoped that Mylia and Chloe could save the village.

(Hahh… I’m not going to the royal capital because I want to save the village though…)

Mylia had mixed feelings after hearing the cheers of the villagers.

(Maybe I should talk about this with Chloe onee-chan later.)

Mylia decided not to think about the villagers for now.

By the way, Mylia’s adhesive magic and paralyzing magic were still working on Robin.

Mylia completely forgot about that.

However, that kind of spell would stop working after a while.



It became quiet after they left the village.

There were only forests of the monster territory on the left and right side of the road.

(Hee… I always fly when I pass this road, so I never pay attention, but this road seems to be properly maintained.)

The condition of the road was unexpectedly not too bad for a road in the countryside.

(Come to think of it, I remember that Master told me that she had cast a spell to prevent deterioration around the forest area… So maybe this road is well maintained because of that… I can’t believe that a lazy person like Master did something troublesome like that. I wonder if her debt to the founder of the Atwood Family is so big that she was willing to do that…)

Titania once promised Galaxia Atwood, the founder of the Atwood Family, to take care of the forest aside from waiting for his descendant with the silver pendant to appear before her. (chapter 1-12)

「Mylia, are you okay?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia looked down at Mylia’s face while holding the reins.

Mylia could smell Amnesia’s sweet and soothing scent from behind.

「I’m okay. I’m just thinking that the road is strangely well maintained.」(Mylia)

「Ah, I see.」(Amnesia)

Mylia leaned her back against Amnesia.

(Ahh~ Amnesia-san’s body feels so comfortable.)

Before going, Amnesia took off her breastplate so that it wouldn’t hurt the back of Mylia’s head.

Amnesia’s chest felt so soft on the back of Mylia’s head, and her body also smelled good. It made Mylia a bit sleepy.

(Amnesia-san’s chest gave off a soft feeling that was different from Chloe onee-chan’s chest, but they both made me feel safe somehow when I leaned my head against them… Of course, Master’s chest also gave me the feeling of safety… Ahh, being surrounded by these kind people is a blessing. I was panicked when I first realized about how bad the Atwood Family was, but now I’m glad that I reincarnated in this world…)

Mylia’s previous life was very sad.

She had no friends and her good-for-nothing father always bossed her around every day.

Her only ally was her grandma who was bedridden in the hospital, but she couldn’t even meet her because her relatives didn’t allow her to meet her grandma too often for some reason.

Because of that, Mylia was sensitive to other people’s kindness.

「By the way, it is said that the Road of the Farthest Land was made by a magician.」(Amnesia)

「’The Road of the Farthest Land’?」(Mylia)

「Hm? It’s the name of this road. Don’t you know about it?」(Amnesia)

「Hee… In the village, people simply called this road “The southern road”.」(Mylia)

「I see… So the locals don’t call it by its original name, huh?」(Amnesia)

「Some people called it “the road to Hamanulle” or “the forest road”. I think “the Road of the Farthest Land” sounds cooler, but I don’t know why they don’t call it that.」(Mylia)

「Perhaps the way you look at things will change depending on where you live.」(Amnesia)

「I see…」(Mylia)

「…….Mylia, you look so sleepy… You can sleep if you want. This will be a long trip after all.」(Amnesia)

「Eh? Can I?」(Mylia)

「Fufu, of course. Don’t worry, you won’t fall off the horse.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia held the reins with one hand and stroked Mylia’s head with the other hand.

「You stayed up late yesterday because of the test, so you must be sleepy now, right?」(Amnesia)

「Actually, yeah… I’m sleepy…」(Mylia)

「Then you can sleep now. Good night, Mylia.」(Amnesia)

「Thank you, Amnesia-san… Good night…」(Mylia)

Mylia leaned her body against Amnesia even more and closed her eyes.

(Ahh… Amnesia-san’s body really is comfortable… I feel like I’m going to have a nice dream…)




Mylia was dreaming.

She dreamt of having a fun dinner with Chloe, Titania, and Amnesia at Jojoen, her favorite yakiniku restaurant in Japan.

When she tried to take a half-grilled slice of meat, Titania stopped her and scolded her, but Mylia replied with a smile.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Amnesia were laughing, watching Mylia being scolded by Titania.

Mylia felt really happy to see the smiles of her loved ones.

She hoped this happiness would never end.

However, the ground started shaking all of a sudden.

The grilled meat that Mylia pinched with her chopsticks fell off, and suddenly the entire restaurant became dark.

Chloe, Titania, and Amnesia were nowhere to be found.

(Wh, What’s happening…!?)

The next moment, she heard someone calling her name.

「ーーlya! ーーMylia! Mylia, wake up!」

The first thing Mylia saw when she opened her eyes was Amnesia’s panicked face.

「…Mmm? Amnesia-san…?」(Mylia)

Mylia looked around.

She saw the ceiling of a small tent, and her body was wrapped in a blanket.

Apparently, she was sleeping in a tent.

「Mylia, listen. You have slept the whole day through. We have set a camp for us to rest, but unfortunately, we have to leave this place with all possible haste.」(Amnesia)

「Eh? Why…?」(Mylia)



Before Amnesia could finish her sentence, the ground suddenly shook along with a heavy sound as if a giant iron ball had fallen from the sky and hit the ground really hard.

「Hya! W, What was that!?」(Mylia)

Mylia immediately activated her sonar magic to check the surroundings.

She detected something big with a lot of magical power about several tens of meters away to the north.

(What is that!? A monster!? It’s really huge!)

「Mylia, there’s an elder dragon called Zirnitra nearby.」(Amnesia)

「A dragon!?」(Mylia)

「Yeah. I’ll explain it to you later, but first, we should leave this place as quickly as possible. Let’s go!」(Amnesia)

Without waiting for Mylia’s answer, Amnesia pulled Mylia’s arm to help her stand.

(A dragon! Whoaa…! As expected of a fantasy world!)

When the two went out of the tent, Mylia saw the head of a black dragon that was illuminated by the moonlight through the gap in the trees.

Zirnitra was the elder dragon that was once sealed by hundreds of magicians.

Due to its strong magical power and ferocity, it was once recorded as a disaster-class threat in the dictionary of monsters.

However, it was now recognized as a legendary dragon.

「So the legend was true that it was sleeping in the Farthest Forest…!」(Amnesia)

「But why is it awake now!?」(Mylia)

「I don’t know! The horses are beginning to panic. Let’s hurry!」(Amnesia)

The other two female knights abandoned their tents and quickly hopped onto their horses.

Amnesia started running toward her horse, but Mylia stopped and took out her magic bag from her pocket.


「Wait, I’ll collect the tents!」(Mylia)

When Mylia opened her magic bag, the tents were instantly sucked into it.

「Awesome! Now, let’s hurry!」(Amnesia)

Amnesia rushed to her horse, jumped on it, and extended her arm toward Mylia.



But when Mylia ran toward Amnesia, trying to reach her hand, Zirnitra stuck its head out of the trees, turned its face toward Mylia, and glared at her.



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  1. Taming a disaster class ancient elder dragon would be cool. Well, Zirnitra can’t help it. Dragons kind of love to test their strength and power.

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