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Chapter 1-41 : The Battle On The Way To The Royal Capital


Mylia looked back at Zirnitra, the elder dragon.

(Eh? It’s staring at me?)

Mylia sped up her running speed toward Amnesia, trying to reach Amnesia’s hand as quickly as possible.

However, Zirnitra opened its big mouth all of a sudden.

The inside of its mouth glowed brightly, and a large magic circle appeared in the air in front of its mouth.

「Mylia, watch outー!」(Amnesia)

As Amnesia shouted, a shockwave beam was launched from Zirnitra’s mouth.

Mylia immediately stopped running and turned around, facing Zirnitra.

She then quickly activated her magic.

「Cat-shaped defense magic, activate!」(Mylia)

A huge magic circle with a cute drawing of a cat’s face in the center appeared in front of Mylia.

There was a complicated yet stylish pattern in front of the cat’s face.

It was a cute magic circle that suit Mylia’s taste.


Amnesia jumped off her horse and ran quickly toward Mylia, trying to protect her.

The two other female knights also jumped off their horses and ran toward Mylia.

(If I don’t block that beam here, everyone will get hit!)

Zirnitra’s shockwave flew straight at Mylia.

The shockwave that contained an enormous amount of magical power destroyed all the trees and scooped out the ground along the way, and then directly hit Mylia’s cat-shaped barrier.


Zirnitra’s magical power collided with Mylia’s magical power.

The ground in front of Mylia that wasn’t covered by the barrier was scooped out and turned into a U-shape.

A jarring sound like two bars of metal with high density intermittently colliding against each other was heard.

(I should use more magical power! I can’t lose, or Amnesia-san and her friends willー!)

Mylia poured more of her magical power into the cat-shaped barrier, and then the shockwave beam from Zirnitra was pushed back little by little.

「Hnghhh…! Counterー!」(Mylia)

After Mylia visualized strongly in her mind while shouting, the shockwave reflected back at Zirnitra like a laser that bounced off a mirror.

Not only did Mylia return the shockwave back to Zirnitra, but she also turned the shockwave into a big black cat that was trying to attack Zirnitra.


Zirnitra, who had confidence in its magical power, was shocked.

The counter-attack from Mylia’s cat-shaped barrier couldn’t be avoided.

The black cat screamed, “Nyaaaー!” and then struck a strong ‘cat punch’ on Zirnitra’s face.

Zirnitra’s neck was twisted with great force and its head almost came off its neck.

Its giant body was blown away, fell, and dragged on the ground by the force, destroying the surrounding trees.

「Neko-chan, nice punch! Alright then, levitation magic, activate! 【Fly】!」(Mylia)

Mylia launched her body into the air to check the elder dragon’s condition.

(Whoaa! That dragon is freaking big!)

Mylia looked down at the giant 30 meter tall body of the elder dragon.

Jewel-like magic stones were stuck in the black scales that were covered in black miasma.

(This is… I feel like I have to kill this dragon before something bad happens.)

Mylia was worried that Zirnitra would come to Atwood territory and destroy everything in sight.

She didn’t want something bad to happen to Titania.

(Master forbade me to use ‘this’, but I feel like this is the only way I can defeat this dragon!)

「Mylia, what in the world was that cat!?… Never mind, we should stay away from here! Hurry!」(Amnesia)

Amnesia was shouting below.

It was natural that she had no idea about the cat because she had never heard of magic that could send a 30 meter tall dragon into the air like that.

It was completely outside the realm of common sense after all.

「Amnesia-san, I’m going to use explosion magic! I will try to focus the explosion to the area around its neck, but it may still be dangerous!」(Mylia)

「What the heck are you talking about!? Don’t be stupid! Mylia, I promised your onee-chan that I’d take you to the royal capital in one piece!」(Amnesia)

「I’ll fly away as fast as I can if it doesn’t work, so please let me try it! Magical barrier, activate!」(Mylia)

Mylia stretched her arm down toward Amnesia and created a barrier that covered Amnesia, the two other female knights, and the three horses.

「Please stay there for a while! I’ll try to make it quick!」(Mylia)

Zirnitra, who received a great impact to its head, couldn’t stand up for a while.

After confirming that she had enough time to prepare, Mylia took a deep breath.

(Alright, concentrate, Mylia…. Magical power circulation… Convert my magical power into flame….)

Mylia started concentrating.

Amnesia was still shouting, but Mylia didn’t hear her.

Mylia took a deep breath once again and then shouted.


Bright red light began to appear around the long neck of Zirnitra.

Zirnitra noticed the extraordinary magical power around its neck and tried to do something, but it was too late.


An ear-piercing sound cut through the air like a screaming demon.

Zirnitra couldn’t respond to the explosive flame magic that ignored the laws of physics.

Along with the explosive sound, thick black smoke rose from Zirnitra’s neck.

(Did I kill it…?)

Mylia blew the smoke away with wind magic.

She did land the explosion magic on Zirnitra’s neck, but unfortunately, because Zirnitra had a high magic resistance, it was still alive.

(Seriously…? I put quite a lot of magical power into the explosion though….. Hm?)

Now that the smoke was gone, Mylia noticed that the thick black scales around Zirnitra’s neck were gone.

(Ah! Maybe I can cut its neck off!)

As soon as Mylia came up with the idea of cutting off Zirnitra’s neck, she activated wind magic.

「Wind Blade!」(Mylia)

The big blade of wind flew straight toward Zirnitra’s wounded neck and cut through it cleanly.

ーーSLASH !!!

Zirnitra died quietly.

It was a complete victory for Mylia.

「Yes! I did itー! Aaahh~ that was quite terrifying though… I’m glad I’ve learned how to deal with enemies’ magical attacks thanks to Master! If I happen to encounter a dragon again next time, I can just defeat them this way!」(Mylia)

While saying that with a carefree tone, Mylia put her fist on her chest.

Even though she just killed an elder dragon, she looked like a girl who was happy after receiving pocket money from her parents.

「Oh, right! I have to collect it. Magic bag-chan, it’s your time to shine! I wonder what dragon meat tastes like~」(Mylia)

Mylia approached the corpse of the elder dragon and opened her magic bag.

And then both the decapitated head and the body of the elder dragon were sucked into the magic bag.

After that, Mylia flew back to Amnesia.

「Amnesia-san, I killed the dragon!」(Mylia)

Amnesia and the other knights looked up at Mylia, who was descending from the sky, with amazed faces.

「Amnesia-san? Oh right, the barrier.」(Mylia)

Mylia canceled the barrier, but Amnesia and the other knights were still frozen.

As soon as Mylia landed, she approached Amnesia.

「Amnesia-san…? Are you okay?」(Mylia)

「…Y, Yeah… I’m… okay…」(Amnesia)

「That’s great!」(Mylia)

「……I finally understand what Chloe meant by “Mylia has no common sense”… But, Mylia, you saved our lives. Thank you.」(Amnesia)

「Please don’t mention it. By the way, that dragon was quite strong! It was a fun battle!」(Mylia)

「…..Mylia, there aren’t any magicians in this country who can defeat an elder dragon alone, you know?」(Amnesia)

「Eh? Is that so?」(Mylia)

「Hahh… Your of lack of common sense scares me…」(Amnesia)

「Umm… But I’m still not good at manipulating my magical power though.」(Mylia)

(I didn’t tell Amnesia-san about Master, so she doesn’t know, but I’m pretty sure Master can easily defeat a dragon. I’m not strong at all compared to her.)

Certainly, Titania could defeat Zirnitra, but not easily. It would take around ten minutes for her to kill it while it only took Mylia a few minutes to kill it.

「That dragon might be a legendary monster, but it’s not that strong since a little girl like me can defeat it. Perhaps it lost its power due to aging?」(Mylia)

「I don’t think that was the case…」(Amnesia)

Amnesia looked at the ground and the trees that were destroyed by the shockwave beam, and then looked back at the purple-haired girl in front of her.

She prayed, hoping that Mylia would never lose her innocence.

Without saying anything, Amnesia hugged Mylia and stroked her head.

「Once again, thank you, Mylia. If you didn’t protect us, we would have been obliterated by the shockwave… You can expect a nice reward from Her Majesty when we get to the royal capital.」(Amnesia)

「Yaay! I’m looking forward to it!」(Mylia)

「Looks like we will be busy once we get there…」(Amnesia)

「I wonder if I will get money as a reward. I want to give it to Chloe onee-chan.」(Mylia)

「Un. I think that’s good.」(Amnesia)

If the reward turned out to be money, it wouldn’t be only a single gold coin. There would be a lot of them.

The image of Chloe’s troubled face when Mylia gave all the reward money to her popped into Amnesia’s head.




-Two months later-

Mylia came to the royal palace that was in the center of the royal capital.

Her Majesty, the Queen, who was sitting on the throne looked down at Mylia.

「The Seventh Daughter of the Atwood Family, Mylia de la Atwood, come forward.」(queen)


「Mylia… step forward… hurry.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who was standing next to Mylia, whispered with a tense look on her face.


Mylia was confused.

She was forced to have an audience with the most powerful person in the Kingdom of Adrashelm, the Queen, Kushana Germaine de la Ruzé Adrashelm.



-End of Arc 1-



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