Chapter 1-34 : Mylia’s Exam (part 1)


Aaron, Alex, Ella, Bonnie, Robin, and Jasmine were all surprised by the sudden visitor.

Mylia too. She had no idea why Amnesia came earlier than she expected.

(It’s been two years since the last time I saw her, but I feel like she looks more beautiful now… What a wonderful person.)

Amnesia, the daughter of Count Blue Eyes, and one of the female knights, stood upright gracefully in front of the Atwood Family members.

She looked flashy with her shining armor in the shabby Atwood mansion’s dining room.

「Amnesia-sama, you must be tired coming all the way to this rural territory from the royal capital. Please take a seat.」(Ella)

Ella bowed to Amnesia once and pulled a chair for her.

However, Amnesia shook her head with a stiff look.

「No, thank you. I will talk like this.」(Amnesia)

「U… Understood…」(Ella)

Ella pushed back the chair awkwardly.

(…I feel like she’s a bit harsher than the before…)

「First of all, I apologize for disturbing you during the meal.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia put her hand on her chest and bowed to Aaron.

「I don’t mind. So, why did you come here? Do you have any business with me?」(Aaron)

Aaron looked at Amnesia with a sharp glance as if he forgot that Amnesia was superior to him.

However, Amnesia didn’t seem to care.

「I received a recommendation from the priest and came as the examiner for Miss Mylia de la Atwood, the seventh daughter of the Atwood Family, to take the test to enter the Adrashelm Kingdom Girls’ Academy.」(Amnesia)

Suddenly, the dining room fell silent.

The other family members didn’t believe what Amenasia said. They looked at Amnesia and Mylia alternately.

「………….H, Ha…?」(Aaron)

「Don’t tell me…….. This pipsqueak will…….」(Robin)

Aaron and Robin were mumbling while the other family members were just looking at Mylia and Amnesia with their mouths wide open.

They couldn’t believe that Mylia, the absent-minded girl who was always spaced out and unable to do any work, would take the exam to enter the Royal Girls’ Academy.

After a while of silence, the one who talked first was Ella.

「P, Pardon me, my lady… Our daughter, Mylia, is always spaced out and can’t even do any work. Everything she does always ends in failure. She can’t remember anything, and she doesn’t think about anything. She is that kind of child, and everyone in this village knows about that.」(Ella)

「Lady Atwood, it’s my job as an examiner to judge what kind of person Miss Mylia is, not yours. I’m not interested in your evaluation of her, nor her reputation in this village.」(Amnesia)

「Th, That’s….. I, I’m really sorry, my lady…! But… who on earth registered Mylia to take the test…?」(Ella)

Unlike Aaron, Ella was aware of her position. She apologized humbly to Amnesia.

Ella thought that someone registered Mylia with an expectation that she would fail and damage the Atwood Family’s reputation.

「Who, you ask? Of course, it’s Miss Mylia herself.」(Amnesia)

After Amnesia made such a clear statement, Ella looked at Mylia with a confused look while Robin hit the dining table and stood up.

「Aaahahahahahaー! That’s funny! Oi, Mylia, despite your empty head, you intend to take the test!? You should forget about that and just obediently marry Baron Hansen! Taking the test is just a waste of time!」(Robin)

(Uhh, if she sat near me, she would have tried to hit my head… But we’ll see who’s the dumb one here!)

「You need 200 bronze coins to pay for the exam fee, right? Where the hell did you get that kind of money!?」(Robin)


「Ahh, I see… You sold rock salt to the priest, did you!? I told you to give them to me, but… you…! If you still have extra money, give it to me!」(Robin)

(She now wants my money, huh? HELL NO!… This demon queen is even worse than my good-for-nothing father…!)

Looking at Robin’s face, Mylia recalled the face of her father when she was still alive in Japan.

Amnesia put her hand on her sword hilt and glared intimidatingly at Robin.

「…Who are you?」(Amnesia)

「Huh!? You don’t remember me!? I’m the second daughter of the Atwood Family, Robin de la Atwood!」(Robin)

「Ah, you’re the woman who cheated on her husband, huh?」(Amnesia)

「…What did you say…!?」(Robin)

Robin responded with a cold voice.

Actually, Amnesia remembered who Robin was, but she pretended to forget just to mock her.

(Uwaahh… This is kinda like the female hero vs the demon queen!)

With an intense expression, Mylia watched Robin and Amnesia glaring at each other.

「Do you want to take the exam too? The exam fee will be 200 bronze coins… Oh! Forgive me. I forgot that you’re TOO OLD to take the exam.」(Amnesia)


Amnesia was completely provoking Robin on purpose.

Robin frowned at Amnesia while grinding her teeth, feeling irritated.

If a child saw her face now, they would definitely cry.

(Hiiiyyy! I feel like they will destroy the entire mansion if they fight!)

「Don’t get cocky, you bitch! I don’t fucking care if you’re a count’s daughter! Just take that pipsqueak, announce that she failed, and get the hell out of here!」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin hit the table with her fist really hard.

Watching their daughter provoke a count’s daughter like that, Aaron and Ella’s faces turned pale blue.

Robin went too far.

She couldn’t get away without any consequences after calling a count’s daughter “bitch”.

「Ara… You’re as bad as I heard from Miss Chloe…」(Amnesia)

Amnesia grabbed her sword hilt and pulled it slowly.

「ーー!A, Amnesia-sama! Please forgive my stupid daughter and show us your mercy! Please! Pleaseー!」(Ella)

Before Amnesia could completely pull out her sword, Ella suddenly jumped in, kneeled on the ground, and pushed her face against the floor, begging for mercy.

Looking at her mother begging like that, Robin had no choice but to keep quiet.

(Wow, that was a splendid jumping dogeza! As expected from Mother!)

Amnesia took a deep breath and exhaled.

「Don’t worry. I just wanted to scare her a little. I came as an examiner from the Royal Girls’ Academy, not as a noble.」(Amnesia)

Amnesia pushed back her sword into the sheath and glanced at Robin with sharp eyes.

Ella was looking angrily at Robin too.

「H, Hmph…!」(Robin)

And then Robin turned her face away with a bitter expression.

After she lost interest in Robin, Amnesia turned to Mylia.

「Miss Mylia, are you ready to take the test?」(Amnesia)


「Then, let’s go to the church.」(Amnesia)



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  1. Honestly I would have broken character the moment Amnesia walked in…I’d have started laughing maniacally and danced on the table whilst crushing huge chunks of rock salt into the table. Then I’d kick Alex’s teeth in and tap dance using strengthening magic on his ribs whilst singing about his creepy lolicon acts. Then I’d use some magic to lift up Aaron and puppeteer him and narrate his borderline sex trafficking. Then for Robin I’d slap her with a golden ingot before singing the song about whore of Babylon.

    1. ahaaahahaa I remember something like this from a cartoon/anime but don’t remember where…
      still funny as shit.

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