Chapter 1-39 : Good Bye, Lavender Fields (part 2)


「Good bye, my ugly older sister. I don’t want to see your face anymore.」(Mylia)

After saying that, Mylia felt refreshed.

She had been wanting to say that to Robin for a long time.

For the kind Mylia, those words were enough to make herself feel better.

Aaron, Ella, Bonnie, and Alex were surprised to see Mylia mocking Robin like that, but of course, the one who was most surprised was Robin herself.

(Ahh, I finally said it…! Uwa! Her ugly face became even more ugly!)

Robin’s distorted face became as red as a tomato.

Her eyebrows were raised high and deep wrinkles were formed on her forehead and around her nose.

She looked like a demon even more.

「MMmmMmMー! MMmmmMmmMMmmMー!!」(Robin)

She approached Mylia with such a scary face while still trying to shout.

(Hiiiyyyー! Stay away from me! Paralyzing magic, activate!)

Mylia used magic to immobilize Robin.

From the other people’s perspective, Robin now looked like a frozen caterpillar that was standing upright.

Now that Robin became quiet, Aaron stepped forward, trying to get Mylia back again.

Ella and Alex also looked like they wanted to say something.

As for Alex, he has been staring at Mylia’s cute skirt and knee-high socks.

Looking at them, Amnesia couldn’t hold her anger any longer. She took out her sword from the sheath.

Hearing the sound of a sword being pulled, Aaron stopped.

「I’m going to take Miss Mylia to the royal capital no matter what! If anyone wants to stop me, I won’t hesitate to cut their head off!」(Amnesia)

Amnesia gave the family members the final warning while holding her sword straight forward.

Aaron, Ella, Alex, and Robin, who saw their faces reflected on the shining blade of Amnesia’s sword, were frozen. Only Bonnie was calm because she didn’t feel any threat from Amnesia.

And for a few seconds, the church has regained its original state. Silence.

After glaring at them for a moment, Amnesia put back her sword to the sheath and turned to Mylia.

「Mylia, let’s go.」(Amnesia)


Amnesia and Mylia held hands, and before going, they approached the priest.

「Father, I’m sorry for the nuisance we have caused. And please don’tー」(Amnesia)

「ーDon’t worry about it. I didn’t hear nor see anything here.」(priest)

「…Thank you for your understanding.」(Amnesia)

(Hm? Does Amnesia-san intend to hide what happened here? I thought she would report my family to the royal capital. Is it because the Atwood Family is just a poor noble family that rules a remote area in the countryside so it’s not even worth reporting on?)

Actually, Mylia’s thought was half correct and half wrong.

Amnesia, who was a knight and the Countess, could report this to Her Majesty if she wanted.

However, she thought that reporting and punishing the Atwood Family members wouldn’t benefit anyone.

Besides, there was the possibility that the Atwood Family would get stripped of their nobility, and Amnesia was worried if that would affect Chloe and Mylia’s life as students in the Royal Girls’ Academy.

Amnesia thought that it was better if Chloe and Mylia could stay as nobles because living in the royal capital could be easier that way.

Amnesia prioritized Chloe and Mylia’s life over politics.

And as Mylia guessed, aristocratic families that rule remote areas like the Atwood Family matter little to the kingdom.

But if Aaron hurt Mylia in front of Amnesia more than this, Amnesia wouldn’t hesitate to use everything she had to destroy the Atwood Family.

Aaron was lucky that Amnesia was kind enough to overlook his wrong deeds.

「Mylia ojou-chan, farewell. Do your best in the royal capital and don’t catch a cold.」(priest)

Now that his stiff shoulders and rheumatism were healed, the priest could say his farewell with a smile and a slightly straight posture.

The priest could now look up at the Celis-sama statue without feeling pain in his back anymore.

「Un. Father, thank you for everything you did for Chloe onee-chan and me. You too, don’t get sick. Until we meet again someday.」(Mylia)

「Hahaha! Don’t worry. I don’t know why, but now I feel like I can live for another 20 years!」(priest)

「I see. I’m glad for you!」(Mylia)

Mylia bowed to the priest once and turned to her family members that were still frozen.

They couldn’t believe that Mylia, an absent-minded girl who couldn’t do anything, would actually leave the house and go to the royal capital.

「…….Thank you for raising me. I hope I will never come back again.」(Mylia)

Mylia looked straight at her family and said her farewell without bowing.

Ella and Bonnie looked somewhat sad, Alex looked so regretful, and Robin and Aaron looked so frustrated.


「Mm! Mmmm….!」(Robin)

Only Robin and Aaron couldn’t accept it until the end.

「We are going now.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia bowed politely to all the Atwood Family members and the priest.

Mylia and Amnesia then walked to the entrance while holding hands, joining the other two female knights who had been waiting there.



(Aaahh… It’s finally over…)

When they went outside, the sun was already right above them. It was noon already.

Amnesia, who was walking next to Mylia, took a deep breath.

She also felt relieved because she didn’t have to deal with that troublesome family again.

「Mylia, I’ll take care of you on our way to the royal capital, so you can rest easy.」(Amnesia)

「Un! I’ll be in your care, Amnesia-san!」(Mylia)

Mylia replied to Amnesia with a bright smile.

「Fufu. By the way, have you packed your luggage?」(Amnesia)

「Yup. It’s all already in my magic bag.」(Mylia)

「Great. Let’s get going then. After all that happened, I don’t feel like seeing lavender fields for a while.」(Amnesia)

「They are still buds now, but when the lavender flowers are in full bloom, they will look beautiful. I said I would never come back again, but maybe I’ll come here again to sightsee someday, without visiting the Atwood’s mansion, of course. How about you, Amnesia-san?」(Mylia)

「No, I don’t think I want to come here again. This territory is far from the royal capital after all.」(Amnesia)

(Ah, I forgot that Amnesia-san can’t use teleportation magic.)

There were three white horses tied to the fences in the front yard of the church. They were Amnesia and her companions’ horses.

「By the way, have you ever ridden a horse?」(Amnesia)


「Figures. It will be swaying a lot, but you will get used to it eventually. When I took Chloe to the royal capital, she looked sick at first but then she got used to it.」(Amnesia)

「I see.」(Mylia)

Amnesia untied her horse, mounted it, and extended her hand to Mylia.

「Grab my hand.」(Amnesia)

When she leaned her body to the side, her beautiful blonde hair fell off her shoulders.

In Mylia’s eyes, Amnesia looked like a goddess who would take her to freedom.

Mylia grabbed Amnesia’s hand, and then Amnesia gently pulled Mylia’s body up and let Mylia sit in front of her.

(Bye bye, my hated family… Bye bye, beautiful lavender fields… Bye bye…. My beloved master…)



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