Chapter 1-38 : The Family Members Who Don’t Want To Believe


The Atwood Family members who gathered at the church were frozen after they saw Mylia.

They were confused because Mylia looked totally different thanks to her natural expression and her new outfit.

Aaron, Ella, Bonnie, Alex, and Robin were looking at Mylia with different eyes.

Only Jasmine hadn’t come to the church because she had bad eyesight.

(What should I do…? Should I act like usual…?)

「Mylia, because you didn’t come home, your mother was worried and came here, but after I told her that you passed the test, she went home and came back with the other family members. Aren’t you grateful to have them seeing you off today?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia broke the silence.

She was trying to take control of the room since Robin would likely shout a lot today.

「Seeing me off? Well… thank you… very much?」(Mylia)

Amnesia had heard about the Atwood Family from Chloe, so she knew that none of those people would be happy with Mylia’s success in passing the test.

She said something like that to emphasize that Mylia really passed the test.

The priest who was standing in front of the statue of the goddess nodded to Amnesia’s words.

「Huh!? Seeing off, you say!? This pipsqueak passed the test, you say!!? Don’t screw with me!」(Robin)

Robin stepped forward and confronted Amnesia.

She looked so mad that the veins on her forehead could be seen.

「Oi, examiner-sama, just what kind of test did you give to this pipsqueak!? Don’t tell me… Chloe bribed you to give Mylia a pass, didn’t she!? Ahh, she must have earned a lot of money from rich men in the royal capital! She has a pretty face after all!」(Robin)

Robin’s loud voice echoed in the church, making the priest shiver.

「Why are you silent!? Answer me!」(Robin)

Robin stomped the floor really hard as she said that.

The other family members didn’t stop Robin because they also didn’t believe that Mylia passed the test.

Amnesia raised her eyebrows and glared at Robin.

「Are you mocking Her Majesty!? The exam is based on the sacred and fair examination standard in the Adrashelm Royal Girls’ Academy! If there were examiners who were caught taking bribes, their hands would be cut off, and I’m not stupid enough to do something foolish like that!」(Amnesia)

As a daughter of the Count, Amnesia didn’t become a knight for nothing.

(Yeah! Also, how dare you talk ill about Chloe onee-chan like that!)

Mylia was angry.

She believed that her beloved Chloe wouldn’t do something disgraceful like that.

「Still, I don’t believe that this pipsqueak, absent-minded girl who can’t do anything, managed to pass the test! There’s no way she will live in the prosperous royal capital while I, her older sister, lives in a poor village like this! I will never accept it!」(Robin)

Robin didn’t seem to understand the meaning of Amnesia’s words.

She was consumed by anger.

「Which class did she choose!? Chloe chose the commercial class, then what about that pipsqueak!? Is there a sleeping class or something in that school!?」(Robin)

(Sleeping class… Ahh, I may want to enter that kind of class…)

Responding to Robin’s question, Amnesia answered with a calm expression.

「Miss Mylia will be studying in the magician class.」(Amnesia)

「Ha………….? HAAAHHHHー!?!?」(Robin)

Robin was really shocked. She opened her mouth and eyes really wide.

The other family members were also surprised. They thought that Amnesia was joking.

(I’ve been using magic quite often, like when I used body strengthening to make my head as hard as a rock when she hit my head, but she didn’t seem to realize it. What a stupid woman…)

Magicians are precious in this world.

Many people admire them and dream of becoming one.

From others’ perspective, Mylia who always stared at the distance with her stupid face didn’t look like a magician at all.

「…..Are you fucking kidding me!? If a girl who can’t do anything can be a magician, so can I! You should take me to the royal capital too!」(Robin)

(I don’t think this woman needs to be a magican. She can make monsters run away like little cats with her angry face…)

Mylia hid behind Amnesia, she didn’t want to see Robin’s face.

「Oi, pipsqueak! What the hell did you do to cheat the test!? Just tell me already!」(Robin)

「Hm? I don’t know what you’re talking about.」(Mylia)

「Khhhー! This fuckingー」(Robin)

Robin stepped forward, trying to approach Mylia, but Amnesia immediately stretched her right arm to block Robin’s way.

「Halt! Don’t approach Miss Mylia any further. As I said before, the test was fair, and Miss Mylia passed the test with her own abilities. If you go furtherー」(Amnesia)

「ー!!I don’t caー」(Robin)

「ーーRobin, stop!」(Ella)

Ella quickly hugged Robin from the back to stop her before something bad happened.

She didn’t believe Mylia was a magician, but she couldn’t let Robin endanger the family with her stupid actions.

Ella was a pushover but she acted wisely sometimes.

「Stupid mother! Let go of me!」(Robin)

「Calm down, you stupid daughter!」(Ella)

Robin struggled to get out of her mother’s arm, but Ella didn’t let that happen.

While watching mother and daughter fighting each other, Amnesia started talking.

「Miss Mylia passed the test to enter the Royal Girls’ Academy and will be studying in the magician class is an unwavering fact. No matter what you people say, she is now under Her Majesty’s protection.」(Amnesia)

Actually, there were many cases like this where the students were confined by their abusive families, and in order to silence those kinds of families, the examiners usually told them the fact that the students were under the protection of Her Majesty.

Listening to what Amnesia said, Robin and Ella stopped fighting and looked at Amnesia with their hair all messy.

Aaron, who had been silent, looked at Mylia and talked to her with a low voice.

「Oi, try using magic.」(Aaron)


「Stop hiding behind that woman and show me how you use magic.」(Aaron)

He ordered Mylia as if commanding a servant.

「Th, That’s right! If you chose the magician class, you should be able to use magic! I doubt you can even light a candle though!」(Robin)

「Amnesia-sama, pardon me but I think you made a mistake. There’s no way this child can use magic since she has no aptitude for magic…」(Ella)

Aaron, Robin, and Ella. They were all doubting Mylia.

(Should I show them…?)

Mylia looked up at Amnesia with a confused face.

「Mylia, show them your light magic.」(Amnesia)

「Light magic? But I want to show them my explosion magic.」(Mylia)

「You will blow up this church if you use it! ーAhem. Anyway, show them your ball of light that you showed me yesterday.」(Amnesia)

After she said that, Amnesia closed her eyes.

「Alright then.」(Mylia)

Mylia nodded and stretched her arms forward.

(Magic circulation… Convert my magical power to light…)

「Be bright!」(Mylia)


The moment Mylia shouted, the inside of the church became really bright.


「What theーー!!??」(Robin)




「ーーOh, my goddess !!」(priest)

Everyone was blocking the light with their hands while squinting.

「M, My eyes…!」(Robin)

「It’s so dazzling…!」(Ella)

Robin and Ella crouched down, feeling pain in their eyes because they were the closest to Mylia.

「Aaahh! This looks like Celis-sama’s light of blessing! Please give this old believer your blessing, Celis-sama!」(priest)

The priest on the other hand, was trying to approach the light, but then he kneeled in pain.

(Fufu. How’s my magic!?… Hm? Fa, Father!?)

「Father, are you okay!?」(Mylia)

Mylia stopped her magic and quickly approached the priest who was holding his face with both hands.

「Ce, Celis-sama…」(priest)

「No, I’m Mylia… Let me see your eyes.」(Mylia)

After Mylia used healing magic, the pain in the priest’s eyes disappeared.

But not only that, his stiff shoulders, aching back, and rheumatism were also healed.

Mylia smiled at the priest and let go of him.

(I should heal Bonnie onee-sama’s eyes too.)

Mylia created a ball of healing magic and sent it flying toward Bonnie’s eyes.

She helped her because Bonnie was one of the family members who never did anything bad to her.

As her eyes healed, Bonnie’s pale face became a little brighter than before.

「Do you understand now? Miss Mylia is a magician. She will move to the royal capital and study at the Royal Girls’ Academy to become a great magician who will make a big contribution to this kingdom in the future. Don’t worry, I will escort her to the royal capital safely.」(Amnesia)

This time, Aaron was the one who couldn’t stay still.

He shouted while holding his face.

「Oi, Mylia! So you’ve been hiding it from me all this time!? I will never let you go! You’re mine! I won’t let that woman take you away! You will be hunting monsters with me everyday from now on! Your magic power is mine!!!」(Aaron)

Still with his eyes closed, Aaron randomly swung his arms while dashing forward.

(Hiiiyyー! A gorilla is charging at meー!)

Mylia knew she had to dodge his rampaging muscle-brained father, but her body stiffened.

However, with a calm expression, Amnesia quickly grabbed Aaron’s arm, slammed his body to the floor, and twisted his wrist.





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  1. No, she doesn’t have to dodge. She has a constantly active impenetrable magic shield. Silly third person omniscient narrator, you need to remember these things.

  2. Praise to the World Tree!

    it not like all her sister are bad in fact so far only what-her-name is bad, I don’t know about the other because they never talk… like at all

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