Chapter 1-36 : Mylia’s Exam Results


Mylia completed the written test and interview without any problems.

She was able to answer about half of the questions in the written test.

The questions were about the history of the kingdom, the geography, aristocratic family names, law, and more, which she had learned from Chloe.

(I’m not bad at memorizing, but there are so many aristocratic names in this kingdom… I could only remember the main family names and their crests… I hope Amnesia-san is not disappointed in me…)

Mylia was waiting for the test results with an uneasy expression.

She had passed the magic test which was the most important one, so she would most likely pass the test, but even so, she couldn’t rest easy until Amnesia told her the results.

After sitting on a church chair, waiting for a while, Mylia’s stomach growled.

「Uhh… I’m hungry…」(Mylia)

「Fufu.」(female knight)

One of Amnesia’s companions who was standing at the entrance of the church laughed a little while glancing at Mylia with gentle eyes.

She found Mylia, whose stomach was growling, was cute.

(Come to think of it, I only took a small bite of black bread before Amnesia-san took me here…)

Mylia took one skewer of grilled Dabola meat from her magic bag.

(Good thing I have this bag. Mmm~ Dabola-chan, you’re so delicious~)

It was a perfect food for when hunger strikes.

「Umm, do you want to try it?」(Mylia)

Mylia offered grilled Dabola meat to the female knight who was looking at her with curious eyes from the entrance.

「Can I?」(female knight)

「Of course.」(Mylia)

The female knight approached Mylia, received one skewer of Dabola meat and took a bite.

「This is really good…」(female knight)

「I’m glad you like it.」(Mylia)

They started eating Dabola meat side by side on the chairs for a while.

「Actually, I have a little sister who is about your age. You remind me of her.」(female knight)


「Umm… Would you mind if I stroke your head?」(female knight)

「Eh? I don’t mind. Go ahead.」(Mylia)

The female knight put her hand on Mylia’s head and started stroking it.

(She said I reminded her of her little sister, but she also reminds me of Chloe onee-chan…)

And then, they started talking with each other while being surrounded by the church’s lights that were shining faintly.

Those lights were the only magic tool in the village, and they seemed to be the priest’s personal belongings.

After a while, Amnesia came out from the room in the back.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Amnesia)

Mylia stood up straight with a tense face as Amnesia approached her.

「Do… Do I pass the test…?」(Mylia)

Amnesia smiled at Mylia and cleared her throat.

「Ahem. The Seventh Daughter of the Atwood Family, Mylia de la Atwood, your magic test is graded as “Excellent”, you got 132 points on the written test, and your interview was great… Mylia, congratulations, you passed the test!」(Amnesia)

「I pass… I passed the test…! Yayー! I did it! Chloe onee-chan, I did it! I’m so happy!」(Mylia)

Mylia burst into joy. She jumped and hugged Amnesia.

Amnesia was a little surprised, but then she gently stroked Mylia’s head.

「Amnesia-san, thank you very much for coming early! Thank you for allowing me to take the test tonight!」(Mylia)

「You’re welcome. I’m glad I came here. Mylia, you will be a great magician of this kingdom in the future!」(Amnesia)

「I don’t know if I can become one, but I’d like to study a lot with Chloe onee-chan in school! Ahh… I’m really glad that I passed the test… I can really leave this territory for good now…」

Aaron, the muscle-brained father who only saw Mylia as a thing.
Ella, the ignorant mother who couldn’t talk back to her husband.
Robin, the evil older sister who always hit Mylia’s head the moment she saw her.
Alex, the son-in-law who always stared at Mylia with disgusting eyes.

At that moment, the four years she had spent at that house flashed through her head.

The two years without Chloe were the toughest ones.

But now she could finally be free.

(Chloe onee-chan, thank you… Master, thank you…!)

Amnesia took out a handkerchief from her armor pocket, crouched down, and gently wiped Mylia’s tears.

「Mylia, your efforts have paid off…」(Amnesia)

Mylia was so happy. She couldn’t stop crying.

「…Hiks… Zangkyu bewwy much… Amnezia-zan… hiks…」(Mylia)


Amnesia carried Mylia from behind and made Mylia sit on her laps.

Amnesia’s breastplate felt cold on Mylia’s head, but her thighs were warm and soft.

「You did really well. Good girl, good girl.」(Amnesia)




After Mylia calmed down and stopped crying, they had dinner with the soup the Priest made and the bread Amnesia brought for the trip.

Unlike the black bread Mylia always ate in the Atwood’s mansion, the bread Amnesia brought was soft and easy to chew.

As her thanks for the bread, Mylia took out grilled Dabola meat and some Wasara fruits from her magic bag.

Amnesia looked a little surprised when Mylia was taking stuff from the magic bag.

(Why does she look surprised? Magicians normally have magic bags, right?)

With such a question in mind, Mylia enjoyed the peaceful dinner at the church until her usual time to sleep.

「Amnesia-san, we’re leaving tomorrow, right?」(Mylia)

「Yeah. What’s wrong?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who was unequipping her dress armor, about to get some rest, nodded to Mylia.

「Umm… I want to sleep in the forest tonight. I’ve been spending most of my time there, and this will be my last night being in this territory, so… I want to say goodbye to herー I mean, to the forest…」(Mylia)

「But… that forest is monster territory, right? It’s dangerous to spend the night there.」(Amnesia)

「Don’t worry, I have protection magic. No one can hurt me.」(Mylia)

「I, Is that so…?」(Amnesia)

(Magical power circulation… Covering the air around me with my magical power…. Barrier activated!)

A translucent big ball spread out from Mylia’s body and enveloped her.

There were magic formulas floating around it.

「This is… a barrier?」(Amnesia)

「Yup. Try to touch it.」(Mylia)

Amnesia nervously stretched her hand, but the moment she touched the barrier, her hand bounced off.

「Average monsters will be blown away the moment they touch it.」(Mylia)

「That’s amazing…」(Amnesia)

「So… Can I sleep in the forest? Please~」(Mylia)

Amnesia wanted to stop Mylia, but Mylia stared at her with cute upturned eyes, making it difficult for her to say no.

At that moment, Amnesia remembered that Mylia said that her master was the forest, so she thought that the forest must be important to Mylia.

「…..Okay, but please be careful. And… take this with you.」(Amnesia)

While saying that, Amnesia took out a mysterious ball as big as a baseball and gave it to Mylia.

「What is this?」(Mylia)

「If you throw it on the ground, it will make an explosive sound. When you run out of magical power or in an emergency, don’t hesitate to use it. I will come to you right away.」(Amnesia)

「Got it! Thank you, Amnesia-san! I’m going now!」(Mylia)

「Please be really careful!」(Amnesia)

「Don’t worry! Levitation magic activated.【Fly】! 」(Mylia)

Mylia flew out of the church and headed into the northern forest.

Yes, she was heading for Titania’s house, the only place where she could meet her beloved master.

(I’m going to be Master’s pillow for tonight!)

The village at night was so quiet.

Mylia could only hear the noise of wind on her ears.

When she arrived at Titania’s house, she went straight inside without knocking.

She headed to Titania’s bedroom and slowly opened the door.

Titania was sleeping soundly in her bed.

Mylia brought her face closer to Titania’s long ear and whispered.

「Master~ Maaaster~」(Mylia)


「Your cute pillow has arrived~」(Mylia)

「…………Hmm…? Ahh…」(Titania)

Without saying a word, Titania flipped over her blanket, telling Mylia to get in.

After removing dirt all over her body with purification magic, Mylia sneaked into the bed.


Mylia smelled the sweet and refreshing smell of the forest from Titania’s body.

When she hugged Titania tightly, Titania hugged her back in response even though she was half asleep.

After a while of closing her eyes, Mylia fell into a peaceful sleep.



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