Chapter 1-39 : Good Bye, Lavender Fields (part 1)


Amnesia, who had learned Blue Eyes Family’s martial art since she was little, threw Aaron’s big body to the ground without breaking a sweat.

「Lord Atwood, what in the world are you trying to do? Did you want to hurt your daughter? I won’t forgive you if you do that.」(Amnesia)

After she said that, Amnesia took her hand off Aaron’s wrist.

(Whoaa…! So cool!)

Mylia’s eyes were shining.

She was impressed with Amnesia who could throw Aaron even though she was a lot smaller than him.


While holding his wrist, Aaron stood up slowly and shook his head.

He then blinked several times and slowly opened his eyes.

「She’s mine… I won’t let you take her…!」(Aaron)

「Were you even listening to me? She is already under the protection of Her Majesty. If you still want to ‘abduct’ her, you will be severely punished.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia talked calmly, but her words were sharp.

Even the muscle-brained Aaron knew what she meant.

「But howー!?」(Aaron)

Aaron pointed his finger at Amnesia.

He looked like he really wanted to hit her.

His blood vessels could be seen in his arm.

「ーHow the hell can Mylia use magic!? The result of her aptitude test said that she didn’t have magic talent! Oi, Mylia! Why didn’t you ever tell me you could use magic!?」(Aaron)

(Are you dumb? Of course it was because you would force me to go hunt with you every day if I told you.)

「Why are you asking her? You should be the one who understands the reason the most.」(Amnesia)

「Me? The hell are you talking about!? I asked her because I don’t know!」(Aaron)

Mylia and Amnesia sighed at the same time.

They were amazed by how stupid Aaron was.

「Father, do you remember how useless she is? She might be able to use magic, but that doesn’t mean that she’s good at it!」(Robin)

Robin, who was still trying to open her eyes, joined the war.

(Here we go… Another idiot who will make things more complicated.)

「I bet she can only use that lame light magic! Yeah, that must be the case! She doesn’t have magic talent after all! The test was fair, you said? Hey, Miss knight, aren’t you ashamed to give this useless pipsqueak a pass!?」(Robin)

Robin started yelling again.

It looked like she regained her self-confidence even though she was still blinking, feeling pain in her eyes.

「You should take me instead of this useless pipsqueak! I will definitely be more useful to the kingdom than her!」(Robin)


(…This woman’s stupidity is beyond help…)

Amnesia and Mylia looked at Robin with disgusted eyes.

They thought there was something wrong with her head.

「Mylia, where the hell did you get all the money to pay for the test and buy those clothes!? Answer me! And then give those clothes to me along with your remaining money!」(Robin)

(Say what? I have no idea what she’s talking about. Does she really think that I’ll give these precious clothes I got from my beloved master to her?)

「That outfit is so pretty. I’ll have a tailor make one that fits my size.」(Robin)

(Ughh…! My brain! The image of this woman wearing this kind of cute outfit burns my brain!)

Feeling disgusted by the horrible image in her head, Mylia suddenly had a headache and a stomach ache at the same time.

「Ahh~ I wonder what I will buy with your money~ I can buy a lot of cookies and clothes~ Oh, right. Give me the remaining pepper rock salt you have too. You have no right to refuse. Just how much food do you think this family has given you? You have been useless to this family, but now is the time for you to repay our kindness. Don’t get cocky just because you can use light magic. Now be a good girl and give me all you have!」(Robin)

(Whoa, whoa, whoa…. She went crazy… No, she’s already crazy from the beginning… But there’s no way I will give all my precious stuff to a crazy woman like her.)


Mylia shook her head and glared back at Robin with disgusted eyes.

「Y, You cheeky little bitch! Come here! I’ll give you a lesson for disobeying your big sis!」(Robin)

Robin, who spoke with a calmer voice for a moment, returned to her true nature.

「Don’t touch Miss Mylia! And please be quiet already! I’m tired of hearing you shout!」(Amnesia)


Amnesia shouted at Robin suddenly to silence her for a moment.

She then looked at Mylia, put her index finger at her lips and winked.

(Ehh!? She wants a kiss? W, Well, I don’t mind kissing her, but… No, no, no. There’s no way Amnesia-san asking for a kiss at a time like this. She’s definitely asking me to do something else…… Ah, I got it!)

Mylia’s face turned bright red for a moment, but then she nodded at Amnesia after she found out what she meant.

「T, This is the Atwood Family’s problem! You’re the one who should shut your mouth! Besidesーー」(Robin)

(Converting my magical power into sticky substance… Adhesive magic, activate!)

A translucent magical aura flew from Mylia’s hands and stuck to Robin’s mouth.

「ーーa female knight like you shoummmMmMm!? MmmmMmmMmmmMmmmm!? MMMMMーー!!」(Robin)

Robin was desperately trying to talk by moving all the muscles in her face, making her demonic face look even more terrifying, but still, she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Amnesia had seen Mylia’s adhesive magic in yesterday’s exam, so she thought maybe Mylia could shut Robin’s mouth.

「MMmmmmMmmMMmmmMー! MMMmmmー!!!」(Robin)

「Hm? Pardon me, Miss, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Miss Mylia, do you know what she is talking about?」(Amnesia)

「Nope~ Unfortunately, I only speak human~」(Mylia)

The two looked at each other and grinned as if they were holding back laughter.

Mylia then glared at Robin with a spiteful face and said her farewell.

「Good bye, my ugly older sister. I don’t want to see your face anymore.」(Mylia)



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    1. Both. =P

      …but I also think she’s traumatized to some degree by the mistreatment she’s received in both lives, with clamming up being her primary defense mechanism up to this point.

  1. Nonsense. You obviously don’t understand Orientals like us. Often, in a pointless argument, if we keep quiet, it’s because inside, we’re thinking how stupid the person and the argument is, and that it’s not even worth our effort and time to bother to argue back. The winner of an argument isn’t the loudest person, it’s the most logical and convincing person. And most importantly, the person who gets the last laugh.

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