Chapter 1-35 : Mylia’s Exam Ⅱ


Mylia’s light magic was too dazzling because she used too much magical power.

「M, My eyes…! It’s too dazzling…」(Amnesia)

Amnesia closed her eyes with her hands and shook her head slowly.

(Awawawa! I put too much magical power! This is bad!)

Mylia was panicked seeing Amnesia in agony.

She canceled her light magic, approached Amnesia quickly and cast healing magic.

(【Healing】! )

When Mylia brought her palm closer to Amnesia’s face, Amnesia’s eyes glowed faintly.

Right after, Amnesia stopped shaking her head and looked at Mylia with a surprised face.

「Amnesia-san, I’m sorry! Are you okay?」(Mylia)

「Eh…? My eyes don’t hurt anymore….」(Amnesia)

「Thank god…」(Mylia)

Seeing Mylia about to cry, Amnesia stroked Mylia’s head gently.

「Don’t worry, I’m okay.」(Amnesia)

After being stroked on the head by Amnesia, Mylia calmed down.

「Mylia, did you use healing magic just now?」(Amnesia)

「Yes, my master taught me.」(Mylia)

「Oh? You have a master?」(Amnesia)

「Aa! N, No… Actually… Oh, right! The forest! My master is the entire forest in this Atwood territory!」(Mylia)

(Uhh, I almost forgot that Master told me not to tell anyone about her existence…)

Mylia was about to slip her mouth and tell that there was an elf living in the territory.

「Forest…? Ah, do you mean you learned magic by yourself in the forest?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia thought like that because Chloe told her that Mylia had no friends.

「Y, Yes… something like that…」(Mylia)

「So you learned healing magic by yourself?」(Amnesia)

「W, Well… I did…」(Mylia)


Not all magicians could use healing magic.

Unlike destructive magic things, healing magic requires more than imagination, and it falls into the special category in magic.

Amnesia knew about that even though she had no magic talent.

「So Chloe really wasn’t lying… I was skeptical, but now I believe that you’re really a great magician!」(Amnesia)

「Did Chloe onee-chan say something about me?」(Mylia)

「Yes, she said you will eventually become a great magician who will represent this kingdom.」(Amnesia)

「Eh? I don’t think it’s possible, though…」(Mylia)

Mylia underestimated herself because she didn’t know her true potential.

「I can only manipulate about 80% of my magical power. I’m not good at magical power manipulation… Also, there are a lot of spells I can’t master yet.」(Mylia)

(Besides, Master said, “It’s ten years too soon for you to call yourself a full-fledged magician!”)

Titania said that because she didn’t want Mylia to think highly of herself and lose ambition.

After all, people would lose motivation once they thought that they were already strong.

Titania has seen many elderly elves who have lost their ambition and pride in her village.

As for Mylia, she couldn’t forget what Titania said when they first met.
『Ochibi-chan, you can’t use your magical power can you? Ahh.. What a waste…』 (Titania in chapter 1-12)
Those words have been on Mylia’s mind for a long time.

At that time, the words “what a waste” stuck in Mylia’s head.

Because she was born poor in the present world as well as the previous world, she felt that she had to do something when she heard the words “what a waste”.

Perhaps because of that, Mylia has always thought of herself as a “magician who wastes her magical power” and continued to avoid thinking highly of herself until Titania approves that she is a full-fledged magician someday.

Amnesia thought that Mylia was just too humble.
She corrected her posture and looked at Mylia with impressed eyes.

「You’re so humble. Being able to use healing magic at the age of eleven… Mylia, you’re an amazing child, you know?… Alright, I have decided… Mylia, you pass the magic test!」(Amnesia)


「Of course. Her Majesty would scold me really hard if I gave you a fail.」(Amnesia)

「Thank you very much! I can finally meet Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

「Fufu. I said the most important test is the magic test, but do you forget that there’s still a writing test and interview?」(Amnesia)

「Aa! N, No, I didn’t forget!」(Mylia)

Mylia stood straight and answered Amnesia.

「Good. But before that, can you show me other spells? But please don’t overdo it this time.」(Amnesia)

「Haha… Understood!」(Mylia)

(Umm… After seeing her reaction, I think it’s better not to show her teleportation magic… And because I used too much magical power earlier… Hmm… I think this much should be enough… Alright.)

Using little magical power so that she didn’t surprise Amnesia, Mylia created fire on her finger tip, caused a breeze in the room, flew around the building, manipulated gravity, made a miniature castle from church stone floor, strengthened her body and lifted a five-person long chair with one hand, and melted an iron ingot she took out from her magic bag.

「…You really can do a lot of things with magic… Impressive…」(Amnesia)

Amnesia’s beautiful face was ruined because she looked at Mylia with her eyes wide open.

「…H, How was it…?」(Mylia)

Mylia noticed that Amnesia looked strange, so she stopped her magic show.

「You’re amazing! You’re still a child but you can use so many spells already!」(Amnesia)


Amnesia was grateful for the encounter with talented children like Chloe and Mylia.

After realizing that she was too excited, Amnesia returned to her senses and cleared her throat.

「A, Ahem. By the way, Mylia, are you sleepy? If you are, we can do the writing test and interview tomorrow morning.」(Amnesia)

「No, I’m good. I want to pass this test and leave this place as soon as possible!」(Mylia)

「I see… Chloe really knows you very well. She told me to test you as soon as I arrived even though it would be at night. She must have expected that you would say that.」(Amnesia)

「Really? I feel like I can’t hide anything from Chloe onee-chan.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Well then, I will immediately check your test paper once you’re done.」(Amnesia)


「I will go to another room to make a report about your magic test. Meanwhileー」(Amnesia)

As Amnesia said that, two female knights who seemed to have been waiting outside came into the church.

「ーplease follow my companions’ instructions.」(Amnesia)


Mylia nodded in high spirits.

If she passed, she would be a student of the Royal Girls’ Academy this spring.

It’s been four years since Mylia regained the memories from her previous life, but she felt like her life was illuminated by light for the first time.


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