Chapter 1-34 : Mylia’s Exam (part 2)


「Miss Mylia, are you ready to take the test?」(Amnesia)


「Then, let’s go to the church.」(Amnesia)

Mylia stood up from her seat and approached Amnesia.

Amnesia then looked at Mylia with gentle eyes and stroked her head.

(Amnesia-san… This kind person must have taken good care of Chloe onee-chan in the royal capital… Thank you, Amnesia-san.)

Mylia looked up at Amnesia with her eyes a little teary.

Amnesia smiled at Mylia and then looked at Aaron with sharp eyes.

「We are going to the church now. Don’t worry about Miss Mylia, I will take care of her.」(Amnesia)

「She will be married to Baron Hansen, so give her back when you’re done with this bulshit.」(Aaron)


Amnesia could only glare at Aaron who was completely sure that Mylia would fail the test.

「Let’s go, Miss Mylia.」(Amnesia)


(I don’t know why she came a month earlier, but I’m glad she did… This is my chance to leave this place for good…!)

Mylia felt the warmth of Amnesia’s hand on her back as they went out of the dining room.

The aged floor of the mansion, the blackened pillars in the corridor, the rugged entrance doors… they would soon become mere memories for Mylia.

(Chloe onee-chan… Master… Wish me luck!)

When they were about to reach the entrance, Mylia looked back and saw the family members looking at her with distant eyes.

Right before Amnesia opened the entrance door, Robin shouted at Mylia.

「Oi, pipsqueak! You still have money left, don’t you!? Give me all your money when you’re back!」(Robin)

(Hah! As if I will give it to you!)

The outside air was a little cold, and the stars were sparkling in the dark night sky.

「Mylia, I’m sorry to come all of a sudden. Are you doing well lately?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia swept her long blonde hair with her hand and looked at Mylia.

「Actually, Chloe told me that you’re really good at magic. She asked me to go to your place as soon as possible to pick you up. That girl really cares about you.」(Amnesia)

「Really? Chloe onee-chan…」(Mylia)

「Also……… No, nothing. Never mind…」(Amnesia)

When she was about to tell Mylia something, she changed her mind and shook her head.

「Let’s keep going.」(Amnesia)




After they arrived at the church and greeted the priest, Amnesia decided to start Mylia’s entrance test right away.

「Since you can use magic, are you planning to enter the magician class?」(Amnesia)


「Then the test subjects for you will be a written test, magic test, and interview. However, the most important one is the magic test. The written test and interview are just bonus tests for magician class students. In this test, I’m going to see how well you use magic. Do you have any questions?」(Amnesia)

「No, I’m good.」(Mylia)

「Alright, let’s get started then.」(Amnesia)


Mylia was very excited.

She didn’t look nervous at all, and it made Amnesia a little bit worried.

The magic test will be basic spells such as making a ball of light, making fire, water, ect. Still, Amnesia was worried.

However, Mylia could pass the test for sure if she could use those spells even though they were just basic spells.

The reason was because there were not so many magicians in the kingdom.

The government would gladly welcome people who could use magic as students even though they could only use basic spells.

「Alright, first, show me the spell you’re good at.」(Amnesia)

「The spell I’m good at, huh… Ummm……」(Mylia)

Mylia put her index finger on her cheek, tilted her head a little and started thinking.

「…What’s wrong?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia found that Mylia’s gesture was cute. She wanted to poke Mylia’s cheek, but she held back.

「I can use a lot of spells, so I don’t know which one to show you.」(Mylia)

「H, Hee… you can do a lot of spells, huh? Like what?」(Amnesia)

「I can use fire magic, wind magic, water magic, earth magic, light magic, levitation magic, clairvoyance, teleportation, and many more… Ah, I can also melt metal and ferment soybeans with magic. Well, I can do pretty much anything with magic.」(Mylia)

「….Se, seriously…?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia looked at Mylia in disbelief. She thought that Mylia was just joking around.

「This is not my best magic, but I’ll show you my explosion magic!」(Mylia)

「ーーExplosion!? Hold on, you will blow up this church!」(Amnesia)

「Woops, you’re right.」(Mylia)

「Hahh… If you can use a lot of spells, please show me the safest one.」(Amnesia)

「The safest… I’ll show you my light magic, then!」(Mylia)

「Un. I think light magic is fine. Show me what you got then!」(Amnesia)


Mylia stuck out her hands in front and started to concentrate.

Mylia’s tremendous amount of magical power was circulating around her body, but Amnesia wasn’t aware of it because she had no magical sense.

「Amnesia-san, I suggest you to close your eyes because I think it’s going to be very dazzling.」(Mylia)

「Is that so? But don’t worry, I’ll be fine.」(Amnesia)

「As expected from a knight. Looks like you trained your eyes as well. Alright then, here we go!」(Mylia)

Mylia raised her hands and focused her magical power to her palm.


The dazzling light on Mylia’s palm pierced Amnesia’s eyes.



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  1. There’s a bright light.
    Brighter than the sun.
    Brighter than anything you’ve ever seen.

    – Atom Ant lyrics

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