Chapter 1-37 : A Gift From Master


The next morning when Mylia woke upー

(Mmm~….. Hm? Master….?)

ーTitania wasn’t in the bed.

(It’s rare that Master wakes up before me…)

Mylia got out of the bed and headed to the sink in the kitchen to wash her face and brush her teeth.

(Mmm~ It’s a pleasant morning.)

It’s a memorable day for Mylia because she will leave the Atwood Territory today.

Mylia’s heart was now as clear as a cloudless sky.

After bruising her teeth, Mylia went outside.

She found Titania sitting on a tree stump, sunbathing.

(There she is. She looks beautiful when she’s sunbathing on a tree stump like that. It looks like the cover of a fantasy story book or something, but the title will be “A Beautiful Elf With Messy Clothes”…)

Titania’s dress had come undone and the hem stuck out of her skirt.

Mylia was relieved that Titania was the same as usual.

「Master, good morning. It’s a nice morning, isn’t it?」(Mylia)

「Fwaaaaaaaaaahhhh~~~ MmmhhMm~…. Good moaning~…..」(Titania)

「That’s a big yawn as usual… And that was indeed a good ‘moaning’….Fufu.」(Mylia)

Mylia found it funny and giggled.

「I’m not moaning. You will forget what you just saw in 3, 2, 1ー」(Titania)

「Okay, okay~」(Mylia)

Mylia responded to Titania’s fake hypnotism with a smile.

When Titania stood up and stretched her body, Mylia immediately fixed her messy clothes.

「Thank you. You’re such a thoughtful girl.」(Titania)

Titania put her hand on Mylia’s head and looked at her face.

「Mylia, congratulations on passing the exam. I watched you with clairvoyance last night.」(Titania)

「Thank you, Master. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things.」(Mylia)

「Well, you’re my disciple after all, so it’s only natural that you passed the test!」(Titania)


Mylia smiled brightly at Titania.

Titania smiled back and gently hugged Mylia as if she was her own daughter.

「…..Mylia… Take care….」(Titania)


For Mylia, Titania wasn’t only a magic teacher, but also a mother, a sister, and a friend.

Titania’s house will always be Mylia’s home.

「Please come back once in a while. If you master teleportation magic, you can come here anytime from the royal capital in a second.」(Titania)

「…Un, I’ll try my best.」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia buried her face in Titania’s chest.

「Fufu. You’re such a cute girl…」(Titania)

Titania responded to her by stroking her head.

After a while of hugging each other, Titania tapped Mylia’s houlder, gently pushed her away, and wiped Mylia’s tears with her sleeve.

「Alright, enough with this melancholic atmosphere. It’s not like we won’t be able to meet again, right? I’ll also practice teleportation magic so I can visit you in the royal capital. No, not only the royal capital. We should keep practicing teleportation magic until we’re able to travel around the world!」(Titania)

「That seems impossible but let’s do our best!」(Mylia)

「Oh, right. I have a gift for you.」(Titania)

「A gift!? Really!?」(Mylia)

「Of course. Why should I lie?」(Titania)

Titania couldn’t help but smile seeing Mylia’s sparkling eyes.

(I thought gifts like Christmas gifts or birthday gifts were just urban legends!)

Mylia has never once received a present from someone other than her grandma in her entire previous life.

Her good-for-nothing father had bought her something once, but it was just a small bottle of soy sauce from a convenience store, and it was extremely cheap, only 89 yen.

「Come, come~」(Titania)

As Titania moved her index finger, the front door of her house opened and a large parcel flew toward them.

The wrapping had a ribbon woven with flowers.

Elves had the custom of giving presents in this way to young people who leave the village and start a journey.

「A present! A gift! It’s real!」(Mylia)

「Of course it’s real. Go ahead and open it.」(Titania)

Mylia excitedly approached the gift that fell softly on a tree stump and carefully opened the wrapping.


Mylia spread the clothes that were neatly folded one by one.

There was a dark blue robe with a magic circle drawn on the back, a classy white shirt, a red ribbon, a plaid pleated skirt, a pair of white high socks, and a pair of leather shoes.

「Waaahh! They look so cute! Thank you, Master! I really like them!」(Mylia)

Mylia hugged the robe to her chest and jumped around in joy.

「Fufu. I’m glad you like them.」(Titania)

Titania smiled seeing her beloved disciple really happy with the present.

「Master, I want to put them on!」(Mylia)

「Okay, okay~」(Titania)

With Titania’s help, Mylia changed clothes.

「How do I look~?」(Mylia)

Saying that, Mylia spun around once.

「Un. You look cute. But you will look even cuter if you can calm yourself down.」(Titania)

「Ehh, that’s rude!」(Mylia)

Mylia puffed her cheeks.

Her dark blue robe and red ribbon looked great with her long purple hair.

Her white high socks made her look cuter.

If Chloe saw Mylia right now, she was likely to hug her while stroking her head endlessly.

「Those clothes have features like anti-degradation, automatic cleaning, physical resistance, and magical resistance. They are knitted with a special thread that is a mixture of magical silkworms’ thread and mithril. Aren’t they amazing?」(Titania)

「Mithril!? So you used mithril!? But…」(Mylia)

「It’s okay. For me, it’s just a rock. You don’t need to mind it. I turned it into powder and mixed it with the thread.」(Titania)

「Turning it into powder… I see. I’ll remember it.」(Mylia)

「Magic has infinite possibilities after all!」(Titania)

Titania puffed out her chest and made a smug face as she said that.

Both Titania and Mylia were happy with the clothes, but unfortunately, neither of them have common sense.

They didn’t know that they needed to hide something as great as those clothes from the people in the royal capital.

「Ah, I’ll give you this too.」(Titania)

Titania took out her magic bag from her pocket and took out a big gunny sack.

「There are a lot of everyday clothes like underwear and dresses inside. You haven’t prepared your luggage, have you?」(Titania)

「I haven’t… I was thinking of buying clothes in the royal capital later.」(Mylia)

「It takes two months to reach the royal capital, you know? Did you forget?」(Titania)

「Ah, you’re right…」(Mylia)

「Have you put your toothbrush and towel in your magic bag?」(Titania)

「They’re already in my bag.」(Mylia)

「Good. Let’s have breakfast. We can check your luggage in your magic bag later.」(Titania)


The two of them went into the house and had a simple breakfast with bread, vegetables and fruits Mylia bought at Hamanulle.

After that, they check Mylia’s magic bag and confirmed that there was no problem.

Well, actually, it was far from having no problem.

There were tons of iron ingots, monster materials, rock salt, silver, gold, mithril, magic stones, ect.

There were nothing but ‘problems’ inside Mylia’s magic bag, but they were not aware of it since they had no common sense.

「Well then, see you, Mylia. I’ll go visit you when I feel like it.」(Titania)

「Un. Master, thank you. Thank you for everything! I’m going now! Levitation magic, activated. 【Fly】! 」(Mylia)

As Mylia flew away, they waved their hands until they couldn’t see each other.

(See you again, Master…)

Mylia flew over the trees, and landed before she passed the forest.

Because there were many villagers who woke up early, she decided to walk to the church.

「Eh? Mylia ojou-chan…?」(villager)

「Good morning~」(Mylia)

The villagers were surprised to see Mylia, who they thought was an absent-minded child, walking happily on the village street.

Now that she didn’t have to act like an absent-minded girl anymore, she could finally greet the villagers with a smile.

(Ahh~ It feels great to be able to act naturally~)

「I’m back~ Amnesia-san, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Mylia)

When Mylia opened the door of the church, the people inside were surprised to see Mylia entering the church with new clothes and a smile on her face.

「….Pi.. Pipsqueak…?」(Robin)

「…You… Are you really Mylia…?」(Aaron)

(Eh? What the hell are they doing here…?)

There was Amnesia, her two female knights companions, and the rest of the Atwood Family in the church.



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  1. Her 1st good-for-nothing father (since she got a 2ñd worse one in her reincarnated life) buying her soy sauce as a gift wasn’t really a gift. It’s basically like telling her to cook better food for him.

  2. Hmmm… Mages usually have staves or wands to help channel their magical energy more easily and precisely (since they act as a wire kind of thing with a focal point at the end), though it’s not necessary. Just make life easier.

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